Why Does My Canine Suck On Blankets?


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So far as quirks go, your canine sucking on a blanket isn’t precisely alarming. However, it’s nonetheless essential to know why your pooch might have this tendency.

You could discover it fairly regular and even lovable in your pet to suck on their blanket. Nevertheless, this behavior is one which puppies might not outgrow with age. It isn’t uncommon to search out grownup canine that also suck on their blankets.

As we speak’s article goes to reply the query of why does my canine suck on blankets?

Why Does My Dog Suck On Blankets? - black lab puppy sucking on blanket.
Why Does My Canine Suck On Blankets?

Are some breeds extra liable to this behavior than others?

And, is there something you are able to do to cease it?

When you have questioned about these questions, right here is every part it’s essential to find out about why canine suck on blankets.

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Why Does My Canine Suck On Blankets?

In case your canine’s tendency to suck on blankets have you ever baffled, let’s discover simply how this occurs. Listed below are some widespread the reason why canine develop this behavior.

Lacking Their Mother

In some instances, sucking on a blanket is your canine’s means of in search of the consolation they’d get from nursing.

Puppies are born with the pure intuition to suckle. Suckling for puppies throughout the early phases of life isn’t just for his or her nourishment—when puppies nurse, in addition they derive consolation and a way of security from the suckling.  

As soon as puppies are weaned, they might not outgrow the necessity for consolation suckling. When this occurs, they’re more likely to resort to sucking on their blanket or different mushy objects.

This sucking offers them the identical feeling nursing would and turns into an entrenched habits.

In case your pup was separated from her mother too early, they might develop sucking habits as a self-soothing mechanism. This may occasionally additionally occur when the mom refuses to let her pet’s consolation suckle.

When you adopted your fur-baby younger and bottle-fed them, this can be one more reason they develop an inclination to suck on their blankets.

It is because bottle feeding doesn’t provide the identical consolation as suckling would. In such instances, your pup might suck on their blanket to indulge their pure intuition to suckle.


Canine, similar to people, endure from anxiousness every now and then. Whether or not it’s loud noises, crowds, and even explicit individuals, there are issues that can set off your canine’s anxiousness.

When your canine is distressed, it’s pure for them to attempt to self-soothe and this could result in sucking on blankets.

When you discover that your canine sucks on their blanket when they’re distressed or agitated, their sucking habits might be resulting from anxiousness.

Sucking habits might be your canine’s means of self-soothing. In such instances, you’ll discover that your canine tends to suck on their blanket when they’re distressed or agitated.

As an example, canine with separation anxiousness might suck on their blankets when left on their very own. In different instances, you could discover that your canine does this when round different pets or sure individuals.

Canine self-soothe in a wide range of methods, and sucking on objects is considered one of them. When sucking habits develops as a coping mechanism for anxiousness, it is very important perceive the conditions that set off your pup’s anxiousness.

If you will discover the reason for the anxiousness, it should make it simpler to handle the sucking habits.


Teething might be uncomfortable in your pooch, and they’ll typically resort to sucking on mushy objects. In case your pet simply began sucking on their blanket all of a sudden, it might be resulting from teething.

When sucking habits is brought on by teething pains, your pup may also chew and gnaw at totally different objects. In such instances, the sucking tendency will cease as soon as your pet is finished teething.

You can too present your pup with chewy toys to maintain them from sucking on their blankets. The toys will assist with the teething discomfort and preserve your pup occupied.

The Scent Of The Blanket

Your pup might suck on their blanket if it reminds them of their favourite human. Canine discover scents comforting, particularly after they affiliate the actual scent with you or another person they like.

Canine which are liable to separation anxiousness, for example, might discover consolation in sucking on a blanket that reminds them of their proprietor. In such a case, your pup derives consolation from the blanket as a result of it makes them really feel near you.  

The Style Of The Blanket

Have you ever seen that your canine sucks on their blanket when it’s soiled however has no real interest in it as soon as it’s cleaned? In case your pup does this, it might be that they merely just like the style of the blanket.

Sweat, pores and skin cells, and smells accumulate in doggie blankets the extra they’re used. This offers the blanket a singular style that your pup might discover interesting.

This ends in your canine ceaselessly sucking on the blanket as a result of they benefit from the taste.

A easy strategy to set up in case your canine sucks their blanket due to the style is to easily clear it. In case your canine reveals no real interest in the clear blanket, they had been most likely drawn to it by the style or scent of it.  

