The Texas Heeler: A Fast Information to a Stunning Blended Breed


Texas Heelers are strikingly stunning canine that share all the greatest options of their Australian cattle canine and Australian shepherd mother and father. They’re hardworking, lively, loyal, protecting, and playful and make glorious canine for working households.

For anybody that has discovered themselves taking a look at Texas Heeler puppies, we’d counsel having a look over this fast information to familiarise your self with the breed and perceive what you may anticipate out of your feisty new pup.

Texas Heeler Breed Overview

Simply as a normal rule of thumb, it’s price noting that cross breeds can differ fairly dramatically of their look as a result of there’s no method of understanding which dad or mum they may take after extra or whether or not they’ll be an excellent mixture of the 2.

Like people, you will get Texas Heelers that look and act identical to their fathers or moms. That is the chance you’re taking when adopting a mixed-breed Texas Heeler pet. However as a tough information as to what you may anticipate, right here’s a desk of the variations in look, weight, peak, and temperament that your Texas Heeler may inherit:

What Is a Texas Heeler?

A Texas Heeler combines two herding canine breeds – Australian Shepherds and Australian Cattle Canines (ACDs). As a result of they’re each herding canine, Texas Heelers make spectacular heading canine themselves. Moreover, they have a tendency to have an excellent mixture of muscular energy from the cattle canine mother and father (which ideally must be muscular to herd cattle correctly), and the lean gentle footedness of their shepherd dad or mum.

As a blended breed canine, there’s no understanding precisely what a Texas Heeler pet will likely be like till it’s totally developed, however by taking a look at every of the dad or mum breeds individually, it’s attainable to infer the look and conduct they’re more likely to exhibit.

Frequent Different Names For Texas Heelers

As a result of they’re a blended breed, Texas Heelers go by varied names that mix both the names of the 2 dad or mum breeds or their breeding location. “Texas Heeler” comes from the truth that this explicit breed is mostly bred in Texas. Listed here are a couple of different names they go by:

  • Texas Blue Heeler
  • Border Heeler Aussie combine
  • Cattle Canine Australian Shepherd
  • Aussie Blue Heeler
  • Aussie Shepherd Blue Heeler combine
  • Australian Shepherd combine
  • Aussie Heeler combine
  • Australian Heeler

Texas Heeler Info

Pet Blue Heeler dog playing in the outdoors in summer

  • Texas Heelers are crossed between two herding breeds, making them glorious herding canine.
  • Texas Heelers usually are not acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership (AKC), however they’re acknowledged by the Canine Registry of America (DRA), the Animal Analysis Basis (ARF), and the American Canine Hybrid Membership (ACHC).
  • They kind robust bonds with their homeowners and are fairly protecting of their households.
  • They aren’t appropriate for homeowners of small properties or flats.
  • They’re extremely smart canine with a whole lot of vitality and require common train and stimulation.
  • Texas Heelers can differ vastly in weight, peak, and look.

Texas Heeler Breed Historical past

Texas Heelers are comparatively new additions to the world of canine breeding. Consequently, there isn’t a lot info obtainable about their origins as a person breed. Due to this fact, we are able to solely deduce their historical past from the histories of their respective dad or mum breeds, the historical past of canine breeding typically, and the traits of cross-breeding through the years.

There may be each chance that the creation of the Texas Heeler may have been a pure incidence as the 2 slightly comparable breeds turned attracted to 1 one other within the wild. This might have led to the invention of the cross-breed, inspiring their creation as a purpose-bred breed. Nevertheless, there’s no method of understanding this for positive, although it could actually account for the restricted quantity of knowledge on provide concerning the general historical past of Texas Heelers.

The recognition of the Texas Heeler would counsel that they’ve been purpose-bred for a while. It’s doubtless that the intentional breed of Texas Heelers dates again to the flip of the century when hybrid canine breeds began to be extra readily appreciated and desired all through the canine market.

Curiously, Lucy Guynes first registered the Heeler as a breed by the Canine Registry of America (DRA) in 1970. Whereas the Aussie Cattle Canine didn’t achieve recognition in America till 1980, and the Aussie Shepherd wasn’t acknowledged till 1993.

The Texas Heeler Look

Spotted black and white Texas Heeler dog running with a red ball, looking back as she runs

Texas Heelers are a mix of two stunning breeds – the Australian cattle canine and the Aussie Shepherd canine (also referred to as the Queensland Heeler). Texas Heelers can differ fairly a bit in look. They could tackle the extra muscular look of their cattle canine dad or mum or maybe be extra streamlined and lean just like the shepherd.

Their bodily look and temperament may assist to find out what jobs they’d be greatest suited to if a working family had been to undertake one. It might even be that slightly than having them work, they may take part in canine sports activities greatest suited to their physicality.

