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There are many causes to think about an Italian identify in your feline. Perhaps you wish to honor your individual household’s Italian heritage, or actually like the way in which the language sounds.

If you’re in search of inspiration to choose the right Italian identify in your cat, this checklist can assist. We lined the preferred Italian names for each female and male kitties.

Finest Male Italian Names For Cats

Angelo – a reputation that means “angel”, or “messenger”.

Abele – means ‘herdsmen’. He was Adam and Eve’s, second son.
Abramo – This implies ‘father of many’.
Adalberto – A singular identify, and it means the Aristocracy.
Adriano -The identify has its roots within the Adriatic Sea.
Aldo – Means ‘outdated’ or ‘smart’ and even ‘noble’.
Alessandro – This implies ‘defender of man’.
Alessio – This implies ‘defender’.
Alfonso – Means ‘noble’ and ‘keen’.
Alfredo – This implies ‘smart counselor’.
Angelo – Means ‘angel or messenger of God’.
Antonio – This implies ‘priceless one’.
Armani – This identify’s recognition got here from well-known designer Georgio Armani.
Basilio – This implies ‘noble’, ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’.
Belvedere – Which means ‘stunning to see.
Bernardo – Means ‘as courageous as a bear’.

Dante – a reputation that means “steadfast”.

Boris – Braver than a wolf or snow leopard.
Bosco – The identify of an Italian saint..
Brando – This implies ‘sword’.
Bravo – Means ‘brave’.
Callisto – Which means ‘stunning’ .
Carlos – It means ‘farmer’.
Caro – Means sturdy and exquisite.
Casmiro – Means ‘well-known’.
Dante – Which means ‘steadfast’.
Davide – This implies ‘beloved’.
Desi – It means ‘longing’.
Domenico – This implies ‘belonging to the Lord’.
Edoardo – This implies ‘wealthy guardian’.
Enzo – It means ‘ruler’.
Eustachio – This can be a very well-known saint.

Gasparo- This implies ‘one who possesses some huge cash’.

Fabian – Means ‘farmer’ .
Fausto – The identify means ‘a person of luck’.
Favio – Means a person of knowledge and understanding.
Felix – This implies ‘a person blessed with luck, fortune and success.’
Fiero – This implies ‘proud’.
Francesco – That is the Italian model of the identify ‘Francis’, and it means a ‘free man’.
Franco- That is an uncommon identify with French origins and is used as a primary or a final identify.
Gasparo- This implies ‘one who possesses some huge cash’.
Geno – This implies ‘God is love’.
Georgio – A preferred identify which means ‘agriculturist’.
Giovanni – This implies ‘God is gracious’.
Ivano – This implies ‘God is gracious’.
Jacopo – This implies ‘Holder of Heel’ and is a holy identify.
Julio – This implies somebody who loves making associates.
Kara – This implies ‘beloved’.

Gabriele – a reputation that means massive and robust.

Krystallo – This implies ‘Christ’s follower’.
Lazaro – Is a variant of the phrase ‘Lazarus’ and is a biblical identify.
Leonardo – This implies ‘Daring lion’.
Leone – This can be a Latin identify that means ‘Lion’.
Lorenzo – This implies ‘somebody who lived within the Italian metropolis Laurentum’.
Luca – It’s initially a spot identify in Italy.
Luigi -This identify is saved by many as respect for the famend fighter by the identical identify.
Luka – It means ‘gentle’ .
Mano – It’s a Hebrew identify which implies ‘God is with us’.
Marcello – This identify is ‘Marcel’ or ‘Marcelo’ and means a ‘younger warrior’.
Marco – This implies ‘warlike’.
Massimo – This identify means ‘He who’s the best’.
Matteo – It means ‘He who’s a present from the Lord.’
Nino – It means ‘God is gracious’ .
Orlando – The identify means ‘accomplishment of the multitude’.

Stefano – This implies ‘crown’ or ‘he who wears a crown’.

