Prime 10 Finest Pet Birds for Households


Are you planning so as to add a household pet to your own home?

9.9 million households within the US have birds, and it’s not shocking as a result of these brilliant feathery companions will be as entertaining as canine and cats. Nonetheless, there are over 18,000 hen species worldwide, so how will you discover the most effective pet birds for households?

Nicely, we received the answer for you! We compiled ten nice household pet birds that’ll add shade and enjoyable to your own home.

Specifically, you’ll uncover:

  • Household-friendly birds with glorious speaking capability that may construct a phrase financial institution of 500 to 1,000 phrases
  • Tiny songbirds that may produce pale blue eggs
  • Vibrant-colored parrots that may delight you with their comical antics and talking capability

So, with out additional ado, let’s unveil the listing of the highest 10 greatest household birds to personal.

10 Finest Pet Birds for Households

Listed below are ten family-friendly birds which can be typically docile and can shortly adapt to your loved ones’s setting and shade your world.

1. Budgerigars

Best Pet Birds for Families - BudgerigarThese brightly-colored little birds from Australia are our high favourite. It’s the most effective family-friendly parrot since they’re straightforward to take care of, pleasant, low-maintenance, and most of all, clever.

And once we say clever, we imply it as a result of they’re the Guinness world document holder for the biggest vocabulary for a hen!

No surprise they’re one of many favourite pet birds in America. These pet birds can speak and construct an intensive vocabulary of 500 to 1,000 phrases.

On high of their spectacular speaking capability, in addition they tolerate dealing with.

So, in case you have slightly avian aviculturist in your house, these light however intelligent birds are excellent in your dwelling.

They will entertain you with their whistle and study fundamental instructions with correct coaching. Budgies can bond strongly with their homeowners, to allow them to be your loved ones’s greatest buddies very quickly.

So, in the event you’re not prepared for a long-term dedication with a parrot pet however wish to expertise the enjoyment of getting a reasonably and intelligent hen, that is the most effective household hen to personal.

Species Overview

Dimension:  7 inches
Weight: 1 ounce
Lifespan: 7 to fifteen years
Temperament: Docile, pleasant, light
Speaking Talents:  Wonderful; They will speak and mimic human speech


  • Perfect for tiny properties or flats
  • Much less messy in comparison with bigger species
  • Reasonably priced and low-maintenance
  • Social and affectionate to their homeowners
  • They don’t chunk usually, and so they don’t chunk exhausting


  • Typically skittish and difficult to tame
  • Require medical consideration
  • It may be barely harmful

2. Finches

Best family bird to own: FinchThese birds are probably the greatest pet birds for households as a result of they will allure youngsters with their soothing music. Their smooth chips and chatter are fascinating to take heed to.

These birds are additionally low-maintenance and don’t require a lot interplay with people.

They will additionally delight your loved ones with their aerial antics and interplay with their fellow finches.

Moreover, finches lay fairly pale blue eggs, and they are often nice foster mother and father to different birds regardless of their dimension.

Nonetheless, finches usually are not hands-on species. Subsequently, they don’t like being dealt with and higher keep contained in the cage.

Finches want to bond with birds of their form, so in order for you a extra hands-on expertise, Budgies are the higher selection.

Species Overview

Dimension:  5 to six inches
Weight: 1/2 ounce
Lifespan: 3 to fifteen years
Temperament: Pleasant however hands-off
Speaking Talents:  They don’t speak


  • Wonderful foster mother and father
  • Pale blue eggs
  • They sing melodiously


  • Don’t like being dealt with
  • Vulnerable to air-mite an infection
  • Want spacious cage

3. The Canaries

Best pet birds for families: Canary Do you know that these birds that make good household pets have been utilized in detecting toxic gases within the coal mines within the 1800s?

Warner Bros’ cartoon character Tweety was additionally a canary, and due to the present, the hen’s reputation skyrocketed.

The canaries are songbirds with vibrant colours and personalities.

However they don’t wish to be dealt with too! They like seeing you more often than not however not being touched. So if you wish to maintain them joyful, you will need to dangle them in a cage the place they will all the time see you.

It’s value noting, although, that solely male Canaries can sing. Females can solely chirp. However they will nonetheless turn into good pet birds for households.

Species Overview

Dimension:  3 to 4 inches
Weight: 1 ounce
Lifespan: 10 to fifteen years
Temperament: Pleasant 
Speaking Talents:  Can’t communicate however can mimic a number of notes of music


  • Detects toxic gases
  • Shiny plumage shade
  • Pleasing songbirds


  • Don’t like being dealt with
  • Could be messy

4. Lovebirds

Best family bird to own: LovebirdsThese charming and good household birds are extremely social and loving, as their title suggests, and so they develop a powerful bond with their mate, whether or not a fellow lovebird or a human.

