Coaching with Classical and Operant Conditioning


Immediately is all concerning the video!

I did a Fb reside yesterday on educating with each classical and operant conditioning – each are invaluable!
Trainers are likely to assume by way of operant conditioning – an “if/then” assertion the place the canine acknowledges how their selection results in a consequence; both a reinforcer or possibly a punisher.  However classical conditioning can be extraordinarily highly effective, low stress and…efficient! Not just for conditioning feelings however for truly educating behaviors as nicely.

Right here’s a video with subtitles that illustrates the distinction between the 2:

Should you’re intrigued and need to study extra then try this Fb Dwell as nicely:

Aspect be aware:  Should you’re in my Private Play workshop at FDSA, movies and feedback are due June thirteenth at midday. You possibly can nonetheless register in the event you’d prefer to study extra about this matter; the price is $29.95 for an auditing spot and you’re welcome to ask questions! Be taught extra on the hyperlink:




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