How Chickens Make Eggs and three Widespread Egg Laying Issues


An egg accommodates an exceptional quantity of diet for its dimension, however you already knew that proper?

A mean egg accommodates a mere 75 energy however offers you 7g protein, 5g fats, and 1.5g of saturated fats.

As well as, it offers you nutritional vitamins A, D, B12, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, choline, carotenoids and ldl cholesterol!

And as reported by Pennsylvania State College should you eat solely pasture-raised rooster eggs as an alternative of generic grocery store eggs, you get much more well being benefits- making it really a superfood.

We’ve beforehand talked about why your hen has stopped laying and likewise the finest rooster breeds for plenty of eggs, however we haven’t mentioned the place does this unimaginable meals come from?

To only say it comes from a rooster doesn’t do justice as to how advanced the method is.

After studying this text right now you’ll understand what a small miracle that egg actually is.

The Reproductive System of the Hen

A hen is born with two ovaries.

Though after a chick has hatched their proper ovary shrinks, changing into non-functioning, so all of the egg laying exercise is situated of their left ovary.

Curiously, all of the eggs a hen will ever lay are saved of their ovary at beginning.

The egg equipment (i.e. oviduct) of the hen is about 25-27 inches lengthy. It actually seems like a stretched out trumpet. Let’s check out every a part of the oviduct and the way it works collectively to provide an egg.

Step 1: Follicle

All of it begins within the Follicle; a mature yolk is launched from the follicle into the infundibulum. The follicle accommodates the entire yolks a hen will ever lay in her life; she probably won’t use all of them. The discharge of the yolk stimulates hormonal responses all through the system.

Step 2: Infundibulum

The yolk spends about fifteen minutes within the infundibulum, the place it’s gently ‘massaged’ and stretched out. If fertilization goes to happen, it occurs right here.

Step 3: Magnum

As soon as the yolk leaves the Infundibulum, it passes via to the Magnum. That is the biggest a part of the reproductive system, the place roughly 50% of the thick, white albumin is connected. The yolk stays right here for about three hours earlier than shifting on.

Step 4: Isthmus

After the yolk has handed via the Magnum, it reaches the Isthmus. The form of the egg is set right here and the interior and outer shell membranes are connected.

Step 5: Uterus

As soon as the form has shaped the egg passes via to the Uterus (shell gland).

Right here the egg shell is made.

The shell is basically produced from calcium carbonate.

The hen pulls roughly half the calcium from her physique and the opposite half is obtained from her food plan. If there may be any pigment to be added to the egg, that is the place it occurs.

The egg stays within the uterus for round twenty hours.

That is generally an space the place issues go awry within the hens’ capacity to keep up a very good manufacturing egg.

Step 6: Vagina

Probably not essential to formation, the vagina is all essential in getting the egg laid correctly.

The ‘bloom’ of the egg is laid down right here, and the egg is turned in a course of known as ‘oviposition’. The egg enters the vagina slim finish first, however is laid ‘blunt’ finish first.

Often, an egg will get ‘caught’ whereas turning around- that is known as egg sure.

The hen can typically expel them herself, however now and again may have help from her keeper.

‘Sperm pockets’ are situated within the partitions of the vagina. Throughout fertilization, some sperm is launched and travels as much as the infundibulum for the method to start. Chicken sperm stays viable at physique temperature for 10-14 days.

Step 7: Cloaca

Lastly the egg reaches the Cloaca which is the Thruway exit!

All the course of takes round 25-27 hours, so that you common hen will lay barely lower than an egg a day- that is a median of round 270 eggs per yr for a hen of their first yr of lay!

As soon as an egg has been laid, inside thirty or so minutes one other will begin by itself journey.

It’s uncommon for a hen to start out ovulation after 3pm, so as soon as each 6-7 days she is going to miss a day of manufacturing.

Overview of Egg Laying Course of

Overview of Egg Laying Process

The Anatomy of the Egg

The egg consists of many separate items, all properly packaged as much as offer you breakfast!

