Is It Okay To Have A Shaved Labrador?


shaved labrador

A shaved Labrador is a tempting prospect to house owners of this excessive shedding breed. Absolutely shut clipping that furiously molting coat would preserve your own home fur free? Sadly, it’s not that straightforward. A shaved Labrador gained’t lower down on shedding or preserve them cool in summer season. In contrast to the nicely trimmed Poodle, the Labrador, Husky and Golden Retriever don’t profit from shaving. The Labrador is a double-coated canine breed, that means that it has a topcoat and an undercoat. Shaving may cause everlasting injury to the coat in these canine. Fortuitously, there are different methods to cope with shedding and scorching climate, moreover shaving your canine. Right now we’ll share some alternate options to shaving for Labrador house owners and what to do when a Lab must be shaved for veterinary surgical procedure.


Labrador Coats

As we talked about, double-coated canine have two separate layers of fur: a tender, brief undercoat and a harsher, longer topcoat. The undercoat recurrently sheds off and regrows seasonally. The topcoat grows at a slower charge. It sheds too however will not be “blown” just like the undercoat.

Every layer of hair has a special function, however each are necessary. The undercoat protects canine from not simply chilly, but additionally warmth. It helps to control your canine’s physique temperature in all seasons. The undercoat additionally protects your canine’s pores and skin from bugs, sharp branches, and different dangerous outside risks. The outer layer of harsh textured hair protects the undercoat, sheds water, and even displays some daylight.

Why Is a Shaved Labrador A Unhealthy Factor?

The Labrador Retriever has a tender protecting undercoat and a brief however dense topcoat. Whereas the Lab doesn’t have an extended fluffy coat, this brief double coat needs to be bathed and brushed, however by no means shaved.
What occurs once you shave a double-coated canine just like the Lab? As a result of the undercoat grows extra rapidly than the topcoat, shaving each layers will give your canine a thick wooly coat that’s extra undercoat than topcoat. This regrown coat will lure warmth and be much less water repellant.

Shaving may result in different issues in Labs, together with pores and skin irritation, everlasting lack of all or a part of the topcoat, and elevated threat of sunburn and pores and skin most cancers.

Shaved Labrador vs Groomed Labrador

Common grooming is one of the best ways to cope with heavy shedding in a Lab. When your canine will not be shedding closely, brushing a couple of instances per week with a bristle or slicker brush can take away unfastened hairs and preserve your canine’s coat in good situation.

During times of intense shedding, undercoat rakes and different de-shedding instruments could also be wanted to take away giant quantities of shed undercoat and stop the shed hairs from getting caught within the topcoat.
Whereas de-shedding instruments are efficient, they need to be used with warning, as it may be simple to go overboard and take away wholesome rising hair along with lifeless hair. Utilizing an excessive amount of strain with some de-shedding instruments may trigger pores and skin irritation, particularly in case your canine has delicate or downside pores and skin.

Giving your canine a shower after brushing will also be useful. A rubber bathtub brush will help take away extra lifeless hair and provides your canine a therapeutic massage throughout bathing.

Maintaining Your Labrador Cool

It appears counter-intuitive, however your Lab’s fur is simply as necessary in scorching climate as it’s in chilly climate. Shaving is not going to assist your canine keep cool in summer season. In reality, it would make your canine extra susceptible to the warmth and solar.

Taking off layers of a canine’s fur will not be the identical as people eradicating layers of clothes. Each coats are wanted to control a Lab’s physique temperature within the winter and in the summertime.

A thick undercoat offers heat in chilly climate and a skinny undercoat serves as a type of pure air conditioner in scorching climate. Maintaining the topcoat intact helps deflect the solar’s warmth and damaging UV rays off your canine’s pores and skin.

Alternate options to Shaving Your Labrador

The perfect different to shaving in scorching climate is to recurrently brush your canine. Lifeless hairs trapped within the coat could make your canine scorching. Eradicating them with common brushing will enhance airflow to the pores and skin and preserve your canine cooler.

There are different methods to maintain your Lab cool in scorching climate. Be certain your canine has loads of recent water to drink. Stroll your canine within the mornings and evenings and keep away from scorching pavement. Present air-con or a fan indoors and a shady spot open air.

When Is A Shaved Labrador Okay?

Generally your Lab will have to be shaved on the vet’s workplace. Your canine might have to be shaved for an operation or to deal with a severe pores and skin situation. Chances are high it will solely be a partial and never a full-body shave.

Some double-coated canine will have to be shaved if they’ve extreme matting, though this isn’t often an issue within the short-coated Lab.

The Labrador Handbook by Pippa Mattinson

Serving to Hair Regrowth on a Shaved Labrador

Common bathing and brushing can support in wholesome regrowth. In case your Lab had surgical procedure within the shaved space, remember to observe your vet’s directions on correct cleansing and different aftercare procedures for the incision website whereas it heals.

Shaving will help when a canine’s pores and skin issues are extreme. Eradicating the fur permits topical remedies to be more practical. Once more, observe your vet’s directions on making use of drugs and caring to your canine’s pores and skin.
With Labs, shaving ought to solely be achieved when medically obligatory. Brushing is one of the best ways to maintain your Lab comfy and wholesome throughout shedding season.

Extra Labrador Care Ideas

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