If you would like your hen to bond strongly with you or your loved ones, it’d be higher to boost only one. In any other case, they’ll ignore you since they’ll work together extra with their form.

However in the event you’d do this, it’s a must to spend a number of social interplay with them to meet their wants and maintain them joyful.

Lovebirds’ candy and loving demeanor makes them probably the greatest pet birds for households. And since they’re typically quiet, so that they’re among the many greatest pet parrots for households dwelling in flats or condos.

Species Overview

Dimension:  5 to six inches
Weight: 2 ounces
Lifespan: 10 to twenty years
Temperament: Pleasant and quiet
Speaking Talents:  Can’t communicate however can mimic a number of human phrases


  • Loving and mild
  • Bonds strongly with homeowners
  • Quiet


  • They don’t like being alone
  • Could be biters generally

5. Cockatiel

Family friendly birds: CockatielsIf you would like the most effective hen pet for youths with a big physique and speaking capability, cockatiels will be the one you’re in search of!

These yellow-crowned birds can study to speak and entertain your youngsters with whistles and intelligent tips. They will even mimic your voice and sounds!

Cockatiels are pleasant, docile, and jolly and luxuriate in being on their proprietor’s shoulder always!

However they should have a minimum of 1 hour of consideration per day.

So, in the event you plan to those family-friendly birds, you will need to dedicate time to play and work together with them and clear their cage as a result of they’re slightly messier than budgies and finches.

Species Overview

Dimension:  11 to 12 inches
Weight: 2.5 to three.5 ounces
Lifespan: 15 to twenty years
Temperament: Pleasant 
Speaking Talents:  Can speak and mimic voice and sounds


  • Simple to tame
  • Entertaining/comical nature
  • Can study to speak


  • Messy than budgies and finches
  • Excessive-pitched
  • Can get feathers in all places

6. Cockatoo

Family friendly birds: CockatooCockatoos are white birds with yellow crowns. These pet birds are dedicated to their homeowners and shortly type bonds with them. They might even begin plucking out their feathers as an indication of sorrow in the event that they don’t get sufficient consideration and turn into depressed.

However so long as these birds obtain affection for a minimum of an hour or so every day, they’ll shortly combine into the household.

They’re full of life and affectionate birds that may be cuddly with your loved ones.

They’re curious and clever birds who love a well-ordered way of life.

And with correct and fixed coaching, cockatoos can study a number of human phrases, mimic our speech, and be thrilling birds for kids.

Species Overview

Dimension:  12 to twenty-eight inches
Weight: 10 to 30 ounces
Lifespan: 20 to 40 years
Temperament: Vigorous, affectionate
Speaking Talents:  Can decide up some human phrases and phrases


  • Vigorous and entertaining
  • Candy and dedicated to homeowners
  • Can study some phrases


  • Needy of consideration
  • Can demolish furnishings and perches

7. Quaker Parakeet

Best family friendly parrots: Quaker ParakeetThese tiny however colourful parrots are charming and humorous. Actually, they’re like little clowns trapped in a hen’s physique! What makes them much more attention-grabbing is their willingness to study human speech.

They will entertain your loved ones and decide up some phrases out of your youngsters and also you concurrently.

This breed is legendary for freshmen, and so they’re probably the greatest household birds you possibly can have as pets.

They’re pleasant however daring and outgoing. Quaker Parakeets are loyal to their homeowners and luxuriate in cuddling and petting the pinnacle.

Nonetheless, in some states, conserving them as pets is unlawful, so it is advisable verify your native legal guidelines earlier than getting one.

Species Overview

Dimension:  11 inches
Weight: 4 to five ounces
Lifespan: 20 to 30 years
Temperament: Pleasant
Speaking Talents:  Can speak and study some phrases


  • Humorous and entertaining
  • Loves cuddling and petting
  • Can speak and mimic human phrases


  • Unlawful to maintain in some states
  • Could be cage territorial

8. Dove

Family friendly birds: DoveDoves are famend for having light and affectionate personalities, which is why they earned the image of peace. The beaks of softbill doves make them much less more likely to try and chunk or hurt than the hard-beaked hookbill parrots.

That’s why we predict they must be acknowledged pretty much as good household pet birds.

However you will need to use constructive socialization and bonding strategies to maintain them calm and never terrify them.

Doves match older youngsters who know how one can be affected person and sort, however doves additionally want different birds to socialize with and carry out greatest in pairs.

If you wish to make your doves joyful, it’s a must to repair some mirrors and swings to their enclosure. However doves must also have entry to free-flight time to allow them to work together with their human caregivers.

