The Aussie Heeler – Information, Persona, Well being, and Extra


The Blue Heeler combined with the Australian Shepherd sees a hybrid splendidly suited to lively households and ranches throughout the US. Acknowledged by the American Canine Hybrid Membership, they’re identified to be energetic, lean, and extremely clever canines that dote on their people.

The Australian Shepherd combined with the Blue Heeler is just not a standard hybrid and one that you could be not be all too acquainted with, however we’re right here to repair that. Under is an in depth information on what to anticipate of this crafty crossbreed.

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Combine Overview

  • Mum or dad Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Blue Heeler (AKA Australian Cattle canine)
  • Peak: 17-23 inches
  • Weight: 35-65 kilos
  • Lifespan: 12-16 years

Notice: Above is a quick overview of the Blue Heeler mixes’ normal breed points. Should you’re on this designer canine, you could have come throughout conflicting accounts in regards to the peak and weight, however you will need to keep in mind that you should take this with a pinch of salt.

Since this combine comes from two totally different dad or mum breeds, there’s a probability that your Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine received’t develop as tall or heavy. Nevertheless, that is no trigger for concern so long as your vet tells you they’re wholesome throughout your check-ups!

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Combine High Information

  • Though the AKC doesn’t acknowledge them, Aussie Heelers are acknowledged by the ACHC, ARF, and even the DRA.
  • Aussie Heelers are improbable herding canines.
  • Texas Heelers are good household canines so long as their bodily wants are met.
  • They’re identified to get alongside effectively with kids after correct socialization.
  • They aren’t appropriate for small properties

What’s an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler?

An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine is the offspring of two very underrated canine breeds. Though we are saying underrated, they’re well-known to farmers and ranchers as a result of they’re proficient and clever herding breeds.

Their very lovable offspring, the Aussie Heeler combine, typically falls underneath the radar, that means not many canine lovers are conscious of their existence. Nevertheless, we’re right here to repair that and inform you the whole lot about this lovely cross.

Widespread names used for the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine

Blended breed canines can go by an array of names, so we’ve listed the most typical under to keep away from confusion. All through our article, we might swap to one in every of these options:

  • Aussie Blue Heeler
  • Australian Shepherd combine
  • Aussie Heeler combine
  • Aussie Shepherd Blue Heeler combine
  • Texas Heeler
  • Border Heeler Aussie combine
  • Cattle Canine Australian Shepherd
  • Australian Heeler

Aussie Heeler Breed Historical past & Notable Attributes

We now have damaged down some attention-grabbing info relating to each dad and mom to grasp the Texas Heeler higher. This consists of breed overviews, a quick historical past, and any notable attributes that could be handed all the way down to their offspring.

The Australian Shepherd dad or mum breed

  • Group: Herding
  • Peak: 18 – 23 inches (relying on gender)
  • Weight: 40 – 65 kilos (relying on gender)
  • Lifespan: 12 -15 years

Historical past

Regardless of being named the Australian Shepherd, this breed is alleged to originate from Europe. Australian Shepherds got here from canines generally known as Pyrenean Shepherds that have been used as herding canines close to the Pyrenees Mountains.

Ultimately, the Australian Shepherd was launched into Australia through the 1800s, throughout which they have been bred with Australia’s British imports resembling Border Collies and Collies.

Notable Attributes

Australian Shepherds are generally known as powerful and athletic canines. This breed is usually affiliated with the cowboy life-style as they’re typically put to work on ranches herding livestock. Which means these canines usually have sturdy herding instincts, which may seep into their day-to-day life if they aren’t skilled appropriately.

Because of their train wants and excessive intelligence, Australian Shepherds should not really helpful for rookie canine homeowners as they will typically try to drag the wool over their eyes. Nevertheless, those that can present them with the whole lot they should develop and thrive could make wonderful canine companions.

