Every part You Must Know In regards to the Blue Heeler Pit Combine


The Blue Heeler Pitbull combine breed is a daring, highly effective canine full of love, adoration, loyalty, and seemingly limitless vitality. Being the kid of two herder canine, this loveable pup can go for miles, so in the event you’re considering of getting your self one you could be ready to create an efficient train regime, and even contemplate taking up canine sports activities to assist them work by their extra vitality.

For something considering of getting a Blue Heeler Pitbull Combine pet, and even for anybody that’s merely within the breed and needs to know somewhat extra, we’ve put collectively this information to provide you all of the enjoyable information and knowledge we predict you could possibly do with understanding.

Breed Overview:

  • Top – 17-24 inches
  • Weight – 36-60 kilos
  • Life Expectancy – 12-15 years
  • Temperament – Affectionate, Protecting, Loyal, Cussed, Onerous Working, Keen-to-Please
  • Power Degree – Average-Excessive
  • Appropriate For – Work, Lively Households, People (with time to train them)
  • Grooming – Low Upkeep

It’s value noting that with the Blue Pit Cattle Terrier being a blended breed, it’s fully attainable that they may develop to be the identical dimension because the smallest Pitbull or the biggest Blue Heeler. Very like with people, there’s no understanding precisely how they are going to be born as Pit Heeler breeding is a genetic gamble.

What’s a Blue Heeler Pitbull Combine?

Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix?

The Blue Heeler Pitbull combine is a crossbreed that’s made up of an Australian Cattle Canine and the American Pit Bull Terrier. The 2 breeds that make up the Blue Heeler Pitbull Combine are classed as herder canine, consequently, it’s anticipated {that a} Pit Heeler pet may have oodles of vitality as they’re designed for exhausting work.

Blue Heeler Pitbull Mixes are recognized for not solely being extraordinarily hard-working, however they’re additionally robust, clever, loyal, and make ultimate companions for each particular person individuals and huge energetic households.

Nonetheless, it’s extremely really helpful that an individual solely will get a blue heeler Pitbull combine if they’ve confidence in coaching them, on account of their robust work ethic and excessive intelligence. Blue heeler pit bull mixes require any person who understands their vitality ranges and health necessities.

We should always spotlight that although they’ll make wonderful companions for big households, that is predominantly after they have been rigorously skilled in formative years to keep away from delinquent habits. Blue Heeler Pitbull mixes could be cussed and argumentative of their early years, although when you go this era, they’re extraordinarily loyal and delicate canine.

Breed Information:

  • The Blue Pit Heeler is a particularly loving and constant household canine breed.
  • Its Australian cattle canine parentage makes this a particularly energetic canine breed.
  • A Blue Heeler Pit combine is taken into account to be a herding canine, making them nice working canine.
  • The American Pitbull terrier parentage makes this an particularly robust breed.
  • A Bull Pit Heeler requires assured dealing with and agency coaching, to start with.
  • Combined breed canine like Pit Heelers are inclined to have fewer hereditary well being issues.
  • This breed goes by a number of names, together with; Pit Heeler, Queensland Pit, Cattle Pit, and Australian Cattle Canine Pitbull, and variations of the order of Blue Heeler Pitbull/Pit

Blue Heeler Pitbull Combine Breed Historical past

Border collie blue heeler mix at park with harness

Blue heeler pit bull combine canine should not pure-bred canine; nonetheless, they’re a mix of two purebred breeds – Australian Cattle Canines (aka Blue Heeler) and American Pitbull Terriers.

Blue heeler pit bull mixes (additionally typically often known as the blue Pitt cattle terrier) are comparatively new, and due to this fact there may be not loads recognized concerning the historical past of this specific breed and why that they had been developed.

It’s fully attainable that the two-parent breeds mated naturally, resulting in the pure creation of a brand new breed. This could additionally account for the lack of expertise as to the origins of the breed.

