The Border Heeler – Details, Persona, Well being, and Extra


When in search of a brand new canine companion, lots of people are inclined to have a specific breed in thoughts. In fact, border Collies and Australian Cattle canine are amongst two of the most well-liked canine breeds, however do you know these canines are chargeable for a extremely underrated, charming mixed-breed often called the Border Heeler?

The Border Collie Blue Heeler, because it’s additionally recognized, is an lovable and endearing cross between the 2 herding breeds. There’s rather a lot to be stated about them, however they aren’t with out faults. Total, they’re loyal, protecting, and extremely playful but in addition have the power of a kid that’s been let unfastened in a sweet retailer. So in the event you’re curious to be taught extra about these designer canine, learn on!

Border Heeler Breed Overview

  • Mother or father Canine: Border Collie & Blue Heeler (AKA Australian Cattle canine)
  • Peak: 17 – 20 inches (Relying on gender)
  • Weight: 30 – 55 kilos (Relying on gender)
  • Lifespan: 13 – 17 years

Blue Heeler Border Collie High Details:

  • Blue Heeler Border Collies are a hybrid and aren’t purebred canine.
  • Border Heelers are extremely clever and constant.
  • They’re recognized to be cautious and watchful of strangers.
  • The Border Heeler is classed as a medium-sized canine.
  • It’s unknown when the primary Border Collie Heeler was bred, as no supply can definitively state a yr.
  • These canine aren’t thought-about hypoallergenic on account of reasonable shedding qualities.

What’s a Border Collie Blue Heeler Combine?

A Border Collie Blue Heeler combine is the offspring of two well-known canine breeds, the Border Collie and Blue Heeler (often known as a Queensland Heeler). Though their father or mother breeds are widespread amongst canine lovers, the Border Heeler will not be as established, which is stunning given their unimaginable traits and personalities.

Frequent names used for the Blue Heeler Border Collie combine:

  • Border Collie Blue Heeler Combine
  • Border Heeler
  • Collie Heeler
  • Border Collie Heeler combine
  • Australian Cattle canine combine
  • Heeler Border Collie combine
  • Australian Heeler Collie combine

Border Heeler Breed Historical past & Notable Attributes

To completely perceive the Border Collie Blue Heeler combine, it’s vital to grasp extra about their father or mother breeds. Blue Heelers and Border Collies, particularly, have an attention-grabbing historical past, defining persona traits which have been handed right down to their Border Collie Blue Heeler pups.

The Blue Heeler father or mother breed

australian cattle dog, aka blue heeler,

  • Group: Herding
  • Peak: 17 – 20 inches (relying on gender)
  • Weight: 35 – 50 kilos
  • Lifespan: 12 – 16 years

Historical past

In any other case formally often called the Australian Cattle canine or Queensland Heeler, the Blue Heeler canine goes again to the 1800s. Apparently, this breed was initially bred from Smithfields (the unique cattle canine), Dingoes, Border Collies, and even Dalmations.

Over time the breed was developed additional to swimsuit the terrain and local weather of Australia, ensuing within the Queensland Heeler we’re accustomed to right now. This widespread and clever canine was delivered to the US through the Nineteen Forties and was later registered with the American Kennel Membership by the Eighties.

This immensely widespread canine breed was completely bred to herd cattle and is adept at traversing the various terrain spanning Australia. They earned the title Australian ‘heeler’ by successfully nipping the backs of cattle’ ft to encourage them to maneuver.

Notable attributes

This father or mother breed of the Border Heeler is thought to be extraordinarily sweet-natured and protecting. Very similar to the Border Collie, they are often vocal in the event that they sense or suspect hazard is shut however are additionally very playful, making them appropriate playmates for kids.

Typically, the Blue Heeler requires a household that may meet its psychological and bodily wants. As well as, these canine require a sure degree of endurance and self-discipline, however with that comes a loyal and adoring furry member of the household.

The Border Collie father or mother breed

Border collie dog with a beautiful background with mountains

  • Group: Herding
  • Peak: 18 – 22 inches (relying on gender)
  • Weight: 30 – 55 kilos
  • Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Historical past

The Border Collie has an extended and wealthy historical past and has been stated to have been round for hundreds of years. Originating from Spitz-type canine and Sheepdogs, these canines had been recognized for being gifted and hardworking herding canine.

Border Collies had been significantly skillful at traversing the rocky and hilly borders of Scotland and Wales, which kickstarted the historical past of the Border Collie we all know and love right now. In 1995, the American Kennel Membership declared this canine breed a herding canine.

Notable attributes

Border Collies are undoubtedly one of many smartest canine that love challenges and crave duties. Due to this, these canine are simple to coach as they respect the reward and recognition they obtain from their house owners.

That being stated, their psychological wants are considerably increased than different breeds, requiring extra stimulation to maintain them from growing unhealthy or harmful habits. Apart from, since they’re recognized for herding sheep and different livestock, they could really feel compelled to herd smaller animals and even youngsters when bored if they aren’t educated correctly.

