Why is There Slime in Your Pet’s Bowl?


How typically have you ever seen a slimy build-up in your pet’s water or meals bowl? Do you simply refill the bowls with out washing? In that case, you possibly can be placing your cat or canine’s well being in danger.

What’s That Slime in Your Pet’s Bowl?

The micro organism in your pet’s tongue sticks to the bowl. If the bowl stays unwashed, the micro organism construct up right into a biofilm which may contaminate meals or water. Biofilm looks like a skinny slime to the contact and is made up completely different micro organism that bind collectively. There are good micro organism and dangerous. Sadly, as they bind collectively into this slimy, glue-like substance, it contaminates the water and meals.  The biofilm could include micro organism that may embody E. coli, listeria, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, and extra. Biofilm can result in well being issues comparable to urinary tract infections and kidney points. It has additionally been linked to periodontal illness in cats and canine.


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