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Are you a beginner within the avian world? In the event you’re searching for a starter pet chook, look no additional than Budgerigars! These gifted nomadic birds are stuffed with surprises.

And so they can brighten up your house in methods greater than you may think about!

However how do Budgies as pets work together with homeowners, and is it price the associated fee?

On this information, we’ll dive into Budgerigar’s origin and historical past and every little thing it is advisable to learn about them, akin to:

  • persona and conduct in direction of their fellow Budgies and their homeowners
  • speaking talents and their wants that you should present
  • and elevating ideas and tips on tips on how to hold them wholesome and comfortable

This information may help you identify if Budgerigars are the fitting birds for you and make smart buying choices.

So, with out additional ado, let’s dive proper into it!

Budgerigars Species Overview
Scientific title:  Melopsittacus undulatus
Measurement:  7 to eight inches
Weight: 30 to 40 grams
Wingspan:  12 inches
Lifespan: 5 to eight years in captivity
Weight-reduction plan: Omnivore
Speaking Skills: Can speak and mimic human speech
Habitat:   Open woodland and grassland close to water

budgies parrot

Budgerigar: What Is It?

Budgerigar is likely one of the 115 species beneath the parakeet parrot’s umbrella. 

These seed-eating birds possess a slender physique and lengthy, tapering tails. In addition they boast mild inexperienced our bodies with hints of yellow on the top and hanging black and white plumage patterns.

Budgerigars are additionally referred to as “budgies” and “shell parakeets” due to their wavy, shell-like formation on their wings. 

However the title “Budgerigar” got here from the Australian Aboriginal phrase ‘Betcherrygah’ which suggests “good meals.” 

They’ve been bred in captivity because the 1850s and rose to be one of many world’s most common pet birds immediately. 

Budgies are one of many smallest true parrots subsequent to parrotlet, with a median measurement of seven to eight inches. 

Budgie vs. Parakeet: What’s the Distinction?

Budgies or Budgerigars have been used interchangeably with Parakeets, however to settle your confusion, Budgies are one of many many varieties of Parakeets. 

Subsequently all Budgies are Parakeets, however not all Parakeets are Budgerigars. 

Different varieties of Parakeets embrace Indian Ringneck parakeets. This species measures round 16 inches so that they’re considerably bigger than Budgies.

How briskly do Budgrigars fly?

Budgerigars have two completely different speeds. They’ll fly at a prime pace of twenty-two miles per hour when migrating, or they’re in an open sky. 

However generally, they decelerate to 11 miles per hour to extend maneuverability.

Do Budgerigars migrate?

Wild Budgerigars stay in Australia. However they do migrate from the northern to the southern a part of the continent and again once more. 

They nestle within the north throughout hotter months from December by means of March and journey to the south because the temperature drops from March to August. 

What number of eggs do they lay?

Feminine Budgerigars can lay round 6 to eight eggs twice a yr. Their breeding season within the wild in northern territories is normally between June and September. But when they migrate south, it falls from August to September.

budgerigar birds in a nest

Budgerigar’s Origin and Pure Habitat

Budgerigars have a large geographic vary. They nestle within the inside west of Australia’s Nice Dividing Vary. 

Common flock sizes vary from 3 to 100 birds, however after rainfall, they’ll attain tens of 1000’s!

These birds thrive in savannas, grasslands, open forests, and grassy woodlands. Since they should drink each day, they’re typically noticed near water.

Sorts of Budgerigars:

1. Conventional Budgerigar

These birds hail from Australia and are smaller than the English variations.

2. English Budgie

These Budgies are 1 to 2 inches longer than the normal Australian counterparts and possess bigger heads. Moreover, they’ve puffier feathers round their faces and crowns. 


Do you know that inexperienced is the one pure coloration of Budgies?

It’s possible you’ll discover blue and white budgies in pet retailers, however they’re simply coloration mutations bred particularly for pet trades. 

Subsequently, you may’t see blue budgies within the wild. The one pure Budgie coloration you’ll ever witness is the yellow/inexperienced selection.

Budgerigar Personality

Budgerigar Persona and Habits

Budgies are naturally hardy, pleasant, and social creatures. They like to pair up within the wild or reside in small colonies when not migrating. 