Canine Compulsive Dysfunction

Researchers have discovered that canine also can endure from compulsive problems. In such instances, your canine might repeat sure behaviors similar to grooming, flank chasing, and in some instances sucking habits.

Canine compulsive dysfunction has been linked to genetics. Which means that sure canine breeds are extra prone than others to compulsive behaviors that will embody sucking on blankets.

When you suspect your pup has a compulsive dysfunction, it’s best to seek the advice of your vet. Compulsive problems, when left unchecked, can turn into dangerous and should result in self-injury.

Is Sucking On A Blanket A Breed Challenge?

It’s pure for a pet dad or mum to wonder if sucking habits is extra prevalent in some canine breeds. Sucking on blankets isn’t a breed situation, nevertheless, and there’s no hyperlink discovered between breed and sucking tendencies.

Sucking is widespread throughout totally different breeds and, most often, this tendency is a self-soothing mechanism. Any canine, no matter breed or age, can develop sucking habits.

Breeds similar to Doberman Pinschers and dachshunds are liable to flank sucking, however this habits isn’t the identical as sucking on a blanket.

Flank sucking is when the canine sucks on elements of its physique, particularly when anxious or agitated. This habits might trigger precise hurt and isn’t the identical as a canine sucking on a blanket or toy.

Canine Sucking On Its Blanket; What Can You Do About It?

Normally, sucking habits is innocent and won’t endanger your pup. Nevertheless, in case you discover the habits a bit of annoying or weird, listed below are some ideas to assist reduce your pup’s behavior.

Maintain The Pet With Its Mother As Lengthy As Doable

Blanket sucking begins as a substitute for suckling. When your pup is weaned too early, they are going to nonetheless really feel the necessity to consolation suckle.

This urge will drive them to suck on mushy objects similar to blankets, to exchange the sensation of nursing or suckling. To keep away from this, you possibly can preserve your pet with its mother for so long as doable.

You will need to be aware that in some instances similar to adoption, you might have no management over how lengthy your pet is weaned.

Exchange The Blanket

The scent or style of your canine’s blanket could also be what your pooch is hooked up to. Canine are particularly delicate to scent, they usually might derive a sure sense of consolation from a selected scent or style.

When you discover that your canine solely sucks on a selected blanket, you possibly can attempt changing it or eradicating it.

In some instances, this may increasingly assist curb the behavior. Nevertheless, you could discover that your canine merely switches to a distinct merchandise, similar to a toy, to suck on.

Distract Your Canine

Canine, similar to people, do get bored, and this could result in coping behaviors like sucking. Ensuring that your canine will get loads of playtime and train might assist with minimizing this habits.

Toys are additionally an effective way to assist your pooch keep occupied and distracted. In case your pup tends to suck on their blanket so much, distract them with toys or play. Bodily exercise will help to reduce sucking tendencies by offering a distraction.

Canine with a lot of pent-up power usually tend to develop harmful habits. All the time be sure that your canine will get enough each day train to expend their power.

Spending time together with your canine can also be essential if you wish to preserve them engaged. Separation anxiousness might trigger your canine to suck on their blankets. Make it possible for your pup isn’t spending an excessive amount of time alone.

Establish The Triggers

Canine generally self-soothe by sucking on their blanket or different objects. Whereas this habits is mostly not dangerous, eliminating anxiousness triggers will help to discourage it.

As an example, when your canine is distressed or agitated, they’re extra more likely to search for methods to self-soothe. Figuring out what units off your canine’s anxiousness is one strategy to reduce sucking tendencies.

Coaching your canine to deal with disturbing conditions will help reduce the emotional affect of hysteria in your pup. You can too search skilled coaching in case your canine has particularly excessive anxiousness ranges. Coaching will help our pup cope higher in disturbing conditions.

Discourage The Habits

Giving your canine treats and reward after they cease sucking will help to reduce the habits. Identical to every other doggie habits, reinforce the constructive and discourage the destructive tendencies.

If you discover your pooch sucking on their blanket, attempt “speaking them out of it.” Have some treats helpful to supply your pup when it stops sucking and reward them to indicate approval after they cease.

Don’t be too forceful when attempting to discourage sucking habits. When you make your canine extra anxious, you may very well find yourself inflicting them to suck on the blanket much more. Be agency however use a mild, non-threatening tone.

Whereas it could not get rid of the habits altogether, coaching your pup lets your canine know what habits is suitable and what’s not.