The Australian Cattle canine dad or mum breed

  • Group: Herding
  • Peak: 17 – 20 inches (measurement might differ relying on gender)
  • Weight: 35 – 50 kilos
  • Lifespan: 12 – 16 years

Historical past

The Blue Heeler, formally generally known as the Australian Cattle canine or the Queensland Heeler, is a well-liked and effectively sort-out herding canine from Australia. This well-known working canine breed goes again to the 1800s and was initially bred from Smithfields and was later mixed with Dingoes, Border Collies, and Dalmatians, to call just a few.

The aim of intertwining so many breeds was to develop a herding canine that would simply traverse the terrain and face up to the warmth of Australia. Over time, breeders achieved simply that, and we now have the Australian Cattle canine that we all know and admire in the present day.

Launched to the US within the Forties, this good and constant breed was lastly accepted and acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership through the Nineteen Eighties.

Notable attributes

This dad or mum breed of the Blue Heeler Aussie Combine has a number of notable traits that your combined breed pup might develop as they develop. To begin, the Blue Heeler is understood to be a loyal and clever canine. Along with this, they will also be extremely playful, making them nice playmates for kids and different canines.

As you may think about, these herding canines spent most of their days taking instructions and dealing onerous over time. This observe solely solidifies that this breed is extremely clever and energetic. Nevertheless, the disadvantage right here is that they typically require extra psychological and bodily stimulation than different canines.

One other worthwhile observe is that Blue Heelers might be considerably vocal canines. It is a trait that’s previous down on account of their working heritage, as they’d typically bark as a approach of speaking with their homeowners. However, once more, this side is one thing you could work on with coaching.

Different Blue Heeler mixes:

Blue Heeler canines are rather more wanted than you might suppose and are bred with a number of different breeds to get the proper working canine. Widespread Blue Heeler mixes embody:

Bringing Each Breeds Collectively

Since each dad and mom of the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine are generally used as working canines, there’s no shock that this hybrid is put to comparable makes use of. Due to their heritage, Aussie Heelers have sturdy pure herding instincts that mix effectively with their unimaginable intelligence.

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Combine Look

Perfectly posed

A full-grown Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine will stand between 17-23 inches in peak and weigh between 35-65 kilos. Since peak and weight can differ relying on the gender of the dad or mum canine breeds, the identical might be mentioned in regards to the Texas Heeler additionally.

Often, a Texas Heeler could also be smaller than both dad or mum, making them medium-sized canines. Since they’re lively hybrid canines, they may have a lean and robust construct that may typically border on a stocky look, however this received’t hinder their mobility.


Since each dad and mom have a double coat, you may anticipate the Aussie Blue Heeler combine to have the identical. Sometimes, their coats will probably be short-medium in size as they want to have the ability to face up to a harsh surroundings.


Because of their double coat, an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine will shed a average quantity each day however significantly extra throughout shedding seasons.

Colours and markings

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • White
  • Blue Merle
  • Purple Merle

Since an Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle canine combine is usually bred with a Blue Heeler, not a Purple Heeler, you may generally anticipate to see blue of their coats. Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply that pink tones can not come by way of.

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Combine Persona

Earlier than getting your self any canine shadow/finest pal, it’s essential to grasp their personalities and desires. This isn’t solely so you may see whether or not they’re an excellent match on your house but additionally as a result of you’ll need to make sure you could present them with the whole lot they must be comfortable and wholesome.

Power ranges

As anticipated, this medium-sized canine can carry boats of power. For the reason that Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine was primarily bred for herding and derived from different herding breeds, they’re naturally energetic and wish loads of train to assist them keep match and burn off power.


Very similar to their dad and mom, Blue Heeler mixes are extremely good canines. As such, they may require psychological stimulation and loads of time outdoor.


It’s essential to notice that Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine canines will must be socialized once they’re younger. Though they are often very social canines, they will develop into considerably overprotective of their house and household.

Kids and different canines/pets

If socialized effectively from an early age, Aussie Heelers will get alongside very effectively with kids and different pets. Since these canines are energetic, they may typically love nothing greater than to assist put on the youngsters out through the summer season.