Budgies take nice care of one another when resting by preening and speaking utilizing a particular ‘chirruping’ sound. 

In captivity, Budgerigar is playful and outgoing. They get pleasure from spending time and speaking with their favourite people. 

budgerigar bird hatching eggs


Budgerigars’ Mating and Replica

Budgies are monogamous, they usually mate for all times. Their breeding season happens at any time, but it surely’s typically after rain. 

Their nests are created from current cavities of tree trunks, logs, branches, and outdated fence posts.  

The feminine Budgies attain maturity once they’re eight months outdated. They lay round 4 to eight eggs in a single clutch and incubate them for 18 to twenty days. 

Typically, it might take one other week to 10 days earlier than the entire egg hatches.  Because the chicks are born blind and with minimal feathers, their moms have to hold them heat throughout their first ten days or extra till their eyes open. 

Alternatively, their fathers are liable for foraging and feeding the chicks. 

Fledglings begin to study to fly and try to flee the nest between the ages of six and eight weeks. The variety of chicks of their brood impacts the age at which a chook can fly. 

As an example, younger birds from smaller clutches continuously study to fly extra shortly than these from larger clutches. 

Budgerigars communicating

Speaking Skills of Budgerigars 

Now let’s speak about Budgies’ speaking talents because it’s an important query to ask when contemplating this species as a pet. 

So, can budgerigars speak?

The direct reply is YES! They’ll speak. Many Budgies can communicate with larger readability and extra intensive vocabulary than bigger parrots like macaws and cockatoos. 

In truth, a Budgie named Puck is the Guinness world file holder for essentially the most intensive vocabulary for birds!  He can communicate 1728 phrases however sadly, he died in 1994.

Budgies’ voice is small and raspy. So, understanding their phrases is difficult. And so they want correct and fixed coaching to develop their speaking talents. 

Budgerigars' Predators and Threats

Budgerigars’ Predators and Threats

Wild Budgerigars are liable to behavior destruction and hawk and falcon assaults. Since they’re minuscule, they’re simple prey for feral cats and rats. 

Typically, rodents raid budgie nests for eggs and hunt the birds too!

On prime of that, many pasture varieties of grass, together with Buffel Grass and African Love Grass, are changing their referred native grasses en masse of their vary. 

And on account of wildfires, they might lose their nesting hollows in outdated bushes. These birds are thought-about a pest since they have an inclination to eat cereal crops in giant flocks. 

The place to Discover Budgerigars

Budgies are considerable in Australia. However how about right here within the US? Nicely, you could discover many Budgies in a pet retailer. However sadly, they’re primarily merchandise of chook mills.

You may additionally discover rescued Budgies which can be up for adoption in numerous parrot rescue organizations. Birds from these organizations bear medical assessments akin to:

  • microscopic fecal evaluation (to make sure the chook’s parasite-free)
  • testing for Chlamydophila psittaci (parrot fever) 
  • common blood testing
  • testing for different ailments

How a lot does a budgie price?

A budgerigar prices round $10 to $35. It might fluctuate relying on whether or not you buy it from a breeder or pet retailer and whether or not it’s a present chook or not. 

Why are budgies so low cost?

These birds are simple and cheap to breed, not like bigger parrots. That’s why breeders can promote this starter breed at a low value. 

Moreover, some chook mills produce quite a few Budgies with out concern for the well being or temperament of the adults or the chicks. That’s the unhappy actuality and one of many explanation why budgerigar value is extra reasonably priced than different birds. 

Budgerigar Conservation Standing

This chook species shortly reproduce each within the wild and in captivity. The estimated budgie inhabitants worldwide is 5,000,000, and it’s nonetheless rising. 

That’s why Budgies’ conservation standing is labeled as least involved with the danger of turning into endangered. 

budgie care

Budgerigars Care Suggestions — Find out how to Increase These Birds

Listed below are some Budgie care recommendations on tips on how to elevate Budgerigars efficiently, from their eating regimen to cage necessities and hygiene.

Budgerigar Weight-reduction plan and Diet

As stated earlier, Budgies drink lots, particularly within the morning. Their water consumption can vary as much as 5.5% of their physique weight every day. 