Frequent Bodily Texas Heeler Traits

When trying on the two dad or mum breeds, Australian Shepherds are a comparatively slim construct – lean for maneuverability and light-footed to work their method round a flock of sheep simply. Contrastingly, Aussie Cattle Canines are muscular and highly effective – bodily traits crucial for herding livestock.

Most Texas Heeler homeowners have a tendency to search out that their Texas Heeler puppies typically develop an excellent mixture of the 2 – normally with stronger forequarters and a robust neck accompanied by an general slim, long-legged construct and narrower face as seen on the Aussie Shepherd.

Typical Texas Heeler Coat Sorts and Colours

Australian Shepherds have thick, lengthy, flowing coats very like the border collie breed. Blue Heelers (ACDs) have thick, brief, wiry coats. Most Texas Heelers typically inherit a mix of the 2, leading to softer brief to medium-length coats that keep the thickness of the 2 dad or mum breeds.

Each breeds have a superb number of colours that their coats are available in, which might be inherited by a Texas Heeler. The colours typically seen in a Texas Heeler’s coat embrace:

  • Blue
  • Blue Mottled
  • Pink Speckled
  • Pink Mottled
  • Blue Speckled
  • Black
  • Blue Merle
  • Pink
  • Pink Merle
  • Blue Ticked

The Dimension Vary of Texas Heelers

There isn’t an enormous distinction in dimension between the 2 breeds, but it surely’s noticeable. Typically talking, Texas Heelers are a medium-sized breed that lands comfortably within the center. Nevertheless, there may be each chance that they might be as brief as 17 inches in peak or as tall as 23 inches, relying on their intercourse and which dad or mum they take after.

Moreover, their weight is kind of an enormous distinction, starting from 35 kilos to 65 kilos! Contemplating ACDs are notably muscular, it is sensible that the distinction in weight is extra important than you’d assume when contemplating the small distinction in peak between the 2 dad or mum breeds.

The Texas Heeler Character

Texas Heelers are extremely smart, decided, targeted, loyal, and hard-working canine. It’s these persona attributes that make them such unbelievable working canine. Texas Heeler puppies are receptive to studying new instructions and desirous to please (for probably the most half), although, with clever canine, it nonetheless takes a agency hand to make the very best of their coaching.


The Texas Heeler temperament is often characterised as hard-working, loyal, playful, protecting, alert, clever, adaptable (although this will differ relying on which of the mother and father the canine takes after), and cautious of strangers (once more, this is determined by which of the mother and father they take probably the most after).

We at all times advise new canine homeowners to make sure their pup is completely socialized from a younger age, no matter its breed. Nevertheless, with some breeds, we advise it extra strongly. Breeds with robust pure herding or searching instincts ought to at all times prioritize early socialization.

Different Pets and Animals

It’s not advisable to have a blue heeler with different pets, particularly small animals, as they’re very lively and may be fairly intimidating to different canine (particularly small breeds), or cats. This isn’t to say that they received’t get alongside, merely that their boisterous personalities may not mesh properly with different, extra mellow, family pets.


The Texas Heeler may be tough to look after as a house canine if you happen to’re unaware of its wants. That is an especially lively breed bodily and mentally, and lively canine require an lively life-style. Meaning walks, runs, work, duties, coaching, and even toys to maintain them mentally stimulated in your downtime, resembling puzzle deal with toys and chaser toys.

With Youngsters

Texas Heelers typically develop robust household bonds and might turn into fairly protecting of youngsters. Their bonds make them good household canine, and their urge to play to cross the time – is one thing younger kids know methods to do properly. Nevertheless, it’s vitally essential that kids who are available in contact with canine are taught methods to deal with canine correctly to keep away from incidents – this goes for each breed.

Texas Heeler Care

Fortuitously, caring for a Texas Heeler is a comparatively easy affair as long as you may sustain with their train calls for. They’re fairly robust, wholesome canine and don’t sometimes require particular pet food, so there’s no want to fret an excessive amount of about your canine’s food regimen. Nevertheless, a couple of useful tips about their primary care necessities are at all times useful.


The principle factor to recollect is that the Texas Heelers have thick coats. They might not essentially be lengthy (although attainable), however on the very least, they require loads of brushing 2-4 occasions every week to take care of primary hygiene, take away particles, and take away unfastened fur.

Texas Heelers shed lots throughout shedding seasons, dropping giant quantities of fur in a really brief house of time. In the event that they’re not brushed frequently sufficient, then their coat matures within the underlayers continues to be attainable.