Pepe – Is a Spanish variation of the identify ‘Joseph’.
Piero – In Outdated Latin means ‘stone’.
Sergio – This implies ‘a servant’.
Stefano – This implies ‘crown’ or ‘he who wears a crown’.
Timotio – This implies to ‘honor God’.
Tito – This implies ‘of the large’.
Tommaso – He was the one who doubted the resurrection of Christ.
Tore – This implies’ savior’.
Ucello – This that means says ‘hen’.
Urbano – This implies somebody who ‘dwells within the metropolis’ .
Valentino – This implies ‘courageous or sturdy’?
Vincenzo – It’s a variant of the identify ‘Vincent’. It means ‘conquering’.
Vito – This implies ‘life’.
Vittorino – The identify means ‘to beat’.
Zan – This implies ‘clown’.

Finest Feminine Italian Names For Cats

Benedetta – This implies Blessed.

Abriana – This implies Female type of Abraham.
Adelaide – This can be a type of the Germanic Adalheidis, that means noble kind.
Agata – This can be a type of Agatha, that means ‘good’.
Alessa – This implies defender or helper of mankind.
Alessandra – This implies defender and helper.
Alessia – This implies ‘defending warrior’.
Alicia – This implies noble one.
Angelica – This implies angelic.
Anna – This implies ‘stunning grace’.
Arianna – This implies chaste or holy.
Asia – This implies dawn or east.
Aurora – Roman goddess of the daybreak.
Beatrice – This implies she who makes merriment.
Bella – This implies ‘stunning or fairly’.
Benedetta – This implies blessed.

Bianca – This implies white or pure.

Bianca – This implies white or pure.
Bria – This implies liveliness, animated, or vigorous.
Camilla – This implies free-born, noble.
Carina – This implies little ‘beloved one’.
Carlotta – This implies ‘free particular person’.
Carmela – This comes from the Hebrew Karmel, that means backyard.
Caterina – This implies pure.
Chiara – This implies clear, gentle.
Diletta – This implies ‘beloved’ in Italian.
Elena – This implies shining gentle.
Eleonora – This additionally means shining gentle.
Elisa – This implies ‘God is my oath’.
Emma – This implies entire or common.
Enrica – This implies ‘residence ruler’.
Evelina – This implies ‘desired’.

Gioia – This implies Jewel or valuable object.

Fernanda means courageous, daring journey.
Fina – That is quick for Serafina, means ‘fiery one’.
Francesca – This implies ‘free one’.
Gabriella – This implies ‘God is my energy’.
Gaia – This implies Earth.
Gia – That is quick for Gianna or Giovanna. It means “God’s gracious reward.”
Giada – This implies jade.
Ginevra – This implies honest one; the Italian type of Jennifer.
Gioia – This implies jewel or ‘valuable object’.
Giorgia – This implies farmer.
Giulia – This implies youthful.
Greta – This implies pearl.
Ilaria – This implies “cheerful.” It’s the Italian type of Hilary.
Ilina – This implies ‘My god is Yahweh’.
Irene – This implies peace.

Margherita – This implies Daisy.

Laura – This implies a bay laurel plant.
Lesina – This can be a stunning romantic identify with a classical really feel.
Ludovica – That is derived from the German identify Ludwig.
Margherita – This implies daisy.
Maria – This implies ‘sea of sorrow’.
Marta – This implies ‘The girl’.
Martina – This implies from Mars.
Mattea – Means a ‘reward from God’.
Melissa – This implies a bee.
Mia – This implies mine or ‘chosen one’.
Mirabella – This implies wondrous magnificence.
Miriam – This implies ‘sea of bitterness’.
Nicia – This can be a female variation of Nicholas.
Nicole – This implies ‘victory of the individuals’.
Noemi – This implies pleasantness.

Zeta – This implies Born final.

Ombra – This implies shadow.
Ondina – This implies wave.
Oria – This implies’ the golden one’.
Orsa – Means little bear.
Petronilla – This implies yokel.
Piera – This can be a female type of Peter.
Rebecca – This implies be part of or tie collectively.
Sara – This implies princess.
Saveria – This implies the brand new home.
Serena – This implies tranquil, serene.
Sienna – This implies It means orange-red. It’s the identify of an Italian metropolis.
Sofia – This implies knowledge and ability.
Valentina – This implies wholesome and robust.
Zelmira – Means ‘the good one’.
Zeta – This implies born final.

With Italian names in your cat, the sky is the restrict. You possibly can all the time mix into trendy tendencies or dive deep into historical past, all with the identical checklist of names. From the angelic Angelo to the flashy Versace, there may be an Italian identify ready in your furry pal.



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