Nevertheless, we don’t suggest them to properties with babies, as one can excite the opposite simply, leading to just a few nasty bumps and scrapes.

Caring For an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Combine

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

Subsequent, we’ll take a look at what it takes to take care of these unimaginable canines. As you may think about, taking care of an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine received’t be straightforward, particularly once they’re younger. So for those who’re wanting into this crossbreed, completely learn what is predicted to maintain them wholesome and comfortable.


Since a Texas Heeler will shed year-round and considerably extra throughout shedding seasons, you may anticipate finding a variety of hair round your property. To fight this, you’ll need to groom them continuously.

It will assist for those who brushed your Heeler Australian Shepherd combine twice per week to assist take away dander, particles, and free/lifeless fur from their coats. It’s additionally price bathing Blue Heeler Australian Shepherds extra continuously, particularly in the event that they’re working canines. This will even assist to free extra fur and particles from their coat.

Food regimen

As anticipated, Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd mixes would require high-quality pet food to maintain them fueled and their immune system.

Since Texas Heelers are athletic and energetic canines, they may want a recipe excessive in protein and particularly formulated for medium to massive breeds.


Since each the Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler are immensely lively breeds, it’s anticipated that any offspring they’ve can have comparable bodily wants. Texas Heelers will want round 60-90 minutes of bodily exercise each day to maintain them occupied and wholesome.


It’s no secret that clever and lively breeds want a variety of psychological and bodily stimulation to maintain them in fine condition. So, along with a variety of workout routines, your Australian Blue Heeler will want a variety of exercise to maintain their thoughts wholesome.

Should you’re wanting methods to do that in addition to interactive canine toys, you may simply enroll your Texas Heeler in agility coaching or canine sports activities. Not solely are these improbable methods to entertain your canine companion, however they will additionally enable you to bond with them.

Essential observe on train and leisure wants:

In case your canine doesn’t obtain the suitable actions and bodily ventures they require, they will resort to unhealthy habits and harmful tendencies in an try to entertain themselves. Subsequently, taking the above suggestions severely is essential except you need to exchange your carpets and furnishings month-to-month.

Residing situations

This good and lively breed can’t be confined to the partitions of an house or a house with out a respectable out of doors space. An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine wants a giant out of doors area to play and run round.

You need to additionally make sure that your backyard or out of doors area is sufficiently fenced off to keep away from a jailbreak. Since an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine has sturdy herding tendencies, they’re more likely to take off in pursuit of untamed critters in an try to prepare them.


Final however not least, we come to maybe probably the most useful recommendation we’ve got on your future Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine. You need to take the time to coach your canine successfully. This consists of obedience and socialization coaching.

Optimistic reinforcement is essential when coaching a Texas Heeler as they don’t reply effectively to scolding however will battle and persevere for reward and treats. Thankfully, since they’re particularly intelligent canines, they usually reply to classes rapidly and successfully.

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Combine Well being

Like many different hybrid canine breeds, an Aussie Shepherd Blue Heeler isn’t born unhealthy or with any situation. They’re usually thought-about a wholesome breed with only a few issues.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply they’re indestructible, as some are identified to develop situations that may be detailed under. Additionally, as your canine ages, it’s regular to anticipate just a few well being issues, however an incredible train regime and a nutritious diet can assist fend off many potential points.

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Each Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler dad and mom can develop hip dysplasia, however the Australian Cattle canine is just not vulnerable to elbow dysplasia. Whatever the latter reality, it’s nonetheless potential on your Aussie Blue Heeler combine to develop each.

Eye issues

For the reason that dad and mom of an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler can develop eye points, your pup can achieve a situation. Progressive Retinal Atrophy, in addition to the Collie Eye Anomaly, are two situations that may happen.


