Reflections on Society – Angel Canine Diary


Pricey Diary, I’ve all the time been reflecting about life and listed here are a few of my observations:

Society may be very badly organized. First, the pet’s play. Then, we inform them to sit down nonetheless at school. Then, we inform them to train extra.

Then, as grownup canines we’ve to work, typically lengthy hours and commute too. Even when you might have puppies you must go away them with minimal supervision to go to work! Then, society wonders why the puppies are misbehaving.

Then, when the puppies are grown up, you might be advised your job is required for youthful canines. This occurs when you’re actually good at your job and you’ve got given up on all of your goals about climbing mountains, crusing all over the world, or being a rock star. You’re simply too outdated for that, however a desk job could be actually fascinating.

So, from working 24/7, twelve months a yr with minimal sleep, there may be now extra free time than you’ll be able to take care of. Your grand puppies are distant since you moved too many occasions to maintain up together with your job that you simply simply have been early retired from.

And the circle begins once more.

It’s so silly.



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