Woodpeckers and Woodcreepers of Tobago – 10,000 Birds


The exploration of triads inside the avifauna of Trinidad and Tobago has taken me by means of numerous households and species teams on this weblog. It’s taken a lifetime of its personal to be trustworthy. Whereas this submit isn’t solely following that development, it loosely is. On the smaller island of Tobago there are three species of woodpeckers and three species of woodcreepers – considered one of every is discovered on Tobago however not Trinidad.

Woodpeckers are charismatic birds, and when a Golden-olive Woodpecker makes an look inside the darkness of the rainforest they all the time elicit gasps of marvel and awe.

Golden-olive Woodpecker

An fascinating tidbit to notice concerning the Crimson-rumped Woodpecker is that whereas it’s discovered on each Trinidad and Tobago, they inhabit differing habitats on every island – mangroves on the previous, rainforests on the latter.

Crimson-rumped Woodpecker

By far the best woodpecker to see on Tobago is the Crimson-crowned Woodpecker. Nicely-adapted to city and suburban life, mangroves, in addition to each dry and moist forest, this woodpecker has additionally been noticed perching on hummingbird feeders. Nectar could also be the primary driver for this behaviour, however they may actually not cross on the chance to nab any bugs interested in the feeder.

The Crimson-crowned Woodpecker is considered one of a number of species which can be discovered all through northern South America and Tobago however are absent from Trinidad. The opposite species talked about right here with an analogous distribution is the tiny Olivaceous Woodcreeper.

Crimson-crowned Woodpecker

Olivaceous Woodcreeper

Bigger woodcreepers are typically extra detectable, however this doesn’t all the time filter down into being simpler to see. I’ve discovered that Cocoa Woodcreepers have a depraved behavior of vocalizing loudly whereas sitting on the aspect of a tree trunk that’s hidden from view. Not solely are they the most important woodcreeper in T&T, I imagine they’re additionally the loudest. Their wealthy musical calls may be heard from appreciable distance.

Persistence and luck is required to get an excellent view of any woodcreeper, although. This Cocoa Woodcreeper was looking for a meal round a fallen tree and fortunately was eye stage lengthy sufficient for me to get an honest photograph displaying off its enchanting facial patterns.

On the subject of persistence, the Plain-brown Woodcreeper follows rivers of military ants as they course by means of the forest flooring, very similar to antbirds do. The ever-resourceful woodcreeper merely perches immobile on a close-by stump and waits for any bugs or small invertebrates looking for refuge from the marauding ants to climb into putting vary.

Plain-brown Woodcreeper

All six of those species are comparatively simple to see, whereas they might not match the outline of “charismatic species” in accordance with some unkind individuals, they’re however great and thrilling birds to come across on any birding journey.



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