Nonetheless, seeing as it is a comparatively sought-after breed, it’s simpler to imagine that they have been deliberately created greater than possible on the flip of the century when plenty of hybrid breeds can be made.

Blue Heeler Pitbull Combine Look

Pit Heeler running with wide mouth and flapping tongue on a grass field.

The Pitbull Heeler combine is a medium-sized breed. Usually the males can be barely taller than the females, together with having somewhat bit extra physique mass, making them seem stockier. Their look is a comparatively even mix of the 2 mother or father breeds.

Physique and head

Blue Heelers are extra slender and fewer muscular than pit bulls, whereas pit bulls are stockier and successfully pure muscle with little or no physique fats. When combining the 2 breeds you find yourself with a canine that has a really related construct to the Pitbull, with a pronounced chest and excessive muscle mass, however with longer legs and maybe a barely slenderer body.

When it comes to the face, a Blue Heeler has a extra tapered muzzle than the Pitbull, nonetheless, it’s usually noticed that Blue Heeler Pit mixes inherit the extra angular, wide-set, the squared muzzle of the Pitbull together with a rounder head. The ears additionally are typically somewhat bit increased on the pinnacle and with extra of a degree, the eyes usually tend to be brown, and will have a type of sleepy or squinted look to them.

Coat kind and coloration

The Blue Heeler Pitbull combine usually has a shorter coat that’s thicker and barely longer than Pitbull’s because of the Australian Cattle Canine mother or father. Which means can deal with chilly climate extra simply than a purebred Pitbull, nonetheless, they’re extra more likely to shed greater than a Pitbull as effectively.

The patterning of a Blue Heeler combine usually takes after the Blue Heeler mother or father, giving the pet a extra mottled, patterned look. The place pit bulls are ordinarily one coloration with maybe a couple of small markings, a Blue Heeler Pitbull combine may very well be fairly dramatically different between striped, noticed, brindle, or mottled with a base coloration of white, brown, or gray.


A Blue Heeler Pitbull combine can stand as much as 21 inches tall and weigh as much as 60 kilos. Nonetheless, it’s value noting that females could be a few inches shorter than males and weigh between 5-10 kilos much less.

The Blue Heeler Pitbull Combine Character

Pit Heeler puppies are definitely lovable, however there are a couple of information concerning the temperament of this lovely Blue Heeler combine breed that any potential proprietor ought to know earlier than deciding to undertake one.


In case you spend lots of time open air and stay a very energetic life-style a Pit Heeler is likely to be a great way so that you can go, particularly in the event you’ve obtained the area to accommodate them. As a result of it is a cross between two relatively energetic breeds, they completely get pleasure from a very good run round and are even thought-about good working canine, owing to their excessive intelligence and sturdiness. Many Pit Heeler house owners will entrust them with easy family duties to maintain their minds extra energetic.

Opposite to widespread perception, Pitbulls are literally extraordinarily mild canine with a pleasant disposition (regardless of the best way they’ve been represented within the media). Of the two-parent breeds, the blue heeler is extra more likely to present cussed habits and be argumentative. Although they’re additionally terribly loyal.

When mixed with the 2 breeds the canine has loads of vitality and is ready to sustain with an energetic household, however may even reply effectively to coaching (particularly when utilizing optimistic reinforcement coaching methods), be extremely affectionate, and can type robust bonds and attachments with every one among its house owners.

Different pets and animals

As long as they’re correctly skilled, Pit Heelers shouldn’t have any actual bother with different pets in the home. Nonetheless, that’s to not say that different pets will take effectively to them, as they’re fairly massive and boisterous. Socialization is essential in the event you’re wanting to make sure that your Blue Heeler Pit combine adjusts effectively to different canine each in the home and out and about.

Because of this, we maybe wouldn’t suggest having a pit heeler in a home with cats or small canine, because it may trigger a smaller animal important stress if they don’t take effectively to the brand new arrival.

