Prime Canary Hen Breeds A-Z


In case you’re contemplating getting a canary in your dwelling, it’s essential to know the completely different canary fowl breeds earlier than deciding.

There are various kinds of canaries, they usually are available all sizes and shapes.

Some folks could also be concerned with uncommon birds which are specifically bred to have distinctive colours or patterns.

Others would possibly need an easy-going fowl that’s adaptable to their house and life-style.

This submit offers you a low-down of the highest home canary breeds from A-Z and hopefully show you how to decide which sort of canary is best for you!

The Canary Hen: What Are They?

Are you interested by elevating a pet fowl? In that case, selecting a canary is a sensible alternative.

This sort of fowl is a favourite amongst avian fans, raised for greater than a century in captivity.

Like canines and cats and different in style kinds of pets, the canary has been bred extensively, leading to greater than 200 completely different breeds.

Very like cats and canines, every canary breed is prized individually for a singular look, ability, or another kind of trait.

The common canary has a lifespan of as much as ten years and, regardless of being small, is prized for its magnificence and its chattering, whistling calls.

These hands-off pets are simple to lift as a result of they don’t require quite a lot of particular care or devoted consideration.

They’re named for his or her origins within the Canary Islands.

The unique canary discovered within the wild was only a green-colored finch, which wouldn’t have been something out of the atypical aside from the stunning music.

The canaries are prized for his or her stunning, melodic voices.

These voices impressed the primary European settlers to start breeding these birds and taking them again dwelling.

They capitalized on small mutations, creating breeds that appeared a lot completely different from one another (and nothing like their wild ancestors).

The canaries are solitary species that want to be raised on their very own. In case you determine to lift canaries, you’ll wish to hold particular person birds in their very own separate cages.

In case you don’t, life-threatening combating might happen – these birds are extraordinarily territorial.

That mentioned when supplied with the right housing and feed (birdseed will not be sufficient – you’ll want to offer your canaries with a complement of nutritious pellets and different meals).

You must be capable of hold your pet alive for a few years. The canaries are the longest-lived pet fowl species, with some dwelling for as many as 14 years with the correct care and a focus!

What’s the Finest Canary Hen? An A-Z Record 

In case you’re out there for a canary, you’ll wish to contemplate these prime breeds.

There isn’t any single greatest breed for everybody. Nonetheless, the excellent news about canaries is that, regardless of intensive breeding over time, most behavioral traits stay the identical amongst completely different breeds.

Solely the looks of those birds differs between the separate breeds.

Due to this fact, no matter the place you reside or how a lot consideration you wish to donate to your new pet, you shouldn’t discover a lot distinction between these prime decisions.

American Singer Canary Bird

American Singer 

The American Singer is likely one of the prime music canaries you possibly can elevate. It likes to sing – and it’s fairly expert at it, too!

These birds are interactive and melodic, making them the proper alternative for any household, particularly these with younger youngsters who get pleasure from being entertained.

They are often present in all colours, together with white, inexperienced, blue, yellow, and extra.


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Belgian Fancy  

The Belgian Fancy canary was the initially canary varieties to be bred particularly for its appears as an alternative of its music.

It’s round-shouldered with a vulture-like posture.

Although initially one of many tiniest canary varieties, it has now been overwhelmed by different birds who crushed that file.

It has been used to develop a medley of different in style birds, together with the Yorkshire, the Japanese Hoso, the Muenchener, and extra.

border fancy canary

The Border Canary, also called the Border Fancy, is called for its origins within the border area between Scotland and England.

It was first bred within the early 1800s and was initially referred to as the Wee Gem.

Paradoxically, regardless of this identify, the “Wee Gem” in the end gained recognition as one of many largest canary varieties on the market!

Most Borders are yellow, however there are actually different coloration mixtures accessible as effectively. These birds have silky clean feathers and a plump, rounded physique that’s considerably egg-shaped.

Crested Domestic Canary

Crested Canary

They first bred the Crested Canary from the Lancashire and Norwich breeds. The Crested has a crest upon its head, because the identify implies.

It’s considerably uncommon and troublesome to search out and averages near seven inches in size.

Home Canary

You would possibly see a fowl offered as a home canary – don’t fear, that doesn’t imply you can’t hold these different kinds of canaries in your own home!

Home canary birds are simply canaries. They’re domesticated variations of untamed canaries and native to the Macaronesian Islands.

The Home Canary are trendy pet birds that had been initially bred and raised in England and Spain. They arrive in all shapes, sizes, and colours, together with purple, brown, white, black, orange, yellow, and extra.

Eumo Canary Hen

The Eumo canary is a coloration pigmentation that lacks brown pigment. It’s a light-colored canary that’s typically considered an albino, but it surely doesn’t technically exhibit the albinism mutation.

fife canary

Fife Fancy 

The Fife Fancy is just a miniature model of the Border Canary.

It was first bred for its pint-sized cuteness within the mid-Twentieth century and originated from Fife in Scotland.

At simply 4 and a half inches lengthy, that is the smallest canary selection you should purchase.

Frilled Canary Bird

Frilled Canary

The Frilled Canary is called for its distinctive feather sample. The feathers are mutated and stand on finish, making the fowl appear like it simply made it by way of a blustery hurricane.

These feathers curl inward, outward, and upward (anyplace however laying down and flat!).

It’s affected in virtually all physique areas, together with the chest, flanks, and again.

