Making ready For The Arrival Of Your New Chicks


You will have chosen your breeds, positioned your order and are ready for the arrival of your new chickens.

Now what?

Nicely, as a substitute of sitting and ready, you must ensure you have every little thing you want and that it really works properly prematurely of the arrival of your chicks!

There are some things particular to new chicks that you’ll want to have in place, examined and able to go.

We’re going to undergo a guidelines we made and ensure you have every little thing you want.

How To Put together For Child Chicks

1. Brooder

Your brooder might be so simple as a cardboard box- nevertheless it must be in a safe, protected place.

It additionally must be draft proof.

Contemporary air can circulate excessive of the brooder, however the air contained inside in it must be at a continuing temperature.

As you possibly can see, I made mine from a plastic tote field. This can maintain about 5-10 chicks for the primary couple of weeks.

After that, they want extra room, so plan accordingly.

The larger your brooder space is, the much less you’ll have to preserve ‘up sizing.’

Plastic Tote Chicken Brooder

For those who can place the brooder in an empty coop, when the time comes you possibly can merely take the brooder out, and go away the chicks within the coop.

2. Bedding

The very best factor to make use of for chick bedding is pine shavings.

For those who use a container with a slippery base, equivalent to a tote field, you would possibly need to put some paper towels beneath the shavings. This can assist them preserve their stability for the primary few days.

Pine shavings are pretty cheap.

You can even use peat moss, crushed corn cobs, finely shredded paper or chopped straw.

The bedding must be about 1-2 inches thick, and it needs to be modified every day.

Any moist litter wants disposing of as this will trigger mildew, presumably resulting in pneumonia.

3. Feeders and Waterers

Now I do know you’re pondering, can I take advantage of my current grownup feeders and waters and the reply is not any!

The feeders and waterers should be chick sized.

The feeders might be both the trough sort, or small plastic tubs which you may have in your home. Giant pie pans actually aren’t appropriate because the chicks will stroll by means of the feed pooping as they go.

Chick waterers are fairly shallow dishes- that is intentional as a result of chicks can very simply drown within the water.

I wish to put a number of pebbles or marbles within the water pan to make sure they don’t go to sleep face down within the water- sure, it has been recognized!

You’ll be able to take the marbles out after a few weeks.

How to prepare for baby chicks chicken waterers

The waterer pictured has some glass beads within the base to cease a chick from falling into the water.

You need to use any such drinker, or you possibly can practice them to ‘hen nipples’ early.

For those who use the nipples, ensure that everyone is allowed entry to the water supply.

4. Feed

Chicks can’t eat layers pellets, they should eat chick starter feed- both medicated or un-medicated.

Medicated feed will assist to spice up their immunity to coccidiosis.

They require excessive protein feed for the speedy progress they are going to be doing.

Chick starter feed may be very superb crumbles, to allow them to eat it with out a wrestle.

You’ll be able to feed it dry out of the bag, or make it right into a moist mash for them- if making a moist mash, it must be the consistency of clean oatmeal.

Select your feeders and waterers primarily based on the variety of chicks you might be getting.

In case you are solely getting a number of, a spherical plastic or metallic feeder will work superb, however for extra chicks you would possibly need to have a trough-type feeder.

It accommodates extra chicks and there’s loads of room to accommodate the extra timid birds.

Be certain that this stuff work correctly earlier than your chicks arrive so that you don’t have a second of panic!

5. Warmth lamp

I’ve saved the very best for final – the warmth supply/lamp.

That is in all probability the one merchandise that all the time has me checking the brooder a number of instances a day!

Child chicks can’t keep physique temperature for the primary vital days, and you’ll discover they may all huddle collectively for heat.

Throughout these first few days, you’ll have to provide the heat they want.

The temperature must be round 95F for the primary week.

Chick Brooder Light

After that, you must drop the temperature by 5 levels/week.

At week 9 try to be round 65F minimal.

As soon as the chicks have finished their second molt (round 7-12 weeks) and have their ‘huge woman’ feathers, they need to be capable to keep their very own temperature until it’s significantly chilly.

Warmth lamps are fabulous at holding the chicks good and heat. You’ll be able to even use an infra-red bulb to forestall chicks from ‘choosing’ at one another from day one.

Nevertheless, it can’t be over emphasised that they’re in all probability the primary supply of coop fires/deaths per 12 months.

For those who do use a warmth lamp – as I do, be completely positive it’s secured on the top you want it to be; utilizing a series to hold it’s a good suggestion.

Loop the wire over a beam or hook, use a large plastic tie to safe it after which duct tape it too! When you have the clamp-on sort, triple safe that as properly.

It takes lower than 2 minutes to start out a hearth with a warmth lamp.

For those who can arrange all of your gadgets in a single place, prepared for the chicks, that’s nice, but when not, ensure that every little thing is saved collectively, so that you don’t have a mad sprint to assemble all of it as they arrive!

Chicks Arrival Day

On the day your chicks are because of arrive, activate the warmth lamp a number of hours earlier than they arrive. Test the temperature on the ground and attempt to keep it at 95F. They are going to be taught the place the heat is and discover from there.

As you are taking them out of their journey field, ensure you dip every chick’s beak within the water.

This teaches them how and the place to drink.

With the feed, you possibly can merely scratch at it together with your finger- they may get curious and begin scratching for themselves.




Child chicks have arrived!

The water needs to be pretty close to the warmth supply however not too shut.

They dislike chilly water and actually heat water will develop bugs.

After their journey, they may doubtless eat, drink and sleep.

Observe over a number of hours and test if the warmth is okay for them.

If they’re scattered to the perimeters of the box- it’s too scorching. And if they’re clustered collectively below the light- they’re too chilly.

They need to be scattered all over the place when the temperature is good.

For those who’re searching for extra details about what to do on their arrival day, learn our full article on it right here.

How To Put together for Child Chicks Abstract

Caring for brand spanking new chicks might be daunting if you happen to don’t do your homework.

Having all of your tools and provides able to go is a giant step in the appropriate route.

Studying as a lot as you possibly can concerning the fundamental care and desires of chicks is extremely advisable, not solely to alleviate a lot of your worries and anxieties, but in addition so you possibly can understand anybody can do it!

After getting had the pleasure and enjoyable of watching and holding your little peeps, you’ll be hooked!

Let me know under the way you put together for the arrival of your chicks…



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