We additionally wouldn’t suggest placing a male Blue Heeler in a home with one other male Blue Heeler as this will trigger them to turn into fairly aggressive, and doubtlessly try and exert dominance.


Border collie blue heeler mix at park with tennis ball

A Pit Heeler may be very playful and comparatively straightforward to maintain entertained as long as they’re correctly exercised in between play occasions. If they aren’t correctly exercising, they might turn into stir loopy which may result in harmful habits.

The important thing factor to bear in mind when taking care of a Pit Heeler is that they’re extraordinarily clever canine as they’re born of two clever breeds, this implies they not solely want bodily stimulation however psychological stimulation as effectively. A couple of good methods to take care of psychological stimulation embody:

  • Puzzle toys
  • Pet coaching courses
  • Canine sports activities
  • Socializing
  • Educating them new tips
  • Educating them names for his or her toys
  • Obedience coaching

With youngsters

A Pit Heeler is extraordinarily loyal not solely to its grownup proprietor however to its whole household. In actual fact, they aren’t solely loyal however extraordinarily protecting. You could discover that your specific pet turns into particularly hooked up to any youngsters in the home as it is going to start to see them like pack mates. They will type very robust bonds with their households and be very mild and affectionate as long as they’re handled correctly.

This can be very vital that any little one you suppose may have shut contact together with your Blue Heeler Pit Bull combine pet is conscious of the right way to deal with it correctly. That is how youngsters ought to deal with all canine, not simply their household pets. If a canine is made to really feel threatened, they’re extra more likely to lash out, and youngsters tend to be extra heavy-handed after they get excited, which may result in an unlucky incident if not handled correctly.

As long as your youngsters are conscious of the right way to correctly strategy your canine and know to go away them alone when they’re in their very own area or sleeping, you shouldn’t have any issues. It is extremely uncommon {that a} canine would really chew a baby except they really feel they don’t have any different selection, usually they’re extra more likely to snap or bark at them in a warning.

Blue Pit Heeler Combine Care

These canine are usually low upkeep in relation to grooming however could be fairly excessive upkeep in relation to train. So, for anyone considering of adopting a Blue Heeler Pitbull, you’ll need to take the next data under consideration.


Although Blue Pit Heelers do have thicker fur because of their blue heeler parentage, the truth that the fur is kind of brief makes it a lot simpler to handle. Moreover, it isn’t fairly as thick as a pure-blood blue vendor.

When grooming a Blue Pit Heeler, you’ll solely really want to brush them a few occasions per week, in addition to bathe them as soon as each few months to make sure there isn’t any unfastened particles trapped inside their fur. Thankfully, they don’t shed fairly as a lot as Blue Heelers do, which means you received’t have to vacuum up fur fairly as a lot.


Border collie blue heeler mix at park with stick

Pit Bull Blue Heeler mixes are thought-about fairly energetic canine, so you could guarantee they’re getting the correct quantity of train. It might not essentially be a easy case of taking them out for normal walks.

Some Blue Heeler Pits require further train in the event that they take after their Blue Heeler mother or father, so you may additionally need to contemplate including train strategies resembling the next:

  • Agility coaching courses
  • Mountain climbing
  • Going for runs
  • Biking (in the event that they’re capable of run quick sufficient to maintain up)
  • Swimming, (although they might not essentially need to do that)
  • Doggy play dates
  • Canine park visits

Blue Heeler Pitbull Well being

Pitbull Blue Heeler mixed dog is standing on a park grass and looking at the camera.

