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To start out off, I’m not a vet.  It isn’t my intent to provide you medical advise.  Synthetic insemination is commonly needed, however not restricted to, when the feminine is unreceptive, anatomically unattainable, or it’s the desire of the breeder.  With that mentioned, synthetic insemination doesn’t must be achieved by a vet.  Since 2006 I’ve artificially inseminated a good quantity of Alaskan Malamutes and Golden Retrievers.  I’ve discovered methods from vets, copy specialists, and different breeders.  Over time, expertise has change into extra essential to correctly carry out my method.  Every feminine has their very own distinctive anatomy, and every process is handled otherwise.

When visiting vets to carry out an AI, I’ve seen a number of occasions the techs are unable to have the stud carry out.  If a stud is unable to carry out, that creates points with breeding the feminine particularly when the bitch’s proprietor has traveled a ways for the stud.  In consequence, I’ve made positive to study a number of methods in order that I don’t must take my males to uncomfortable areas to carry out their act.  AI will not be 100% profitable.  My success charge is about 90%.  Nevertheless, evaluating that to pure breeding, I’ve seen the same p.c charge.  Not all females will impregnate even underneath excellent circumstances.  Causes that aren’t at all times understood.  If carried out accurately, an AI will be simply as profitable as a pure pairing.

It isn’t my intent to point out you how one can inseminate a canine, however present you provides which may be essential to get the job achieved.  You will need to at all times use new provides each time you carry out the process.  I’ve seen canines who have been inseminated with reused provides that resulted in pymetra the identical day by a unique breeder.  Coincidence or not, it’s not definitely worth the hundreds of {dollars} in surgical procedure to avoid wasting a number of {dollars} on provides. It is strongly recommended that females have a progesterone check carried out earlier than having an AI being achieved.  That means the AI is completed on the optimum time.  Many breeders will carry out a number of AI’s over the course of some days.  Typically there may be solely a 3 day window for the eggs to be fertile. Under are the provides we use and will probably be relevant to golden retrievers, or most giant breed canines.

Semen Assortment Cones

To gather the semen out of your male, you will want one thing to gather it in.  Some breeders go low cost and use plastic baggies (sandwich baggies).  Nevertheless that may be uncomfortable to your male, which can additionally lead to an underperformance.  The luggage/cones should be tender and don’t have any sharp edges, however sturdy sufficient to not break.  There are assortment cones with open ends to make use of vials for assortment.  For me that’s extra of a headache and is why we simply use cones with closed ends.


As soon as the semen is collected within the cone, it can quickly be held in a syringe.  The syringe will hook up with the substitute insemination rods listed within the subsequent part.

We have now additionally used common syringes with out needles previously with out difficulties as nicely.  The one downside is usually it may be troublesome to hook up with the insemination rods.  10 CC is often sufficient. Nevertheless, generally your male may produce greater than 10 cc’s, and a 20 cc syringe will come in useful.  I’d purchase small quantities until you discover out which syringes you like.  Then purchase in bulk should you carry out AI’s usually.  Both select the syringes above, or ones listed under.

Disposable Synthetic Insemination Rods

Insemination rods are used to insert semen into the cranial vagina or uterus of a bitch through the fertile interval of her estrous cycle.  We have now used differing types.  Not too long ago we use:

Prior to now now we have used Breeder’s Edge® Gather Him™ Disposable Pipettes, nevertheless they don’t seem to be versatile and they’re additionally thicker.

All-purpose Sterile, Non-Spermicidal Lubricating Jelly

When inserting the rod into your bitch, it would be best to lubricate your insertion finger and rod.  This can make it extra comfy in your lady.  We use the jelly under.  It should be non-spermicidal.


We at all times wash our palms, however I additionally use examination gloves.  I want powder free, as I don’t need something to have an effect on the semen (even when the powder is just on the within of the glove).  Those I take advantage of are exhausting to seek out and never at all times out there.  Under is one thing related.  I take advantage of giant dimension for my palms.  Under is a medium dimension.


The whole lot listed is just about all you want for an AI.  I maintain every little thing saved to allow them to’t be contaminated.  Storing chilled semen requires extra provides, however most AI’s are carried out with the female and male collectively.  In case you are within the Riverside County space of California, be happy to ask questions for assist if wanted.

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