It’s identified that each the Australian Cattle canine and Australian Shepherd can develop into deaf. After all, it’s not frequent for this to occur, however it’s definitely one thing that an aspiring Aussie Shepherd Heeler proprietor ought to concentrate on.

The Execs and Cons of Proudly owning an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Combine

To sum up, we’ve got highlighted some info which will help you in your decision-making. Under, you will discover some professionals and cons relating to an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler


  • Can decide up coaching rapidly
  • Unbelievable working canines
  • Nice household canines
  • Excellent for extremely lively canine homeowners
  • Usually, a wholesome hybrid


  • Solely appropriate for lively households, together with farms
  • Not appropriate for the aged or these dwelling alone on account of power and psychological calls for
  • Can resort to unhealthy habits if not skilled correctly
  • Tendency to herd smaller pets and even kids
  • Not appropriate for small properties

The place to Discover Blue Heeler Aussie Combine Puppies

adorable australian cattle dog puppy lying down on grass outdoors

Discovering your self a mini Aussie Blue Heeler combine might be tough however removed from unimaginable. You might have luck discovering many breeders residing in Texas. Some breeders might be discovered by way of social media or normal internet pages, however proceed with warning right here.

Should you’re new to canine possession, it’s essential to know what to ask when approaching a breeder. For instance, at all times make sure you meet the pups and the pup’s dad and mom to get the identical litter as marketed.

Along with this, be sure you ask for documentation/proof that the dad and mom and puppies are wholesome. Be sure that this doc offers clear proof that the Cattle Canine Australian Shepherd pup has been screened for the suitable situations that their dad and mom are vulnerable to.

Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Combine Pet Value

Since Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mixes are surprisingly not in demand, you received’t be paying as a lot as you may suppose. Some sources declare that costs might be between $400-$600, though some breeders have been identified to start out costs at $800.

Take into account that the value might be affected by many components. For instance, if the demand for Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mixes will increase, the value might enhance. Moreover, a breeder might cost kind of relying on their expertise within the subject and the assets they’ve at hand.

Potential breeders to have a look at:

Adopting a Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Combine

Adopting a canine companion is usually a powerful but considerably rewarding expertise, although you should be capable of guarantee you could present them with the whole lot they want. Rescuing a canine might be powerful sufficient, however there could be some underlying points that you will want to think about.

Nevertheless, for those who’re assured that adopting is the appropriate approach, you may take a look at many sources that time you in the appropriate route. Moreover, you may at all times control your native rescue group and shelter.

Think about checking on-line the Australian Cattle canine rescue affiliation, the Australian Shepherd Rescue, and even the Texas Cattle Canine Rescue pages. At occasions, you might solely discover their purebred dad and mom, however you’re additionally more likely to discover combined offspring and even further assets and contacts to assist; you slim down your search. Hyperlinks for these pages might be discovered under:

Often Requested Questions:

Q: Are an Australian Shepherd and a Blue Heeler the identical breed?

A: No. Blue Heelers are often known as Australian Cattle canines. Each breeds are registered individually on the American Kennel Membership’s registry.

Q: Are Australian blue heelers good with different canines?

A: An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler can get alongside very effectively with different canines so long as they’re given socialization coaching from a younger age.

Q: Are Aussie Heeler combine canines good with youngsters?

A: Texas Heelers might be nice companions for kids however should not really helpful for households with small youngsters as they will typically develop into overexcited.

Q: Do they bark quite a bit?

A: An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler combine can develop barking tendencies because it’s of their nature to make use of it as a type of communication which suggests they will act as a guard canine to some. Nevertheless, you may fight this by way of coaching.

Q: Are blue heeler Aussie mixes onerous to coach?

A: Since Texas Heelers are clever canines, they will decide on coaching rapidly and successfully utilizing constructive reinforcement.

Q: Are they protecting of their homeowners?

A: Aussie Blue Heeler mixes are bred to be herding canines, so it’s not of their nature to protect or defend. Nevertheless, as soon as a bond is established with their household, they are often identified to develop into protecting of their people.



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