Baihualing – The Trequel – 10,000 Birds


I used to be in search of a title for this third a part of a weblog publish on the birds of Baihualing, and thought that the made-up time period “Trequel” would sound becoming. Think about my shock once I (simply to be secure) googled trequel and located that the phrase truly exists and means precisely what one would suppose it means – the third a part of a sequence. There goes my declare to fame as an inventor of latest phrases.

Baihualing has its share of enticing thrushes. A pleasant instance is the male Black-breasted Thrush. The Latin species title is dissimilis (totally different, not like), probably as a result of the feminine seems fairly totally different from the male (although primarily based on that rationalization, dissimilis must be a quite common species title).

The male Gray-winged Blackbird is equally enticing. Considerably confusingly, its Latin species title is boulboul – a phrase that stands for nightingale however in fact can be the title of a big chook household, the bulbuls.

The Lengthy-tailed Thrush seems fairly a bit like – and is expounded to – the White’s Thrush we’ve right here in Shanghai. The Latin species title dixoni is in honor of the English ornithologist Charles Dixon (1858-1926), despite the fact that Charles disqualified himself a bit scientifically by not believing within the function of pure choice in evolution. Consequently, in his later profession, he centered extra on masking horse reveals and agricultural festivals as a journalist (supply).

The Blue Whistling Thrush is in fact named for its whistling – you’ll be able to hear it right here.

The rock thrush household is extra intently associated to flycatchers than to thrushes – nonetheless, why not present a Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush right here. In any case, it’s fairly lovely.

From chestnut-bellied to chestnut-vented: Chestnut-vented Nuthatch.

I didn’t know that flavescent means “yellowish or turning yellow” however I needed to look it up looking for one thing to put in writing in regards to the Flavescent Bulbul. The HBW has a considerably self-contradictory assertion on the relative shyness of this species: “It’s a shy and retiring species, however … will be very tame”. So, it’s shy except it’s not. Then it’s tame.

Apparently, Purple-vented Bulbuls are additionally frequent in Dubai, not simply at Baihualing. Why anyone would wish to reside in Dubai is a thriller to me although.

Niltava is a genus within the household of Previous World Flycatchers (although I nonetheless suppose the time period Previous World is barely ridiculous). There are 7 species of them, and based on eBird, you’ll be able to see 5 of them at Baihualing.

I believe all of the photographs instantly under present Rufous-bellied Niltava. Nonetheless, it takes a a lot better birder than me to make certain none of them is a Fujian Niltava.

If there’s a Giant Niltava

… there also needs to be a Small Niltava. No Intermediate Niltava although.

The Gray Bushchat considerably resents the “gray” a part of its title – it makes the species sound bureaucratic and uncharismatic. The chook under desires you to know that it’s fun-loving, easy-going, and has a powerful humorousness.

Partridges are the German housewives of the birding world – strong, industrious, and stout. I truly wrote this earlier than wanting up the eBird description of the Hill Partridge, solely to seek out that it’s in an analogous vein (and probably even much less flattering) – the species is said to have “a physique formed like a soccer”.

Greatest to simply proceed quoting from the identical eBird entry: “Brick-red on the crown serves to differentiate the male from the same Rufous-throated Partridge, whereas male Hill Partridge additionally lacks orange on the throat.” Unusually, the protection of the Rufous-throated Partridge on eBird is way more optimistic regardless of the same physique form: “a good looking little gamebird”.

Partridges typically aren’t nice flyers – and people of their determined want for explanations (how else to grasp the idea in astrology) have provide you with one (Wikipedia):

“Based on Greek legend, the primary partridge appeared when Daedalus threw his nephew, Perdix, off the sacred hill of Athena in a match of jealous rage. Nonetheless, Athena noticed him falling and saved him by altering him right into a chook known as after his title, the perdix (partridge). Supposedly aware of his fall, the chook doesn’t construct its nest within the timber, nor take lofty flights and avoids excessive locations.”

(Based on one other supply, the rationale for Daedalus’ envy was that Perdix invented the noticed after observing the way in which snakes use their jaws. Hm.)

Whereas the title tailorbird derives from the way in which these birds assemble their nest by stitching collectively a big leaf, apparently the Mountain Tailorbird doesn’t try this. It’s nonetheless known as tailorbird although.

The eBird description of the Rusty-capped Fulvetta signifies some sympathy for underdogs: “This small brown fulvetta could be drab had been it not for its sharp white forehead and orange brow”. Way more drab than the chook: a paper on “The coexistence of seven sympatric fulvettas in Ailao Mountains, Ejia City, Yunnan Province” (which incorporates the Rusty-capped Fulvetta).

Lastly, two Yuhina species: the Stripe-throated Yuhina (knowingly or unknowingly witty, eBird feedback that the “streaked throat is diagnostic however tough to see”, one thing properly illustrated by the photograph) …

… and the Whiskered Yuhina

… with its nod in direction of punk rock (eBird: “small songbird with a brown mohawk of a crest”).

Additionally out there in moist.

Ultimate word: Baihualing is presently closed for all guests – it’s not clear when it is going to reopen. Nonetheless, supposedly as soon as it reopens, will probably be open to foreigners as properly. I hope it will turn into true.



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