Why Does My Cat Lay And Sleep Between My Legs?


Cats have fairly the status as being aloof, impartial, and considerably snooty … however that doesn’t fairly match with the cuddly felines who spend their nights tucked proper up between our legs all evening lengthy.

Cat lovers know the enjoyment of a cat snuggle, however you will have questioned why your cat sleeps in such a wierd place each evening. Is there any rhyme or cause to our pet cats’ snooze decisions?

Effectively, seems there may be good cause to your feline buddy to decide on their proprietor’s legs as their favourite sleeping place, so learn on to search out out! We’ve listed the most typical causes for the home cat to decide on this snuggly however awkward sleeping place, and what you are able to do about it if it’s not for you!

A Heat Place

The home cats we all know and love at this time as our pets originated in arid, desert areas. They’re due to this fact drawn to heat, particularly once they sleep, as this causes a drop in physique temperature.

You might have seen that your cat’s most well-liked sleeping spot is commonly in a heat place: a sunny windowsill, in entrance of the fireside, or in a cozy cat mattress. It’s regular cat habits to hunt out loads of warmth, and it so occurs that the a part of your physique that generates probably the most warmth is your legs as a result of your cat is then surrounded on each side by your physique warmth.

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Cats know what they need, and they’re joyful to only go and get it, so this implies they bounce up and onto their proprietor’s legs once they want that heat spot for a sleep. Different fashionable spots for heat are your toes and the highest of your legs.

Protected And Sound

Home cats don’t have a pure predator, and as cat homeowners, we all know to maintain our cats secure. Nonetheless, it’s instinctive cat habits to hunt out a secure place to sleep, as whereas sleeping they’re at their most susceptible within the wild. So the place do cats select?

Effectively, in case your cat likes to put and sleep between your legs, you possibly can congratulate your self: you might be their most secure place! In case your cat chooses to lie on their proprietor’s legs, at your toes, or in some other sleeping place that entails a part of your physique, you might be offering them not solely with a beautiful snuggle but in addition with a way of safety.

Bonding And Affection

Cuddling as much as sleep is your cat’s method of claiming they love you and really feel secure with you.

For those who observe a gaggle of bonded cats, you would possibly see them sleeping all snuggled up collectively. That is known as “pillowing” and is a vital a part of cat habits. As cats sleep collectively, they switch scent chemical compounds, known as pheromones, which assist them bond and present affection.

In case your cat sleeps on you, they’re exhibiting their love and affection for you. Cats could even purr as they sleep once they really feel very bonded and loving. Cats additionally switch these “loving” pheromones to us once they rub their heads in opposition to us or twine between our legs.

Vantage Level

Cats naturally prefer to be up excessive, to remain out of hazard, and to have an excellent view of the room. That is an instinctive habits left over from being out within the wild, and susceptible to predators. Selecting a sleeping spot up on their proprietor’s legs or your toes means they’ll really feel safe and be capable of observe their surrounding setting with out having to maneuver.

Reaching Deep Sleep

Cats love slightly nap, a nap within the solar, a doze in considered one of your discarded cardboard packing containers— the time period “catnap” may be very apt!

However cats additionally want intervals of deep sleep, the place they’ll totally loosen up and their brains and our bodies can relaxation and develop. In an effort to obtain this deep sleep, your cat should really feel totally relaxed, secure, and cozy.

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For a lot of pet cats, this can be on their proprietor in some kind, or close to to them, whether or not that’s on the foot of the mattress or really in touch with a part of your physique. Over time, in the event that they sleep in the identical place usually, this may come to scent comforting and enjoyable, and they’ll wish to sleep on you increasingly more…

What If I Don’t Need My Cat To Sleep On My Legs?

For those who aren’t feeling up for cuddles, there are methods to encourage your cat to sleep elsewhere.

It could be that co-sleeping with a pet cat who wriggles, purrs, and meows at you is simply not your factor! However all cat homeowners know that our feline associates could be fairly persistent when they need one thing, and sleeping in a secure and heat place is fairly excessive up there on the fascinating checklist for many cats.

Nonetheless, for those who’re struggling to get some relaxation your self along with your cat utilizing you as a pillow, listed here are some tricks to gently encourage them elsewhere.

  • Arrange another mattress for them: Bear in mind, cats don’t all the time like fancy; typically they like cardboard packing containers! You might have to attempt a number of totally different choices to search out one thing that your cat likes finest.
  • Be sure the cat mattress is close to you and positioned up excessive reasonably than on the ground in order that they have an excellent view of the room.
  • Line the mattress with an article of clothes that smells such as you, comparable to an outdated t-shirt.
  • Use a heating pad to heat the cat mattress earlier than you go to mattress. Be sure to not depart something scorching within the mattress that your cat might burn itself on.
  • Pheromone sprays may also help make the mattress scent extra comforting and engaging to your cat.
  • When your cat joins you in mattress, gently switch them over to their very own mattress. Be persistent and constant, this will take some repeating till they perceive!


No matter their aloof status could say, cats do love a cuddle. Cats are instinctively wired to sleep someplace heat, someplace up excessive, and with one other cat or an individual who’s bonded to them and regarded secure.

Your cat selecting you as their sleeping place is a superb praise. Nonetheless, for those who don’t want to share your sleeping area with a fluffy buddy, then there are some mild and respectful methods to change them to an appropriate various.

Steadily Requested Questions

Why does my cat lay midway on me?

Cats usually sleep on or round their homeowners for heat, safety, and affection. They really feel secure up excessive with you and might totally loosen up right into a deep, restful sleep.

Do cats sleep with you to guard you?

Sleeping in teams is usually a protecting intuition for cats, however they may effectively be pondering of defending themselves, reasonably than you! In addition they cuddle collectively for heat and affection, so it’s a true praise in case your cat sleeps on you.

What does it imply if a cat sleeps subsequent to you?

If a cat chooses to sleep close to you, it’s a nice praise for a cat lover! It implies that they’re bonded to you, really feel secure and safe with you, and that you’re a pretty warmth supply for them!



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