Why Do Cats Like Scratching Posts So A lot?


gray cat playing on a toy on a scratching post

There are scratching posts at each pet retailer and in every single place you look on-line. You could be on the fence about providing one to your finicky feline. Will they even use it? Or maybe you’re preparing for a brand new addition to the house and undecided in case your kitten wants one. Now we have you coated with all the things it’s good to find out about cat scratching habits and the advantages of scratching posts. Maintain studying to study extra!

Do Cats Really Use Scratching Posts?

Sure, cats use scratching posts. Many pet mother and father swear by their scratching posts as a method to forestall damaging scratching behaviors, like those who destroy their furnishings or rugs. Cats will scratch, whether or not you give them one thing of their very own to scratch on or not, so scratching posts are the proper method to give your feline their very personal spot to scratch and stretch.

Why Cats Scratch

Scratching is a pure habits for cats for a lot of causes. In case your kitty is clawing greater than normal, it might be an indication that one thing is unsuitable, like they’re having hassle maintaining with their nail shedding or are anxious. You need to observe another uncommon signs and focus on them together with your vet to pinpoint the trigger.

Cats scratch as a result of:

  • It’s their intuition to defend themselves and hunt for meals. Cats might not must defend themselves as kings and queens of the sofa, however it’s a pure habits to verify their claws are sharp and prepared, ought to they want them.

  • It retains their nails and paws wholesome. The scratching movement stretches and workouts their toes, conserving them versatile and powerful for quick operating or fast assaults. Scratching additionally helps maintain claws sharp by eradicating the useless outer layer because it sheds.

  • It marks their scent. Once they scratch on the put up or the rest, their paws go away their distinct scent, marking it as theirs.

  • It’s soothing. You could have heard sure varieties of scratching known as “making biscuits.” Cats like to do that when they’re blissful and relaxed, so that you’ll usually hear them purring whereas scratching.

  • They’re bored. In case your cat has nothing higher to do, they’ll scratch. With out loads of scratching posts and toys to play with, they could flip to extra damaging habits.
Scottish little cat playing on scratching posts
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Advantages of Scratching Posts

There are numerous advantages to scratching posts. As a result of scratching is an instinctive habits for cats, giving them their very own locations to scratch all through their area is likely one of the greatest methods to permit them to be cats with out stepping into hassle.

The numerous benefits embrace:

  • Letting them groom their claws naturally

  • Stretching retains their our bodies limber

  • Marking their territory makes them really feel at dwelling

  • Relieving stress each time they want

  • Saving your furnishings and different belongings

  • Encouraging playtime and train

  • Selling socialization with different cats within the dwelling

How Do You Decide the Proper One?

Most scratching posts are fabricated from conventional rope or sisal rope. It could have sections of carpet or wooden as nicely. You’ll wish to listen as your fur child begins to make use of their scratching put up. Did they fight it and never prefer it? Do they scratch on one floor and never one other? You could must strive a number of posts earlier than figuring out the surfaces that your kitty prefers.

It’s vital, although, to decide on a scratching put up fabricated from high-quality supplies with a stable base that isn’t going to tip as they scratch. The taller the put up and the heavier your cat, the larger and heavier the bottom must be. If the put up ought to tip over as they’re scratching, it might scare them away and make them distrustful of another posts you supply them.

Whereas particular person scratching posts and different scratching surfaces all through the home might help deter scratching of furnishings and different no-no’s, many cat bushes incorporate scratching put up sections at varied ranges, relying on the tree’s total peak. Cats like to climb and naturally discover cat bushes an appropriate a part of their area. The scratching put up sections, by default, are included.

Hepper Scratcher Cat Scratching

What If They Nonetheless Don’t Use It?

Not all cats will desire a vertical scratching put up. Should you discover them reaching up on furnishings or curtains to scratch, it’s secure to say {that a} vertical scratching put up is the correct alternative. Nevertheless, in the event that they usually scratch at carpets and rugs, they could get pleasure from a flat scratching floor as an alternative. Strive a scratching pad or different flat scratcher toy.

In case your cat has by no means used a scratching put up earlier than, they could be not sure what to make of the unusual object. Rubbing a little bit of catnip on the rope or utilizing a catnip spray might assist encourage them. Strive enjoying with their favourite toys across the scratching put up, so it turns into a part of their house, however don’t power them to make use of it by carrying them to it or purposely placing their paws on it. This may increasingly make them really feel pressured and affiliate it with a damaging response.

british shorthair cat scratching the post
Picture Credit score: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

How Usually Ought to You Change a Scratching Publish?

There’s no definitive reply to this query. As a substitute, a number of components will decide how usually it is best to substitute your cat’s scratching put up. Most scratching posts will final anyplace from six months to 2 years. Nevertheless, it is best to all the time search for indicators that it’s now not usable or has turn into unsafe. Your kitty may additionally resolve when it’s time for a brand new one by now not utilizing it.

How lengthy will a scratching put up final? It will depend on:

  • The kind and dimension of the put up

  • The general high quality

  • Your cats’ exercise stage

  • How usually the cat makes use of it

  • The variety of cats within the dwelling

Do not forget that it is best to have at the least one scratching put up for every cat in your house, plus one further, only for secure measure. Many cats will mark a put up as theirs and never wish to share, so if one is able to be tossed out, it is best to have a alternative accessible instantly and transition to the brand new one.

In Abstract

Cats will scratch as a result of it’s their intuition as hunters. Scratching is usually a wholesome and anticipated habits. Giving your kitties their very own scratching surfaces is important, and scratching posts are a perfect possibility. Be sure you select a high-quality put up and take note of your cat’s preferences and take the time to assist them modify to it if it’s one thing new for them. As soon as they get the hold of it, their scratching put up might be their new favourite spot in the home.

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