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All the pieces about French Bulldogs is lovely and every thing about them is superb. As everyone knows that they’re a really playful breed and are very, very pleasant. However Frenchies have their little drawbacks too. Their delicate snouts can’t deal with excessive temperatures and you could keep in mind to at all times maintain a water bowl close by to allow them to quench their thirst once they need to as a result of they like to play.

One other factor you can provide to your Frenchie is watermelon. However have you learnt if it’s okay and secure for French Bulldogs to eat watermelon? On this weblog, you’ll get the reply as to if your Frenchie can eat watermelon or not.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon

Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon?

French bulldog puppies can eat watermelon with out worrying about them falling ailing because of this! It is because watermelon incorporates greater than 95% water. This helps to make sure that French bulldogs stay effectively hydrated and are higher geared up to control their physique temperature throughout heat climate or heavy train.

It additionally makes certain French Bulldogs don’t succumb to dehydration too rapidly. One other advantage of watermelon for French Bulldogs is that it presents an essential supply of key nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with Nutritional vitamins A, C, B1, C, B6, and Niacin plus Calcium which assist in the upkeep of wholesome bones and enamel in addition to serving to to combat infections.

How A lot Watermelon To Feed Your French Bulldogs?

Watermelon is usually a very wholesome deal with on your pet, however they need to not take into account it the primary supply of meals or diet. Watermelon is taken into account a fruit and may comprise lots of sugar and energy. French bulldogs ought to by no means eat greater than 10 % of their day by day energy from treats or snacks, so at all times keep in mind to contemplate watermelon as a type of issues when deciding how a lot to feed them.

Advantages of feeding watermelon to your French bulldog

There are a lot of benefits of feeding watermelon to your French bulldog. Many of the advantages are much like these of people. Listed below are some main advantages of feeding watermelon to your Frenchie.

It Improves Hair and Pores and skin Well being

Watermelon is a necessary fruit for our pups. It incorporates two essential nutritional vitamins, together with vitamin A and C, that are recognized to be important for wholesome hair and pores and skin. Vitamin C helps construct wholesome pores and skin as it will possibly promote collagen manufacturing by preserving joints robust, thus serving to them retain their form and elastic texture.

Vitamin A additionally contributes to pores and skin well being because it helps restore broken tissues within the physique. With out sufficient sources of this vitamin, one’s canine companion can appear to be a ghost because it has misplaced a lot of the moisture beneath his pores and skin. Whereas your industrial pet food may present sufficient sources of those nutritional vitamins, we suggest treating one’s furry greatest good friend with watermelons too!

It Retains Your Frenchie Hydrated

French bulldogs don’t do effectively in hotter climate. They’ve hassle regulating their physique temperatures, usually changing into overheated and dehydrated. Since watermelons are made up of 95% water they’re a fantastic supply of hydrating your French bulldog to assist them reside an extended and happier life with massive smile.

It Protects Them from Most cancers

Watermelon incorporates a number of compounds which will scale back the danger of most cancers, together with cucurbitacin E and lycopene. These compounds assist to decrease insulin-like progress issue (IGF), a protein created at excessive ranges in tumor cells. If the extent of IGF is elevated it would enhance the danger of most cancers.  A pure compound cucurbitacin current within the watermelon has the nice capacity to lower the possibilities of tumors in French bulldogs.

It Protects From Solar Burns

Lycopene, which is a substance present in tomatoes and watermelon. It will possibly assist defend canines from being broken by reactive oxygen species. This may be one thing so simple as broken cells brought on by an excessive amount of publicity to the solar . Different environmental parts day after day by way of repeated bouts of stress that would finally result in well being issues.

Lycopene is one thing that won’t simply assist French bulldogs keep away from such injury to their our bodies. Nevertheless it might additionally forestall them from getting coronary heart illness and most cancers. It additionally a number of different implications related to free radical injury.

It Improves Digestion

Watermelons could assist your canine with digestion due to the massive quantities of water contained inside them. Watermelons are additionally excessive in fiber, which is able to trigger your canine to defecate extra usually. It will possibly additionally present reduction from constipation suffered from.

It Helps In Relieving Muscle Soreness

Watermelon juice is efficient at relieving muscle fatigue and soreness after extreme exercise corresponding to coaching. The citrulline contained in it’s a seemingly key issue. After a tough exercise, we suggest giving your French bulldog watermelon juice to rehydrate your furry greatest good friend and revive her or him with some much-needed vitality to ensure that them to really feel good once more.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon Pores and skin?

Some components of watermelons are actually toxic to French Bulldogs. The toxicity of watermelon comes from its rind and pores and skin. which even people with robust molars wrestle to chew. Fortuitously, if a French bulldog has eaten solely the surface layer of watermelon. They’re seemingly not in any hazard until they’ve consumed a big quantity. However should you discover brown stools or smaller bouts of vomit, it’s greatest to hunt medical remedy. As there’s a danger of blockage on this case.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Watermelon seeds are recognized for inflicting obstructions within the intestines of smaller canines so it’s greatest to maintain them away out of your Frenchie. Seeds have been recognized to trigger digestive tract issues and would most actually be disagreeable to eat.


With the recent climate upon us, there are lots of people questioning if canines can eat watermelon. Whereas watermelon is secure for canines to eat moderately, there are some issues to bear in mind when deciding whether or not or to not feed your canine watermelon. Strive to not feed the pores and skin and seeds of watermelon to your French bulldogs.



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