Gallery: Euphony with a Black-capped Chickadee


artwork of a chickadee in front of a row of microphones, with smoky effect

French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk makes use of a novel method for creating his artwork—fumage, a mode of directing the flame and smoke of a candle towards his canvas. Spazuk brushes the leftover sooty residue and smoked acrylic paint to create his otherworldly compositions.

Spazuk says his latest Euphony sequence (on show on the the Adelson Galleries in Palm Seaside, Florida) provides the microphone to birds to broadcast their “symphonies at daybreak and ballads at night time” and “to sing their lament, loud and powerful.”

“Birdsong always thrums in concord, celebrating the fragile internet of life,” he says. “However the countryside is falling silent…. [Euphony] is a sequence about hope and making an attempt to encourage change.”


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