If there’s no obtainable water close by, they’ll drink early morning dew and take a shower in moist grasses. However in captivity, it is best to present them accessible and clear water every day to satisfy their wants. 

Budgies normally devour seeds, grains, and nuts from herbs and grasses within the wild. They typically climb tussocks whereas foraging on the bottom to strip vegetation.

The seeds are then faraway from their husks and consumed complete or damaged. After which, they search for shade after ingesting and consuming in the course of the day.

However how about budgie meals in captivity?

budgie food

What Do Budgerigars Eat?

We hate to interrupt it to you, however seeds should not sufficient for these birds. A eating regimen consisting solely of seeds might trigger well being issues for a small Budgie. 

So you could surprise what’s the advisable eating regimen for Budgerigars. Nicely, in line with avian vets, their eating regimen should embrace:

  • pellets
  • recent fruits
  • greens like leafy greens
  • a small quantity of seeds 

Budgerigars’ Hygiene

Since birds each eat and defecate, it’s essential to maintain their shelter or the chook cage clear to stop ailments from spreading.

Do Budgies poop lots?

Budgies poop round three or 4 instances per hour and at the very least 40 to 50 instances a day. In addition they poop once they’re asleep, however not as a lot as within the daytime. 

Can I wash my Budgie?

Most Budgies love taking a shower, so that they’d be comfortable when you’d wash them a number of instances every week if your house is dry.  

These birds even make it simpler on your as a result of they’ll fluff up their feathers to let the water run down close to their pores and skin. 

Cage Necessities

The minimal cage measurement advisable for every Budgerigar is 12x18x18 inches. It needs to be advantageous in case your chook spends most of its time exterior. However when you’ll confine them into their cage, it is best to get a bigger one which’ll allow them to fly and play and keep comfortable. 

What a budgie wants in its cage?

These are Budgies’ fundamental wants in a cage that it is best to present as an avian guardian:

  • perches
  • feeding and ingesting bowls
  • one thing to chew
  • a swing
  • some toys
  • chook bathtub
  • sand sheets or free sand that may function a substrate for the underside of their cage

How typically do you have to clear the budgie cage?

Budgie cages want thorough cleansing at the very least as soon as every week. So, scrub it down with a non-toxic disinfectant cleaning soap and sizzling water, together with the plastic toys, bowls, and backside trays. 

The bars want washing too! You may brush it and rinse it with recent water after any cleaning soap or disinfectant utility. 


Do you know that Budgies can stand on one leg?

Budgerigars stand on one foot both as a result of they discover this place snug or as a result of they’re chilly and making an attempt to protect warmth. They’ll even sleep whereas standing on one leg. 

budgerigars in a cage

Frequent Well being Problems with Budgerigars

In the event you determine to boost a Budgie, make certain to go to your avian vet at the very least annually since this species is inclined to the next ailments:

  • Tumors: It contains fatty tumors, testicular, kidney, and adrenal tumors.
  • Goiter: On account of Iodine deficiency, the thyroid gland might broaden and alter your chook’s voice.
  • Psittacosis or parrot fever: This illness is brought on by Chlamydia psittaci micro organism, and it could actually unfold to people.
  • Cnemodocoptes mites: These parasites are the primary culprits of mange or scaly leg that additionally causes beak deformities.
  • Liver illness: Excessive-fat seed eating regimen results in fatty liver illness. It’s one of the frequent ailments in Budgerigars.
  • Polyomavirus: It’s generally known as budgie fledgling illness” brought on by viruses that may kill chicks as they emerge from their nest.
  • Psittacine beak and feather illness: This lethal illness brought on by psittacine circovirus causes poor flight and tail feather formation. So, birds affected by this dysfunction that are also known as ‘creepers,’ can’t fly.
  • Brown hypertrophy of the cere: Merely put, it means a hormonal imbalance of older feminine Budgerigars.
  • Megabacteria: This yeast an infection that causes persistent weight reduction is treatable with antifungal medicine.

budgies as pets

Steadily Requested Questions About Budgerigars

We compiled a number of the generally requested questions on Budgerigars right here to offer you extra perception into their persona and the way they’re as pets.

What does it imply when your Budgie retains chirping?

Budgies chirp once they’re comfortable or benefit from the music you might be enjoying. It’s a reassurance that every little thing is okay. In addition they chirp once they bond and talk with their flock. 

