Do Cats Hate Water?


My canine, Griffin, views being sprayed by the yard hose as the best recreation of all. I can’t water my flowers with out spending no less than 10 minutes permitting Griffin to run forwards and backwards by means of the water spray. Strive that with a cat? I don’t suppose so!

Cats are identified for his or her dislike of getting moist. For a lot of cats, their solely publicity to water comes within the type of ingesting it from a bowl or being caught outdoor within the rain.  When you ever tried to bathe an grownup cat with out having hung out acclimating them to the method once they had been youthful, you already know it’s not a optimistic expertise for the cat or for you. Primarily based on that destructive reminiscence or perhaps because of all of the cat bathing horror tales you might have heard, you would possibly’ve concluded that cats simply hate water. That wouldn’t be correct although. It’s simply {that a} cat’s relationship with water isn’t so easy.

Not all cats dislike water. Giant cats who stay in hotter climates, like lions, leopards, tigers, jaguars and ocelots, will typically go into our bodies of water to chill off. They’ve additionally turn into good at swimming with the intention to hunt in water or cross it to entry prey. Tigers are significantly identified for being wonderful swimmers. Home cats although, don’t usually must face such water challenges in day by day life.

Picture byFrida Lannerstrom for Unsplash



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