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Often known as the werewolf cat, this hanging breed will get her uncommon coat from a pure mutation within the home shorthair, which has occurred over the past 20 years in home cats. To not fear: Take a look at outcomes present that the Lykoi’s hair sample will not be from a illness or dysfunction, and this breed is wholesome. The identify “Lykoi cat” is Greek for wolf cat.

A brand new breed of cat, the Lykoi handed to Championship standing in TICA in 2016 within the black roan coloration, which is the present commonplace. As of 2018, the cats could possibly be proven within the CFA beneath Miscellaneous Standing.

This breed lacks an undercoat and has much less hair than most cats. The black roan coat is 2 tone as an grownup — equal components white and black — though she is born stable black. There could also be extra coat colours sooner or later, so keep tuned.