Why Does My Cat Throw Up After Ingesting Water? 2 Potential Causes Why!


cat vomiting

“Ack…aaaack…aaaaaaacccckkk…hurk!” Each cat proprietor is aware of the sound of their cat’s retching and is about to throw up on one thing they love. House owners in multi-cat households could even be capable to inform their cats aside by the sounds of their retching! But when your cat commonly throws up, this can be a huge drawback that their veterinarian wants to handle.

The most typical cause cats throw up after consuming water is that they drank an excessive amount of, too quick, however they may additionally expertise vomiting from different sources. Listed below are the most typical causes your cat would possibly throw up after consuming water.

Prime 2 Causes Cats Throw Up After Ingesting Water:

1. They’re Regurgitating

This goes again to the “an excessive amount of, too quick” quip. The distinction between vomiting and regurgitation is that vomiting is the expulsion of the contents of the abdomen and small gut. In distinction, regurgitation is the expulsion of the contents of the esophagus.

If you vomit, it’s as a result of one thing went incorrect throughout digestion. Possibly you had been allergic to what you had been consuming or ate one thing that didn’t agree together with your spice tolerance. Regurgitation is the expulsion of meals out of your esophagus. If you regurgitate meals, it by no means truly reaches your abdomen.

Normally, while you regurgitate meals, it’s since you overate. Your abdomen fills up, and the meals you proceed to eat backs up into your esophagus. Your abdomen then sends indicators to your mind like, “Assist! I’m full, however this idiot retains attempting to fill me! It should go! All of it!” Then you definately regurgitate your meals as a result of your abdomen is just too full.

Cats will overeat in captivity as a result of their default construction of meals is “feast versus famine,” they usually’re inclined to overeat when introduced with the chance. Then their our bodies are like, “Hey! I want water!” and drink simply sufficient to overfill their stomachs and regurgitate.

The important thing between regurgitation and vomiting is that regurgitation happens proper after consuming. Vomiting can occur at any time throughout digestion.

orange kitten vomiting on the floor
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2. Hairballs

Your cat can also have drunk water attempting to cross a hairball. Hairballs happen when your cat ingests hair whereas grooming itself. Whereas cats have been consuming hair since earlier than written historical past, they by no means developed to have the ability to digest it. Normally, the hair comes out the again finish with out subject however relying on the size of the cat’s fur, and the way regularly and vigorously it grooms itself, a buildup of hair that can’t safely cross by means of the intestines could happen.

When the buildup of hair is just too massive to cross by means of the intestines safely, the cat will throw the hairball as much as expel it from the physique. By the point it reaches your flooring (or footwear, or quilt), it most likely appears to be like extra like a tube of discolored mucus, but it surely’s composed of hair, and we name it a hairball anyway.

Cats could drink water to maneuver hairballs by means of the digestive tract. Thus, your cat will generally drink water and vomit up the hairball and the water when that doesn’t pan out the way in which it’d hoped.

young cat sitting on wooden table with hairball
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How A lot Vomiting is Regular in Cats?

Anticipating a cat to by no means vomit of their life is like anticipating a human by no means to vomit of their life. It’s going to occur ultimately. Nevertheless, cats shouldn’t be vomiting commonly. Vomiting incidences that happen greater than as soon as a month needs to be investigated as they might be an indication of one thing extra critical occurring together with your cat’s digestive tract.

Remaining Ideas

Whereas vomiting every so often is not any massive deal, it may be scary to witness your cat vomiting commonly. In case your cat is vomiting after consuming water, there’s most likely the rationale behind it, and additional investigation of your cat’s habits is to make sure that your cat is in good well being.

In case your cat is vomiting commonly, we suggest that you simply deliver them to the veterinarian instantly. Vomiting can signify a number of critical diseases, similar to g pancreatitis and most cancers. Your veterinarian can have essentially the most holistic view of your cat’s typical well being and habits and be capable to diagnose their situations higher than the web.

As all the time, it’s higher to be protected than sorry concerning our pets’ healthcare!

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