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There are a number of issues about canine conduct that elevate the eyebrows, however maybe not more than curious than once they get locked up after mating. If you’re on the point of breed your canine for the primary time, then it’s good to perceive why this occurs. In the event you don’t, one or each canines will find yourself getting harm.

I’ll stroll you thru what I’ve realized from different skilled breeders in regards to the canine mating course of. Crucial half is that you just do every little thing you may to assist them keep secure.

It is best to by no means try to breed your canine with out having watched the method beneath the supervision of an skilled breeder. There are some critical dangers. You’ll be taught a number of the issues that breeder does to make sure the protection of the canines.

In the event you perceive what’s going on, then you can be ready to maintain each the male and the feminine secure in the course of the course of.

Canines get caught (or tied) throughout mating due to the bulbus gland on the male’s penis enlarges to maintain the canines collectively for 3 to half-hour. That is known as a copulatory tie and it occurs to maintain semen the place it’s efficient. This will increase the chance of profitable breeding.

So, the very first thing to know is that the canines are speculated to get caught. It’s really an evolutionary measure to make sure the propagation of the species.

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Nonetheless, it may be unnerving to an anxious or inexperienced breeder when the feminine tries to separate and finds that she can’t do away with this different canine. It’s actually necessary to maintain each canines calm as a pressured separation can injure each canines and make future breeding not possible.

There are three phases within the canine mating course of

There are three totally different phases to canine breeding.

  1. Flirting and Courtship
  2. Mounting and Thrusting
  3. Lockdown or “Copulatory Tie”

Here’s a video that rapidly goes by way of the in’s and out’s of the canine mating course of. You may watch this or maintain studying.

The primary section: Flirting and Courtship

Male canines are at all times able to mate.

Females, then again, should be in warmth. That simply signifies that they should be at that time of their cycle the place they’ll get pregnant. The evolutionary course of has made it attainable for a male to know whether or not a feminine is prepared for mating in a number of methods. Hormones and conduct sign {that a} feminine is accepting propositions.

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Because the male approaches a feminine, he’ll sniff her vulva. A feminine that isn’t fairly prepared for mating, will normally flip round and snap on the male.

Message obtained… He ought to come again later.

Alternatively, if the feminine strikes her tail to the facet (that is known as “flagging” conduct), the male has the go forward to proceed.

The second section: Thrusting and ejaculation

As soon as the feminine has “flagged” her man down, he’ll virtually instantly attempt to mount her. It’s not unusual for an inexperience male to try a number of occasions earlier than having the ability to insert his penis into the vaginal vestibule.

As quickly as he has efficiently inserted his penis, he’ll start three phases of ejaculation which is the method of delivering the sperm to the females eggs for fertilization.

The primary stage of ejaculation (or some individuals say the primary of three ejaculations) is the urethral section and it’s a sperm free liquid meant to make insertion simpler and make sure that the penis is within the supreme place to ship the semen.

Throughout this stage, the male will proceed thrusting till the sperm section of ejaculation. Throughout the sperm section, the male will deposit the semen within the vagina. That is additionally when the top of the male’s penis swells due to the blood filling the bulbus gland.

That is the start of the copulatory tie the place the 2 canines get locked collectively.

The enlarged tip of the penis seals the vagina on the vaginal vestibule giving extra time for the eggs to be fertilized.  

The ultimate section: Lockdown

If you’re not cautious, you may assume that the job is finished, as soon as the male has completed thrusting and has deposited the semen. That is the second the place the canines (particularly younger or inexperienced canines) can get harm.

The primary time I ever assisted with a breeding, I observed that the breeder virtually secretively obtained nearer to the canines whereas the male was thrusting. She didn’t discuss to the canines, and even face them. However, as she was me, she casually moved towards the canines and signaled me to observe.

The male was an skilled stud, so he remained calm.

Nonetheless, the feminine was a first-timer. She grew to become very disconcerted by the truth that she was nonetheless linked so intimately to this different canine.

The breeder informed me to kneel subsequent to the feminine and maintain her collar so she wouldn’t be capable to go anyplace.

Subsequent, I simply poured on the reassurance with a peaceful voice and lots of ear-scratching.

That point, the tie final about 16 minutes.

How lengthy does the Lockdown final?

The copulatory tie will final anyplace from 2 to half-hour. The variation will rely upon the breed, measurement, and expertise of the canines concerned.

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I’ve by no means seen a tie final lower than 8 minutes or greater than 18. Which may be as a result of the truth that I’ve spent most of my time round Labrador breeders.


The conclusion is that canines get caught collectively after mating as a result of the top of the male’s penis has swollen to some extent bigger than the feminine’s vaginal vestibule (the half between her vulva and vagina).

The male then turns his again to the feminine and pulls the swollen bulbus gland comfortable towards the vaginal vestibule to make sure that the sperm doesn’t leak out earlier than it has an opportunity to fertilize as many eggs as attainable.

So, the canine lockdown merely comes all the way down to evolutionary biology and the profitable passing of DNA from one era to a different.



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