What do you have to not do with a Budgie?

Scented candles, perfumes, aerosol sprays, and air fresheners are poisonous to those birds, so keep away from utilizing them once they’re round. Human saliva is detrimental to their well being, too, so chorus from kissing their beak in any respect prices. 

Do Budgerigars prefer to be held?

Budgie birds like to spend time with their homeowners, and one of the simplest ways to work together with them is by holding them gently in your arms. 

They don’t thoughts when you’d contact or kiss them as a result of they get pleasure from receiving a number of love and a spotlight. 

Are Budgies arduous to care for?

Budgerigars are simple to look after and cheap as a result of they’re low-maintenance. That’s why they’re glorious “starter birds,” in line with many aviculturists. 

How are you aware a Budgie is comfortable?

Your Budgies’ beak and head actions like beak grinding might point out their happiness, so be careful for it. Wing flapping and tail wagging are indicators that your chook is comfortable whenever you’re round. 

Is a Budgie an excellent pet?

Budgies could make glorious pets as a result of they’re innately pleasant, low-maintenance, mild, and affectionate. In truth, they’re the commonest family pet subsequent to canines and cats. 

They’re additionally simple to tame, particularly if acquired at a young age. 

What’s the distinction between Budgie and Budgerigar?

Budgie is the frequent nickname for Budgerigar, so that they’re virtually the identical. 

Do Budgies acknowledge their homeowners?

Budgies acknowledge their proprietor’s voice and the look on their faces even after an extended interval aside. In addition they present affection by flying in direction of and resting on their proprietor’s shoulder. 

These birds may acknowledge their flock members and personal mate amongst comparable birds. 

Is it higher to have 1 or 2 Budgies?

In the event you’re at work all day otherwise you’re away lots and don’t have sufficient time to socialize along with your chook, getting two budgies is a smart resolution. 

Male budgies get together with one another however preserving two females collectively can lead to territorial fights over their area.

Are Budgies loud at evening?

Budgies should not loud at evening as a result of most sleep all through the evening. They’ll cease making noise when it will get darkish, for instance, when there’s no daylight or the lights are off. It’s possible you’ll hear an occasional sleepy peep, however they’re typically quiet at evening. 

How lengthy does a Budgie reside?

Budgerigar lifespan can vary from 7 to fifteen years, however their common in captivity is 5 to eight years. 

It may very well be on account of mistreatment, accidents, lack of understanding about chook care, or deadly chook ailments. 

Are Budgies smelly?

These birds don’t produce odor themselves which suggests their our bodies are unscented. So that you don’t have to fret that they’d scent smelly once they’re in your shoulder. 

On prime of that, they’ve a lackluster sense of scent. 

Is Budgerigar the Proper Hen For You?

Budgerigars are good, pleasant, affectionate, and entertaining. They can be playful and lively however quiet in comparison with different parrots.

These birds are additionally low-maintenance and have the potential to speak and mimic human speech. To not point out, their hanging look.

The youthful you get the Budgie, the better it might be so that you can prepare and bond with them. However to be sure you make the fitting resolution, take a look at the professionals and cons of Budgie birds.

Professionals & Cons

Professionals of Budgerigars

  • Very best for tiny houses or residences
  • Much less messy in comparison with bigger species
  • Reasonably priced and low-maintenance
  • Social and affectionate to their homeowners
  • They don’t chew typically, they usually don’t chew arduous
Cons of Budgerigars

  • Typically skittish and difficult to tame
  • Require medical consideration
  • It may be barely harmful
  • Poops virtually each quarter-hour


Budgerigar playing

Closing Ideas About Budgerigars

Do Budgerigars tick all of the lists of your splendid pet chook?

Many novice pet chook homeowners decide to boost this starter chook species of their journey within the avian world. And there’s an excellent motive for that.

These birds are endearing, clever, and may speak and exhibit attractive plumage in maturity. On prime of that, they’re simple to boost and prepare. So, Budgies are certainly definitely worth the value.

However earlier than you buy your Budgerigar chook, you should be certain that you’re shopping for from a good breeder.

In the event you’re not 100% positive about Budgies, take a look at this subsequent breed that displays distinctive traits and see if it’s the one for you.

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