It is a comparatively wholesome canine when in comparison with its purebred mother and father, and that’s as a result of when mixing two purebreds you usually weed out or cut back the chance of sure hereditary circumstances. Although it’s nonetheless attainable that the next well being issues may have an effect on a Pitbull Blue Heeler combine:

  • Hip Dysplasia – It is a situation that impacts the hip joints, inflicting them to dislocate simply, resulting in lameness, ache, and mobility. It may be handled with treatment, physiotherapy, and in some instances surgical procedure. Nonetheless, it might’t be totally cured.
  • Hyperthyroidism – Hyperthyroidism tends to have an effect on a canine’s potential to achieve or drop extra pounds, in addition to have an effect on their potential to course of vitality. Many canine with hyperthyroidism can seem stressed, and might usually expertise separation nervousness as their our bodies are continuously energetic, which may trigger them to really feel anxious (think about when you’ve got one too many cups of espresso).
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy – Progressive retinal atrophy impacts your canine’s imaginative and prescient. It usually will get worse with age and might ultimately result in blindness. Sadly, there isn’t any therapy for this situation.
  • Deafness – A trait of the Blue Heeler, your Pit Heeler might start to lose its listening to over time, this can be noticeable by how effectively they reply to being referred to as. Relying on the reason for the listening to loss there are methods that it may be handled, nonetheless, there are not any ensures.

The place Can I Get a Pitbull Blue Heeler Combine?

These lovely herding canine are continuously rising in recognition. Nonetheless, as a result of the Pit Heeler isn’t a registered canine breed it may be troublesome to search out any person who breeds Pit Heeler puppies.

Because of this, the easiest way to strategy discovering a pet for your self is to talk with breeders of both the mother or father canine or rescue organizations that could possibly present some well being data as to why you would possibly discover one. An Australian Cattle Canine Membership might know of breeders that need to create a blended breed. The identical could be mentioned of American Pitbull golf equipment.

Undertake the place attainable

The Australian Cattle Canine Pitbull combine might even be discovered normally rescue shelters, as their very excessive vitality could be fairly intimidating to inexperienced house owners, which may result in Pit Heelers being surrendered or deserted. Each canine deserves a second probability at life, so if you’ll be able to commit the time to take care of a rescue Pit Heeler, we implore you to contemplate rescuing one.

Often Requested Questions:

Q: How a lot does a Blue Pit Heeler value?

A: Contemplating the two-parent breed can go for something between $700-$2,000 relying on whether or not they’re AKC registered and the standard of the breed, it will be truthful to imagine that Pit Heelers go for the same worth. Nonetheless, with them being an unrecognized blended breed, they don’t go for fairly as a lot at round $500-$1,200.

Q: What’s the finest work for a Blue Heeler Pitbull combine?

A: These canine are a mixture of two herding breeds; due to this fact, they might make wonderful canine for working farmland. They’re aware of coaching and do effectively with studying new actions. Which means they’re able to studying new duties outdoors of herding actions.

Q: Are Blue Heeler Pitbull Mixes aggressive?

A: No. As long as they’re raised correctly and socialized from an early age, there isn’t any cause a Pit Heeler would present aggression. The American Pit Bull Terrier might have a popularity for being imply, nonetheless, it is a full falsehood unfold by the media. Each the Australian Cattle Canine and the American Pitbull Terrier are loyal, type breeds, so predictably, Pit Heelers are too.

Q: Does a Pitbull Blue Heeler Combine make a very good household pet?

A: Sure. Pit Heelers are extraordinarily loving, affectionate, loyal canine that type robust bonds with their households, making them nice household pets. They’re additionally very protecting and like to ensure their household is protected. The bottom line is guaranteeing that the kids know to be respectful and delicate together with your Blue Heeler Combine to keep away from an incident (one thing that may occur with any breed if they’re mistreated).

Q: Are Blue Pit Heelers purebred canine?

A: No. Blue Heeler Pitbull is a blended breed made out of two purebred mother or father breeds – the Australian Cattle Canine (aka the Blue Heeler), and the American Pitbull Terrier. They usually inherit the massive, sq. head of the Pitbull mother or father, while retaining the peak and extra slender construct of the Blue Heeler mother or father. Blue Heeler Pits are additionally usually extraordinarily muscular, making them terribly robust.



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