Gail Damerow Discusses Bumblefoot in Chickens and Geese


Can the early stage be handled at dwelling?

“Sure. First, placed on a pair of disposable gloves, because the micro organism can infect people.

Stand the affected chicken in heat water for about 20 minutes, gently massaging the foot to rinse off any clinging dust. Epsom salt dissolved within the heat water will assist scale back irritation and soothe the sore foot,” Ms. Damerow states.

“Strive to not let the chicken drink the water. It is going to be nasty with micro organism from the contaminated foot. And moreover, Epsom salt is a laxative.

“After the foot is soaked, the softened lump may simply pull off; if not, soak some extra. A few of the yellowish, tacky, or waxy core may come off. Encourage extra of the core to come back out by urgent outward, away from the abscess. Don’t squeeze into the abscess, which may trigger additional damage.

“Rinse out the ensuing gap with saline wound wash. Then, pack it with an antibacterial ointment, akin to Neosporin,” she explains.

“To maintain the foot clear whereas it heals, fill within the gap with gauze packing, then wrap the foot in a gauze pad secured with first-aid tape or vet wrap. Change the bandage each day till the foot heals.  For a duck, you may get neoprene waterfowl booties on-line to guard the therapeutic foot from dust and moisture.

“Whereas the wound heals, home the recovering chicken in a quiet, heat, secure, clear surroundings with feed and loads of recent water. Don’t present a perch for a rooster, which may trigger reinjury, or swimming water for a duck.”

How can bumblefoot be prevented?

“Stopping bumblefoot entails sound administration practices, akin to ensuring the bottom perch in a rooster coop isn’t any greater than 18 inches. Rounding off corners of perches and sanding away splinters can also be a good suggestion. Make sure you present clear, delicate, deep, dry litter contained in the coop. And feeding a correct ration additionally helps, since imbalanced diet can predispose poultry to bumblefoot.

Above all, recurrently examine your birds’ toes. Within the occasion you notice indicators of a possible an infection within the making, you’ll be able to take early motion earlier than it turns into a critical and painful case of bumblefoot.”


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