Though they could be a handful, proudly owning a Border Collie is extraordinarily rewarding. Not solely are they fiercely loyal, however they’re additionally extremely affectionate and adore their household. Nevertheless, like Blue Heelers, Border Collies should have houses that may match and endure their excessive bodily and psychological calls for.

Bringing the 2 canine breeds collectively

Though the Blue Heeler Border Collie combine will not be probably the most famed blended breed, they usually undertake a number of the defining traits of their father or mother breeds. They’re extremely sensible and lively canine that want stability and self-discipline. In return, they are typically loyal, protecting, and affectionate towards their house owners. A Blue Heeler Collie combine could also be a problem, however with time and dedication, they’ll grow to be valued relations.

Blue Heeler Border Collie Combine Look

Border heeler dog standing at attention in off-leash city park

As you might anticipate, the Blue Heeler Border Collie combine resembles its father or mother breeds, generally another than the opposite. Sometimes, these mixed-breed canine have a medium construct with a lean, athletic physique.

On common, a full-grown Blue Heeler Border Collie combine will stand anyplace between 17 – 20 inches and weigh between 30 – 55 kilos. Nevertheless, for the reason that top of a Border Collie and Blue Heeler can differ relying on gender, you possibly can generally anticipate the identical of their offspring.


The Blue Heeler Border Collie combine has a better probability of gaining a coat just like their Border Collie father or mother, which will probably be medium in size with a easy texture. Nevertheless, it’s not unusual for Border Heelers to obtain the coats of their Australian Cattle canine father or mother, that are quick in size and have a firmer texture and look.

Moreover, Border Collie Heeler combine pups will acquire the weather-resistant coat qualities that their father or mother canine have. If the coat resembles their Australian Cattle canine father or mother, they’re much less more likely to develop and maintain odors or oily residue, however this isn’t all the time the case.


The Border Collie and Blue Heeler have double coats that shed twice a yr which their mixed-breed pups may also develop. These coats shed reasonably and would require common care.

Coat colorings and markings

Border Collie Blue Heeler mixes, most of the time, have mottled coats. Primarily they’re black with white patches marked with black speckles.

Border Heeler coat variations embrace:

  • Blue speckled
  • Purple speckled
  • Blue mottled
  • Purple Mottled
  • Blue

Blue Heeler Border Collie Combine Persona

Attentive border heeler dog with big ears lying on grass in sun

If a Heeler Border Collie combine has captured your consideration, it’s all the time price studying extra about what makes them tick. A canine’s temperament and psychological capabilities are important to grasp earlier than you resolve, because it’s vital to make sure that you’re appropriate.

To sum up briefly, the Border Collie Blue Heeler combine is a loyal, energetic, and sensible canine. However, like their mother and father, Border Heelers require plenty of dedication and a focus, particularly after they’re younger.

Vitality ranges

As talked about beforehand, the Border Collie Blue Heeler cross is a high-energy canine. Since each mother and father of this canine are working canine, their offspring would inevitably develop comparable ranges of power.


Since these canines are carefully associated to 2 of the neatest canine breeds, you possibly can anticipate an identical intelligence degree. Coupled with high-energy ranges, it’s simple for a Border Heeler to grow to be bored on account of little to no psychological stimulation. This typically results in nervousness and/or harmful conduct if not stimulated or educated correctly.


The Blue Heeler Border Collie cross is alleged to be a social but protecting canine that may be extremely heat and affectionate in the direction of its household. Nevertheless, this received’t be obvious from the start as most canine will want early socialization to make sure they’re comfy round folks.

Youngsters and different canine/pets

Given socialization from an early age, the Border Collie Heeler combine is a good companion and playmate for kids. Moreover, since they typically have excessive power ranges, they’ll usually match the tempo of children and different canine, making them greater than appropriate for households with lively households.

Nevertheless, their innate herding instincts might kick in in case your Blue Heeler Border Collie combine isn’t given the suitable coaching. Typically, your pup might cross the time by hyperactively ushering youngsters and smaller animals into totally different rooms.

Caring for a Blue Heeler Border Collie Combine

Caring for Border Collie Blue Heelers might be difficult and isn’t really useful for first-time canine house owners. That is principally due to their psychological and bodily wants which might be handed down from their mother and father.


That being stated, though they’ve reasonable shedding tendencies, they’re thought-about low-medium upkeep concerning their grooming wants. Common bathing will not be all the time mandatory (except they love taking a mud bathtub when out on walks) as you’ll strip away the pure oils that construct.

Nevertheless, you need to brush your canine’s coat regularly to assist take away particles and unfastened, useless fur. This goes particularly in the event you intend on coaching it to be a working canine, as filth and particles can usually grow to be entangled within the fur. Brushing may also assist distribute the pure oils that their fur produces too.

