Are There Wildcats in Scotland? What to Know!


Scottish Wildcat

In 2019, over 150 million folks visited Scotland. Individuals come for the structure, the historical past, and the Loch Ness Monster (effectively, possibly). And shortly there can be one thing just a little completely different becoming a member of Nessie in legend: the Highland tiger, often known as the Scottish wildcat. So, the brief reply to if there are wildcats in Scotland is sure. But it surely’s a simplistic reply as a result of quickly the Scottish wildcat won’t exist anymore.

It’s thought-about to be “Critically Endangered”, however all hope isn’t misplaced. There are steps in place to try to save this lovely animal. Learn on to search out out what makes the wildcat stand out from the home cat, and the way its numbers have presumably dwindled right down to the tons of.

What Is a Scottish Wildcat?

They’re to not be confused with the home cat, though it’s now tougher to differentiate a real wildcat from a home cat. Inhabitants genetics research have proven that wildcats are breeding with home cats, making a genetically diluted wildcat-domestic hybrid.

A real wildcat is bigger, stockier, and extra strong, with longer legs, and ears that stick out along side a bigger, flatter head. They’ve a bushy, black-tipped tail with thick stripes. The thick stripes that seem on the physique are additionally darker and thicker they usually don’t have the white patches that you simply typically see on home cats.

The Classification Debate

In case your cat is close by, take a look at him, he’s presumably napping on the couch subsequent to you, or pushing a glass off your espresso desk. DNA testing would present he’s a subspecies of wildcat, one known as Felis catus.

It’s believed the home cat emerged round 9,000–10,000 years in the past and descended from the Felis silvestris lybica or the African wildcat, which could be discovered all through Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Additional out you’d discover the Felis silvestris ornate which is often known as the Asiatic wildcat, present in Central Asia and Western India.

This brings us to the European wildcat, Felis silvestris silvestris that has a thicker, bulkier coat than its Asiatic and African members of the family. Some mammal consultants imagine the Scottish wildcat is an remoted inhabitants of the European wildcat, whereas others imagine they’re their very own subspecies of wildcat, the Felis silvestris grampia.

Why Does This Matter?

It issues as a result of a cat that doubtlessly advanced from a inhabitants of European wildcats over 9,000 years in the past won’t exist anymore.

Wildcats had been as soon as widespread throughout mainland Britain; nonetheless, it’s now estimated that there are solely 100–300 Scottish wildcats left. Since medieval instances, the wildcat has been hunted for sport and killed as a result of they had been deemed to be “vermin.”

They had been as soon as routinely shot or trapped, with some tragically turning into taxidermy specimens in Victorian drawing rooms. Because of this persecution and woodland clearance, England, Wales, and southern Scotland misplaced their wildcat populations within the nineteenth century.

They exist now, in small, remoted populations in northern Scotland however they nonetheless face an unlimited variety of threats. From urbanization like lack of house, street accidents, or unintended loss of life by way of predator management, to hybridization. This genetic introgression is their largest menace as we speak, the place the wildcat’s genetic pool is changed by that of the home cat.

How Massive Are Scottish Wildcats?

That is tough to reply because of hybridization. Nevertheless, it’s attainable that the true wildcat is nearer to 100% bigger than the home cat. The figures we’ve are that the common measurement of the pinnacle and physique of a male now could be 59 centimeters whereas the common feminine sits at 54 centimeters. The tail size can vary from 26–33 centimeters and on common grownup males weigh over 5 kilograms with the feminine coming in at 4 kilograms and the kittens weighing in round 100–160 grams.

What Do Scottish Wildcats Eat?

The Scottish panorama affords wildcats quite a lot of habitats which incorporates forests, open land, and river-side areas to call a couple of. These habitats supply considerable prey choices corresponding to rodents. These dwelling on the east coast of Scotland primarily dine on rabbits, which may make up 70% of their weight loss program.

The place rabbit is much less widespread within the west of Scotland, wildcats will eat mice and vole as a substitute. They’ve been identified to eat birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and even bugs. In very uncommon cases they’ve even been identified to carry down deer fawn, which may put into perspective how large true wildcats are.

When Do Wildcats Often Have Infants?

Scottish wildcats are solitary, which adjustments through the mating season round January–March, the place the male will hunt down females. After a gestation interval of round two and a half months, the feminine can produce a litter of between one and eight kittens.

The wildcat kitten will stick with their mom for round six months, at which era they are going to go away to determine their very own territories. Males attain sexual maturity at round 9 months of age and females at round 12 months.

Saving the Scottish Wildcat

There are efforts in place to avoid wasting the Scottish wildcat. Saving Wildcats (#SWAforLife) is a European partnership mission which is devoted to the conservation and restoration of the Scottish wildcat and their plan is:

1. Set up a “Breeding for Launch” Heart

This can be Britain’s first large-scale devoted conservation “breeding for launch” heart. It’s discovered within the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park within the Cairngorms Nationwide Park. The middle will carry collectively consultants to develop the required life expertise for wildcats to thrive within the wild.

2. Develop the Wildcat Inhabitants

Following a pre-release coaching program, that the wildcat consultants and a devoted veterinary unit on this heart have labored with, 20 wildcats can be launched into the wild annually. They may have a GPS collar to trace and report their actions and conduct.

3. Take away Threats

To begin with, the wildcats will doubtlessly be launched inside the Cairngorms Nationwide Park. Following this, secure areas can be created within the Highlands for wildcat reintroductions. The long-term plan is to increase these secure areas into different areas in Scotland and, finally, different areas throughout the UK.

4. Work with Native Communities

Schooling and communication with native communities are key to sustaining the existence of the Scottish wildcat. It’s about altering their notion as vermin and understanding how wildcats can enhance economies by way of wildlife tourism.


Whereas there are Scottish wildcats in Scotland, they’re nearly as elusive as Nessie is. Realistically, the reply to the query about whether or not there are wildcats in Scotland might change quickly, which is why the efforts being put in place to avoid wasting them are so crucial.

By means of schooling, menace removing, and the reintroduction of 20 wildcats a yr into quiet, remoted spots, the wildcat households throughout Scotland ought to thrive. Vacationers will then have the ability to add the Highland tiger to their “must-see” lists alongside the historic buildings and lochs that Scotland is so well-known for.

Featured Picture Credit score: Mark Bridger, Shutterstock



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