Species Overview

Dimension:  11 to 13 inches
Weight: 5 to eight ounces
Lifespan: 10 to 25 years
Temperament: Candy and docile
Speaking Talents:  Can’t speak


  • Light and candy
  • Not demanding
  • Quiet and calm


  • Can’t speak
  • Wants a number of toys and massive cages

9. Conures

Good family birds: Green-Cheeked ConureNow we’re all the way down to our ninth decide for the most effective household pet birds.

These vibrant-feathered conures are unique and prized for his or her humorous and jolly character and resemblance to giant Macaws.

They’re brilliant and like to play, however they are often noisy and mischievous generally. Some conures even cry or scream, so that they’re not appropriate for quiet households.

Conures have over 100 subspecies, so that they’re extensively diversified.

They’re extremely demanding and want fixed consideration.

However on the brighter aspect, conures don’t get hooked up to only one individual, however they’re pleasant in the direction of all home members.

Species Overview

Dimension:  10 to fifteen inches
Weight: 3 to 9 ounces
Lifespan: 20 years
Temperament: Comical and jolly
Speaking Talents:  Can communicate and study a number of phrases


  • Humorous and jolly
  • Loyal and playful


  • Extremely demanding
  • Wants fixed consideration

10. Parrotlet

Good family birds: ParrotletsLike their bigger counterparts, parrotlets have comical tendencies. So, they’re naturally humorous and entertaining.

Regardless of being smaller than Budgies, parrotlets have an extended lifespan, requiring a long-term dedication.

These birds are aggressive however affectionate and willful.

They’re nice companions for households, so we finish our listing of the most effective household pet birds with this species.

It’s a must to observe, although, that these little feathery buddies will be moody and noisy at dawn and sundown. So, it’s greatest to cowl their cage at these occasions.

Species Overview

Dimension:  7 inches
Weight: 0.6 to 0.99 ounce
Lifespan: 20 years
Temperament: Pleasant, affectionate
Speaking Talents:  Can’t speak like different parrots


  • Humorous and entertaining
  • Longer lifespan
  • Clever nature


  • Noisy at sundown and dawn
  • Could be moody and cranky

great family pet birds

Widespread Questions About The Finest Pet Birds for Households

If you’re nonetheless hesitant about which household pet hen is a good addition to your own home, then you definately’re not alone! People who find themselves first-time pet hen homeowners have the identical questions, and we’ve compiled them together with their attainable solutions!

What hen makes the most effective household pet?

To sum it up, the most effective birds that make a terrific household pet are:

  • Parakeets
  • Finches
  • Canaries
  • Lovebirds
  • Cockatiel
  • Cockatoos
  • Quaker Parakeet
  • Conures
  • Dove
  • Parrotlet

What’s the most kid-friendly hen?

The very best pets for youths are finches, doves, lovebirds, budgies, cockatiels, quaker parrots, and bantam rooster.

These birds are typically affectionate and unaggressive, so that they’re protected for youths.

What’s the best hen to maintain as a pet?

Parakeets and budgies are the simplest to maintain as a result of they’re low-maintenance and tiny. Nonetheless, they’re proficient and possess the power to speak.

On high of that, they sport a ravishing feathering sample and a pleasant and affectionate demeanor.

What’s the greatest household parrot?

This will likely fluctuate relying in your desire, however in the event you’re a first-timer, Budgies and Cockatiels are excellent. Nonetheless, in the event you’re an skilled one and wish an clever hen matched with elegant plumage, African greys will be the one for you.

Are birds good household pets?

Birds make glorious household pets as a result of they adapt effectively to households with youngsters and can assist youngsters study the accountability of proudly owning an animal.

To not point out their various feather patterns, longer lifespan, and potential and expertise in speaking.

What’s the least messy pet hen?

Budgies could poop a number of occasions in an hour, however they’re much less messy than bigger parrots, and so they can thrive when cared for correctly.

However the cleanest birds to personal are doves, finches, and cockatiels.

best birds you can have as pets

Finest Pet Birds for Households: Closing Ideas

So, that’s a wrap for the most effective pet birds for households listing!

Which of the family-friendly birds above was your high favourite?

Budgerigars are the preferred companion pet hen in America, and it’s not a shock since these proficient birds provide a whole bundle. They’re clever, child and family-friendly, affectionate, and entertaining.

However cockatiels, cockatoos, and quaker parakeets can even speak.

And finches, conures, doves, lovebirds, and cockatoos are additionally charming and pleasant.

So, all of it comes all the way down to your private desire.

Should you’d like to know extra above intelligent birds and also you’re prepared sufficient so as to add one to your loved ones, then verify this out.

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