Seek the advice of Your Vet

Sucking habits is, for probably the most half, innocent till it begins to turn into compulsive. When you discover that your canine spends an excessive amount of time sucking on their blanket or different objects, seek the advice of your vet.

Canine compulsive dysfunction is sort of uncommon, however when it presents, compulsive sucking is without doubt one of the signs. In such instances, you’ll need to seek the advice of your vet for a analysis and medicine as required.

When sucking turns into compulsive, your canine might suck on objects which are doubtlessly dangerous. All the time observe your canine’s habits for indicators of compulsive tendencies. Habits turns into compulsive when your pup can’t appear to cease doing it for hours on finish.

Breeds similar to Dobermans and Dachshunds are particularly prone to compulsive problems. Your vet can advocate applicable remedy in case you suspect that your pup’s sucking habits is changing into compulsive.

Security Issues

Some canine discover sucking on objects soothing. You could even discover that your pup likes to suck on their blanket at bedtime. So long as your pooch is completely happy and wholesome, there is no such thing as a want to fret about this tendency.

Nevertheless, it is very important be sure that your canine isn’t harmed by this habits. This implies taking some easy security precautions to make sure that sucking tendencies don’t hurt your fur child.

Maintain The Blanket Clear

Doggie blankets can choose up a whole lot of germs and filth. In case your pup retains sucking on a grimy blanket, it could result in infections.

Maintain your doggie blankets clear by washing them commonly. In some situations, you could even discover {that a} clear doggie blanket might assist to discourage the sucking habits.

Beware Of Choking Hazards

Sucking habits isn’t just restricted to blankets. Some canine will suck on something mushy together with stuffed toys. This may pose a choking hazard in your pup.

Make it possible for your doggie blanket doesn’t have any buttons or free material that they may choke on. This additionally goes for stuffed toys. Buttons, beads, and different objects are choking hazards that may trigger your canine hurt.

A canine can simply swallow one thing dangerous when sucking on objects. Pups that swallow non-food objects can develop intestinal blockages or ingest one thing poisonous.

All the time verify your canine’s toys for potential hazards and take away any toys that would trigger hurt.

Ought to You Cease Your Canine From Sucking On Blankets?

Whether or not you discover it quirky, lovable, or a bit of nutty, sucking habits is completely pure and innocent.

Your canine might discover consolation and a way of security from sucking on their blanket. When you cease them from doing it, it could trigger anxiousness.

It’s essential to keep in mind that sucking habits begins at an early age and is tied to your canine’s emotional state.

Pups that had been weaned too early or bottle-fed might be particularly liable to sucking habits. Stopping them from sucking might intervene with their sense of security and luxury.

You shouldn’t really feel compelled to cease your canine from sucking if it doesn’t hassle you. Let your pup self-soothe when they should.

So long as you retain the protection concerns talked about above in thoughts, your pup will probably be simply positive.

Canine Sucking On Blanket: Ought to You Fear?

It’s pure to fret in regards to the well-being of your canine while you discover habits similar to sucking. Nevertheless, such habits doesn’t at all times need to do together with your canine’s care or surroundings.

Tendencies similar to sucking on blankets turn into entrenched within the pet stage and final nicely into maturity.

So long as your pup is nicely taken care of by way of diet, well being, and general well-being, you shouldn’t fret. Canine generally develop tendencies that you just as a pet dad or mum might not at all times be capable of break.

Your pup sucking on blankets isn’t as harmful as habits like chewing on furnishings or nipping.

In some instances, you could be tempted to take the blankets away, however your pup will merely change to sucking different issues like toys.


As a pet dad or mum, there are many doggie habits you’ll have to take care of. Luckily, your canine sucking on blankets isn’t any purpose to get alarmed.

Your pooch must self-soothe every now and then, and that is utterly pure and innocent. Simply make sure that your pup stays secure by making certain they don’t ingest something poisonous.

Discouraging sucking habits by coaching might assist reduce sucking tendencies.

Nevertheless, if it doesn’t hassle you or hurt your pooch, let your pup indulge their pure intuition to suckle.

Does your canine suck on his blanket? If that’s the case, is there something you do to get him to cease?

Inform us about your experiences within the remark part under.

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Why Does My Dog Suck On Blankets? And What Can I Do About It? - Black Lab puppy chewing on blanket - This article will answer the question why does my dog suck on blankets, what can be done, and whether sucking behavior is a cause for concern.

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