Instrument Spotlight: The Sidekick Leash


If you happen to’ve been at our facility or seen our social media currently, you’ll see how a lot we love this device! Not solely is it easy to make use of as a slip lead nevertheless it additionally works as a head halter. Whereas no device will trigger a 100% change in canine conduct as soon as it’s on, the sidekick does an awesome job serving to whilst you and your canine work in the direction of higher conduct collectively.

For a fast take a look at the sidekick in use, take a look at this video from the corporate.

The Sidekick is a 2-in-1 device as a slip lead and a head halter.

This device is fast and simple to make use of as a slip lead for canines who stroll effectively on a leash and if you end up in a state of affairs that’s out of your canine’s coaching degree, it’s quick to alter right into a head halter for higher management.

See the photographs under on the right way to put the slip lead and head halter in your canine.

For extra info, you’ll be able to go to the K9 Lifeline Web page.

When first utilizing the sidekick you’ll ideally need to work on getting your canine used to sporting a head halter as some canines received’t shortly acclimate to having one thing round their muzzle with ease and can combat it.

Listed below are the most effective steps to getting your canine to like sporting their head halter earlier than you begin utilizing it to stroll them.

  • Step 1: Present your canine the leash after which give them a deal with! We need to pair the sight of the leash with a reward. Repeat this just a few occasions on this session and for just a few classes after this one is full.
  • Step 2: Put the slip lead in your canine and pull the leash out to be within the head halter place (make it larger than you have to to make this half simple for you & your canine) and encourage your canine to place their nostril via the loop to get the deal with you’re holding along with your different hand. With a purpose to get the deal with now, they must put their muzzle via the loop. Repeat this step just a few occasions and for just a few classes after this one is full.
  • Step 3: Put the pinnacle halter in your canine after which instantly begin tossing treats on the bottom for them to seek out on the ground. When you’re achieved having a deal with celebration, then go forward and take away the halter. You can even put the halter in your canine, feed them dinner & take away the halter. Repeat this just a few occasions for just a few totally different classes over just a few days to every week. Roughly time relying on how snug your canine is with the halter.
  • Step 4: Begin utilizing the pinnacle halter in low distracting settings, like in your house or yard to get them to be taught to stroll with the halter and get treats for strolling properly with you. For extra particulars on the right way to work on unfastened leash strolling along with your canine, particularly with a head halter, then discuss to your coach about establishing a lesson for hands-on skilled assist.
  • Step 5: Get pleasure from strolling your canine out and about along with your sidekick!

You’ll be able to come to go to both our Miami or Oakland Park places to buy a Sidekick and for hands-on assist utilizing it as a part of your coaching program.

You can even order on-line on to your property and use our coupon code ‘ ayp ‘ for 10% off your buy.


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