Gloster Canary


The Gloster canary was first named the Gloster canary because it was bred in Gloucestershire, England.

It’s been round for fairly a while, having been first bred within the late nineteenth century. In the present day, it’s fairly a well-liked present fowl.

It turned extra in style within the Nineteen Sixties because the Beatles’ band rose in popularity- that’s as a result of this fowl’s distinctive feather association made it look a bit like an avian Beatle!

Brief and squat, it measures lower than 5 inches lengthy.

Harlequin Portuguese Canary

Harlequin Portuguese 

The Harlequin Portuguese Canary is a straight-backed fowl with a military-esque stance. It’s round-chested with each non-crested and crested varieties accessible.

It measures simply over six inches lengthy.

Irish Fancy

This fowl is a small, erect canary that solely measures 4 to 5 inches from tail to beak.

Additionally it is fairly slender, missing the trademark plumpness that’s typically seen in smaller canary varieties.


Jasper canaries are among the latest additions to the canary household – they had been bred inside the final decade.

They have a tendency to have pastel or in any other case diluted colours and are merchandise of a single dominant gene. Jaspe birds, when bred to different Jaspe birds, will at all times produce Jaspers.

The product of crossbreeding with three species of untamed birds, it’s now a self-perpetuating breed by itself.

Lancashire Canary

Lancashire Canary Hen

Lancashire canaries are also called Manchester Fancy or Manchester Copy canaries. They’re skinny, tall, and crested, with every fowl measuring as much as 9 inches tall!

These animals had been first developed within the early nineteenth century and typically are used so as to add dimension to late kinds of different breeds.

Lizard Canary

Lizard Canary

It’s not a hybrid of a lizard and a fowl – but it surely would possibly as effectively be, for its look is extremely uncommon.

This fowl was named for its black crescent shapes on the breast and again. This feathered sample appears very like the scaly pores and skin of a reptile.

It has an attention-grabbing impact referred to as spangling, together with a thick cap of feathers on its head.

Sadly, the scaly sample of those birds’ feathers tends to get much less pronounced, with every molt finally disappearing totally.

Mosaic canary


Just like the Eumo, Mosaic is a coloration variation in canaries and is commonly considered its personal breed.

You’ll find mosaic canaries in all colours, together with purple, yellow, red-brown, and yellow-opal.

This is likely one of the most stunning companion canaries bred for coloration variations. They do effectively by themselves or when raised with different kinds of canaries.

Norwich Canary


The Norwich Canary has a status for being the unique “mop-top.” It was mixed with crested Lancashires to provide the Crested and was first delivered to the nation by Flemish immigrants.

A bigger than common canary selection, this fowl has cumbersome and fluffy head feathers.

black onyx canary


The Onyx canary is one other coloration variation that’s recognized for being very darkish. It has plenty of black pigmentation with no browns combined in to lighten the impact.

Parisian Frill Canary

Parisian Frill 

There are a number of kinds of frilled canaries you possibly can elevate, however the Parisian Frill is likely one of the hottest.

This fowl has mutated feathers that make it look as if it simply got here by way of a windstorm.

As we talked about in our description of the Frilled class of canaries above, its feathers curl inward, outward, and upward.

Parisian Frill canaries are derived from the Dutch Canaries and are among the largest of all of the Frills. They’ll develop as tall as eight inches!

red canary

Pink Issue 

The Pink Issue canary is likely one of the hottest present birds due to its beautiful colours.

It’s the purple model of 1 different kind of canary referred to as the Yellow Melanin Canary – besides, after all, that its coloration is purple as an alternative of yellow!

Pink is the bottom coloration and is accompanied by traces of darkish pigmentation.

Scotch Fancy Canary

Scotch Fancy Canary

Scotch Fancy, also called Scottish Fancy, canaries had been developed from Belgium canaries within the early 1800s.

They had been created to concentrate on the hunchback posture and developed in Glasgow and central lowland Scotland.

stafford canary


Stafford canaries are current birds, first bred in Staffordshire within the Eighties. These canaries had been bred in an try to create a small-crested fowl with a purple pigment.

Warwick Canaries

Warwicks are new variations that solely turned accepted within the mid-2000s. A smaller fowl has ivory to yellow coloration, a crest, and a singular egg-shaped physique.

Waterslager Canary

Waterslager Canaries

The Waterslager canary is exclusive as a result of it has a name that sounds similar to operating water. In actual fact, that is how this breed acquired its identify – its music sounds similar to a babbling brook.

Yorkshire Canary

Yorkshire Canary

This fowl is likely one of the most well-known canary varieties round. A bigger fowl is round six inches tall and has a singular no-neck look together with a inflexible, upright stance.

It’s this stance that earned the Yorkshire canary the nickname of “The Guardsman.”

The second-largest canary kind out of the most well-liked canary varieties accessible, they first bred this one within the mid-1800s in England.

Prime Canary Hen Breeds: Abstract

Don’t you suppose a canary fowl is best for you? In that case, there are a number of different choices you would possibly wish to contemplate.

The finch is the obvious alternative as a result of a canary is technically a finch!

The zebra finch is the fowl that has essentially the most in frequent with an everyday canary.

You may additionally contemplate different small pet fowl species comparable to a budgie, parrotlet, or cockatiel. All make nice pets for first-time fowl house owners!

In any other case, we hope this A-Z checklist of canary breeds has been useful to you in your seek for the proper pet!

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