Food plan

Like every other canine breed, it’s best to feed a Border Heeler a high-quality weight loss program. This pet food needs to be excessive in protein to gasoline their lively life-style. Along with enough protein content material, it could be price in search of meals with extra chondroitin and glucosamine to help lively joints since this mixed-breed canine can probably develop hip dysplasia.


If you happen to love working or mountaineering the Border Collie Blue Heeler is the appropriate canine for you. This energetic pet would require extra bodily exercise in comparison with one other blended breed.

It is suggested to train your Blue Heeler canine for one to 2 hours a day to maintain them in form.


Entertaining your Border Collie Heeler is vital as they’ll usually resort to unhealthy conduct if left unstimulated. Interactive canine toys are a fantastic choice, however taking part in with them and taking them to the canine park will assist to scale back boredom and nervousness. Moreover, enrolling them in canine sports activities and/or capability coaching is an effective way of keeping off boredom.


Canine coaching might be formidable to some, however the excellent news is that this hybrid canine is immensely simple to coach in comparison with different breeds and mixes. It is because they’ll possible inherit their father or mother’s intelligence and eagerness to be taught/hold busy.

It’s really useful that you just obedience prepare your canine to scale back the probabilities of them resorting to unhealthy habits when bored. If you happen to don’t have plenty of expertise with this, you possibly can all the time converse to an expert canine coach.

Moreover, Border Heelers will decide up on classes shortly and luxuriate in studying minor methods. This is not going to solely hold them blissful and stimulated, however it is usually a wonderful method so that you can bond together with your pup.

Blue Heeler Border Collie Combine Well being

Beautiful border heeler dog walking on hot summer day

Though blended breeds are sometimes thought to be considerably more healthy than purebred canine, Border Heelers can nonetheless develop the widespread circumstances which might be related to ACDs and Border Collies.

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia are the place the bone and joint develop abnormally which may result in excessive ache and discomfort. These circumstances might be stiff to maneuver and finally result in arthritis.

Progressive retinal atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is a situation that impacts the eyes. The retina in the end degenerates and might sadly trigger imaginative and prescient impairment and even loss.

Collie eye anomaly

The Collie breed can sadly be affected by an eye fixed illness that sabotages the event of the eyes and might impression their imaginative and prescient. This situation might be handed right down to the Border Heeler in addition to every other blended breeds which might be associated to a Collie.

Different points:

A Blue Heeler additionally has an opportunity of dropping their listening to later in life, ear infections, and even neurological issues.

As troubling as these issues might be, you will have a better probability of treating them in the event you catch them early. For this reason you need to take your Border Heeler to the vets for normal checkups no matter whether or not they appear to be in ache or not.

Execs and Cons of Proudly owning a Blue Heeler Border Collie Combine:


  • Preferrred for lively households and households
  • Simple to coach
  • Loyal
  • Very smart
  • Affectionate


  • Excessive mental-stimulation wants
  • Could push boundaries
  • Requires plenty of train
  • Not a match for aged or first-time canine house owners on account of wants
  • May be vocal

The place to Discover Border Heeler Puppies

Just like the Border Collie, the Australian Cattle canine is a well-liked canine breed however, surprisingly, their offspring isn’t as widespread. Because of this, you might discover it onerous to come back throughout Border Heeler puppies.

Nevertheless, in the event you really feel just like the Border Heeler is the very best canine for you, take the time to do a little analysis and discover a respected breeder on-line versus wanting in pet shops. Not solely will a breeder full the mandatory healthcare screenings and assist you to in your journey to search out and care on your new pup, however you possibly can assure that their litter and its mother and father are in the very best well being.

Breeders are extra dependable and reliable, as there have been studies that some pet shops get their litter from pet mills. In consequence, they cannot promise that their pups have come from a dependable supply and are fully wholesome.

Border Heeler Pet value

A Border Collie Blue Heeler pet can value anyplace between $500 – $1000. This will not be as a lot as you’d anticipate given the recognition of their mother and father, however you possibly can anticipate the worth to be influenced by a number of issues.

For instance, the extra expertise and sources the breeder has, the extra they could cost. They could additionally cost extra relying on how widespread the pups are on the time.

Adopting a Border Collie Blue Heeler Combine Pet

Border Collie x Blue Heeler puppy at four weeks old.

Alternatively, you possibly can probably discover the right pet by checking your native animal shelters and rescue facilities. You might not discover one instantly, however hold checking as you by no means know whenever you may come throughout your new greatest good friend.

It’s also possible to test web sites devoted to purebred canine mother and father, as they could have rescue pages that embrace blended breeds. These embrace the Border Collie Society of America and the Australian Cattle Canine Rescue Affiliation.

Rescues have a better probability of harboring behavioral issues, however a loving residence can work wonders for an incredible canine. There’s nothing extra rewarding than giving a pet, and even an grownup canine, the household they deserve.



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