Texas Heeler dog leaping over a pile of logs towards the viewer

As we’ve beforehand mentioned, Texas Heelers are massively energetic canine with a excessive demand for train. At the same time as grownup canine, they keep that vitality stage for years. To sum up some examples of the way to burn off a few of that extra vitality, we’ve offered a fast record beneath of the perfect train actions for Texas Heelers:

  • Work Duties
  • Canine Park Visits
  • Obedience Coaching
  • Agility Coaching
  • Primary Coaching / New Instructions
  • Playtime Video games
  • Mountaineering
  • Biking
  • Swimming

Texas Heeler Well being

Texas Heelers are fairly wholesome canine as blended breeds, typically, are inclined to do higher than their purebred mother and father as a result of mixing their genetics makes the child much less more likely to develop predispositions to hereditary well being points. That doesn’t imply that they’re impervious to well being issues, nonetheless. Listed beneath are a number of the cash widespread well being issues that the dad or mum breeds expertise that may be skilled by a Texas Heeler:

  • Hip Dysplasia – This situation causes the hip joints to dislocate simply. This could result in lameness, immobility, and important ache and discomfort. There are methods to deal with hip dysplasia with medicine, physiotherapy, and in additional extreme instances, surgical procedure. Nevertheless, it may well’t be fully cured.
  • Hyperthyroidism – Hyperthyroidism sometimes impacts a canine’s means to take care of regular physique weight. Hyperthyroidism additionally impacts their vitality manufacturing, leading to a canine that may seem hyperactive. This hyperactivity can even set off nervousness because it causes their coronary heart fee to extend. Fortuitously, hyperthyroidism is treatable with the precise medicine.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy – PRA impacts your canine’s imaginative and prescient and is a quite common situation seen all through most canine breeds, very like with people. It typically will get worse as they grow old, extra significantly affecting senior canine, and might finally result in partial or full blindness. Sadly, there isn’t a therapy for this situation.
  • Arthritis – Arthritis causes the joints to stiffen painfully. A typical downside with most canine, not simply this breed group is the influence on the joints all through life that may set off joint circumstances on account of put on and tear. Sadly, there isn’t a remedy for arthritis, however there are some remedies that may assist to ease a number of the signs.
  • Lipoma – Such a benign tumor develops underneath the pores and skin and is made up of fats. The tumors may be safely eliminated, nonetheless, as soon as one tumor develops it’s extremely doubtless that extra will comply with.
  • Deafness – Lack of listening to is an issue typically seen with Blue Heelers. Your Texas Heeler may begin to lose its listening to because it ages. You may acknowledge listening to loss by way of sure behavioral traits resembling how properly they reply to being referred to as. Therapy is feasible, although it does rely upon the reason for the deafness.

Although Texas Heelers are considerably extra more likely to stay a more healthy life-style than both of their dad or mum breeds, there’s no assure that they received’t have any issues. All the time stay observant and conscious of your pup if you wish to nip well being points earlier than they develop too far.

The place Can I Get a Lab Blue Heeler Combine?

As a result of the Texas Heeler isn’t formally acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership, it may be fairly onerous to discover a respected breeder who particularly breeds these mixed-breed puppies as you received’t have the ability to look on the AKC market – which solely incorporates screened, checked, and registered breeders.

We might suggest talking to breeders of both of the purebred mother and father or rescue organizations for these breeds that might be able to present some info to assist together with your search.

Blue Heelers are usually fairly wanted on account of their distinctive capabilities as herding canine. Due to this fact Blue Heeler blended puppies are seen as a extra inexpensive different that means Blue Heeler breeders could concentrate on different breeder choices.

Undertake The place Potential

Cute Texas Blue Heeler

The Australian Cattle Canine and Queensland Shepherd combine could even be discovered typically rescue shelters, as their very excessive vitality and fixed want for stimulation can typically show tough for inexperienced homeowners. This, sadly, results in them being deserted or surrendered.

Each canine deserves a second likelihood at life, and you might discover the precise canine for you is solely awaiting adoption. Adopting a canine discourages pet mills from compelled breeding and helps to maintain abandonment ranges down.

Steadily Requested Questions:

Q: Can Texas Heelers be service canine?

A: Texas Heelers are actually clever sufficient to turn into service canine. They will also be desirous to please, which makes service coaching simpler. Nevertheless, they’re extremely energetic and require a whole lot of workout routines, so you’d must be cautious to pick the precise job for them in order that they’re not feeling under-stimulated and stressed.

Q: What’s the greatest work for a Texas Heeler?

A: Texas Heelers are notably properly suited to herding work as a result of the Texas Heeler’s genetic mother and father are each herding breeds. They make glorious working canine, with a robust work ethic, an eagerness to please, and their means to develop robust bonds with their homeowners.

Q: Are Texas Heelers aggressive?

A: Not as long as they’re educated correctly from an early age and raised with loads of socialization. There isn’t any motive a Texas Heeler could be aggressive to others except they really feel notably threatened. Although they are often fairly protecting of their homeowners and relying on which dad or mum they take after they turn into cautious of strangers, simply be conscious of this reality when introducing them to anybody new.

Q: Are Texas Heelers purebred canine?

A: No. The Texas Heeler is a blended breed produced from two completely different purebred mother and father – the Australian cattle canine (aka the Blue Heeler) and the Australian Shepherd canine (aka Queensland Shepherd).



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