Egg Anatomy Diagram
Anatomy of an egg by Frank Horst
  • Eggshell: This holds all the pieces collectively. The shell consists virtually totally of calcium carbonate and is perforated by as much as 17,000 pores to permit passage of air and moisture between the egg and the air.
  • Outer shell membrane
  • Inside shell membrane: These membranes sit facet by facet just below the shell and act as protection mechanisms in opposition to micro organism.
  • Chalaza: The stringy bits you hate! They’re connected to the yolk, twisted in reverse instructions and serve to maintain the yolk centered. That is vitally essential for the right growth of a chick.
  • Exterior albumin: Skinny outer layer of albumin subsequent to the shell membrane.
  • Center albumin: Thicker, white albumin. It’s a good supply of riboflavin and protein.
  • Vitteline layer: The clear casing that the yolk is wrapped in. The integrity of the vitteline layer is essential to stop ‘splotching’ on the yolk.
  • Germinal disk: It is a 2-3mm white spot on the yolk floor. That is the place the sperm enters the egg. The embryo will develop from this disk.
  • Yellow yolk: That is the essence of life, if you’ll. It accommodates all of the diet an embryo might want to change into a chick.
  • Air cell: When the egg cools, an air house types. Throughout growing old, moisture and carbon dioxide go away via the pores of the shell and the air cell enlarges. This is the reason an outdated egg will float.
  • Cuticle/bloom: That is an outer coating, positioned while the egg is within the vagina. It seals the shell, stopping micro organism from stepping into and moisture from popping out.

Three Most Widespread Egg Laying Issues

Hen Laying Eggs With out Shell Or Membrane

A malfunction within the uterus causes this.

It might merely be that the pullets’ reproductive gear is just too immature but and requires a barely longer growth time. Or it could possibly be that the hen is growing old or it’s merely a genetic ‘oops’.

Malformed Chicken Shell
Parchment Shell

I’ve one thirty month outdated hen who persistently lays ‘shell troubled’ eggs. The images under present a parchment shell faraway from the vent and an irregular coating of shell.

She pretty continuously lays no shells and typically an ideal egg!

Though she is at the moment effectively, she is in peril of egg yolk peritonitis from one in all these episodes.

Egg Yolk Peritonitis

This happens when fluid from the oviduct leaks into the stomach cavity and begins an an infection.

The yolk is an excellent place for E. coli micro organism (from the intestine) to develop in and the hen will get sick rapidly and infrequently dies virtually earlier than you discover she is sick.

Sadly, many diagnoses of egg yolk peritonitis are made at post-mortem.

Lash Eggs

There are rubber or soft-shelled eggs, after which there’s one thing known as a lash egg. In case you come throughout one in all these, your abdomen will certainly flip.

A lash egg isn’t totally all egg…it’s formed like one and has some egg elements, however that’s about it.

Generally, it seems like a gob of goo within the form of an egg. And that’s as a result of it travels the identical route as an egg would.

However once more, it might solely have items of shells and yolks, as a result of the bulk is made from up puss from an an infection within the hen’s oviduct.

Sadly, when a lash egg emerges, it’s normally already too late for the hen. She has most definitely been coping with the an infection for months and will not stay for for much longer. If she does make it via the an infection, she could by no means lay eggs once more.

With that being mentioned, should you act rapidly, you’ll be able to deal with the hen with antibiotics and she or he might be able to flip the nook.

Egg Binding

Usually, when the egg travels into the vagina it turns itself round in order that it’s laid blunt finish first.

Typically whether it is too giant, it should get caught, inflicting the hen to be ‘egg sure’.

If this occurs the egg wants eradicating otherwise you hen can change into very unwell.

A heat water tub and a few light therapeutic massage of the stomach might help. You may as well lubricate the vent with some

Vaseline to help within the passage of the egg.

If the method goes effectively you must find yourself with some lovely eggs, like these!

Chicken Eggs
So there you have- the miracle of the egg.

Somewhat energy home of diet fastidiously packaged by the hen.

Do you know that eggs had been so advanced!?



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