Why Do Cat Tails Shake Or Quiver?


Cats are the masters of delicate communication. From mild tail swishes to a sluggish blink, from flattened ears to dilated pupils … with regards to cats, you actually need to be listening to perceive what they’re considering and speaking. Cats’ tails are an essential a part of their physique language. They’ll puff up when scared or offended, twitch on the tip when stalking prey, or rise up straight when pleasant.

Tail shaking and quivering can have a number of totally different meanings relying on different physique indicators and on the context, so learn on for extra.

Cat Physique Language

Cats can talk in a wide range of methods, together with vocal sounds corresponding to hissing or growling, scent cues corresponding to urination and pheromones, and physique language, together with posture and facial expressions. Physique language is a massively essential type of communication for cats, and having the ability to learn their temper by taking a look at their posture and non-verbal cues might be useful to house owners.

The tail is among the most used physique elements by cats to convey feelings, as are the eyes, ears, fur, and posture. Cats can convey a wide range of feelings with these, corresponding to friendliness, happiness, nervousness, aggression, ache, and play.

Listed here are some frequent examples of cat physique language.

A tail held straight up, particularly with a hooked tip, means the cat is feeling curious and pleasant.

Tail Place

The tail could be a large giveaway into what your cat is considering. Often, if the tail is held up, perpendicular to the bottom, this indicators pleasant curiosity towards no matter they’re approaching, be it one other cat or a human. Their posture is often relaxed, and the ears are pricked up.

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In distinction, a thrashing tail backward and forward, or a “bushy” tail the place the hair is all standing on finish, is extraordinarily unfavorable and could be a precursor to aggressive conduct. If the tail is tucked between the legs, this means nervousness or submissive conduct.

Facial Expressions

The motion of the eyes, ears, and mouth may also be very telling as to the temper your cat is in. Relaxed cats have regular eye positions and ears going through ahead of their ordinary place. An offended cat could have erect and outwardly going through ears, with narrowed eyes. Ears flattened down towards the top and enormous, dilated pupils are indicators of a fearful cat.

Eye Contact

In addition to eye place, the extent of eye contact is essential. Staring with out blinking is a difficult and confrontational signal. A relaxed stare with loads of sluggish blinking is pleasant and implies a superb stage of consolation and rest.

Physique Posture

Cats have a really basic posture when they’re feeling defensive: cringing down low to the bottom, with an arched again and tail beating on the bottom. Cats mendacity with their physique stretched out are absolutely relaxed and cozy. Nonetheless, if the cat is crouching with stretched physique and tense posture this may point out readiness to pounce, often throughout searching or play.

What Does It Imply When A Cat Quivers Its Tail?

Some cat physique language is simple to learn; these two pals seem very relaxed and pleasant with one another.

As we now have discovered, the tail is an important communicator of a cat’s temper and intentions. So, what does it truly imply when that tail shakes or quivers? Nicely, it may imply a wide range of issues, relying on the context and different cues. Listed here are the frequent causes:

Towards A Human

In case you come house after a protracted day at work to search out your cat coming towards you with tail upright and quivering, then smile! Your cat is happy to see you house and is supplying you with their greatest pleasant greeting. It’s also a standard sight in a few of our feline pals when a brand new pack of cat treats is opened!

However, if you’re petting or taking part in along with your cat, and it begins to shake the higher a part of its tail, you may wish to give your furry good friend a relaxation. A shaking tail can point out irritability or nervousness, particularly if this progresses to a fluffed-up or thrashing tail. This screams “depart me alone” and the warning ought to be heeded to keep away from aggression.

Towards One other Cat

Your cat’s tail indicators towards different cats are comparable as these towards people. A straight-up, quivering tail signifies curiosity and a pleasant greeting. A twitching tail tip implies vigilance or insecurity and a thrashing tail is unhealthy information because it signifies anger or aggression.

Whereas Urinating

When you’ve got seen your cat urinating with their tail up and quivering, you might be confused as to why that is. Usually, cats often squat to urinate on a horizontal floor if they’re urinating to void their bladder. Nonetheless, if they’re urine spraying, they are going to stand, with their again finish towards a vertical floor and their tail will quiver as they spray a small quantity of urine backward.

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Urine spraying is a traditional conduct in cats. It’s a type of scent communication, most frequently used to mark out territory boundaries. When you’ve got seen your cat spraying outdoors, that is completely positive. Nonetheless, in case your cat has began urine spraying inside, you might be much less happy with this improvement!

In case your cat is exhibiting basic urine spraying conduct (standing, with tail quivering, passing a small quantity of urine onto a vertical floor), listed here are some frequent the explanation why.

In case your cat begins urine spraying out of the blue once they didn’t do that earlier than, head to the vet for a checkup.

  • Ache or discomfort: Cats with urinary issues corresponding to urinary tract infections could change from their ordinary squatting posture and as an alternative urinate standing up, which might be confused with spraying. This is the reason a check-over by a veterinarian to rule out urinary illness is an effective first step if you happen to see your cat spraying.
  • Territorial disputes: When you’ve got multiple cat, there could also be some squabbling over their territories, and you might discover they spray urine to try to warn one another away. Strive ensuring that every cat has their very own meals bowl, water bowl, litter tray, toys, and mattress in a protected place for every cat, which can reduce the competitors.
  • Stress: If one thing is making your cat anxious, corresponding to constructing work, firework shows, or a brand new child, they could begin to urine spray. It’s because they’re leaving scent indicators to themselves to reassure themselves of their protected areas. Strive ensuring they’ve loads of hiding areas, and a pheromone diffuser could assist to calm them.


Cats’ tails are an perception into their temper and behaviors. A quivering tail might be good or unhealthy, relying on the context. Studying to learn your cat’s physique indicators might be actually useful to higher perceive your feline good friend.

Often Requested Questions

Is it regular for a cat’s tail to shake?

Sure, cats use their tails, together with different physique elements and their posture, to speak. A shaking tail can point out something from aggression to a pleasant greeting, relying on the context.

Why does my cat’s tail quiver once I discuss to him?

Cats love consideration, and an upright quivering tail as you work together with them signifies pleasure and a pleasant response to your chat.

What does a quivering cat tail imply?

It may possibly imply a number of issues relying on the context. In case your cat’s tail quivers as they strategy you, it is a pleasant greeting. A swishing tail can imply irritability, nonetheless. A quivering tail whereas urinating signifies your cat is urine spraying as a type of scent communication.



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