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Have you ever ever noticed a energetic, medium-sized chicken with inexperienced feathering and hints of yellow on the wings or head? If sure, you will have already witnessed an Amazon parrot and its easy but hanging magnificence.

Amazon birds are uncommon, however when you’re considering of adopting one, you got here to the proper place!

On this information, we’ll share with you the great thing about these birds and reveal their unglamorous aspect that will help you make sensible choices.

Specifically, you’ll study an Amazon parrot’s:

  • Temperament and habits in direction of different birds and their homeowners
  • Weight-reduction plan and customary well being points you could pay attention to
  • Lifespan and how one can maintain them wholesome and pleased

Amazon birds are widespread as pets however let’s dig deep to know in the event that they’re well worth the hype and how one can increase them efficiently!

Amazon Parrot: Species Overview

  • Scientific title: Amazona
  • Dimension: 10 to twenty inches
  • Weight: 1 to 2 kilos
  • Weight-reduction plan: Omnivores 
  • Wingspan: 8 to 11 inches (relying on the species)
  • Speaking Skills: Can discuss
  • Amazon Parrot Life Expectancy: 30 years or extra
  • Habitat: Savannas, palm grooves, scrub forests, and rainforests

amazon parrot pet

What’s an Amazon Parrot?

The time period “Amazon parrot” refers to a wide range of medium-sized parrot species with inexperienced plumage. 

They earned the title “lifetime of the celebration” on account of their playful, outgoing and comical persona. And typically, they prefer to sing and play onerous. 

These birds can fly at a pace of 40 to 50 miles per hour. They’re sedentary birds, so that they don’t migrate or journey distant from dwelling. 

There are over 30 Amazon parrot species, however these are the commonest pet birds. 

Varieties of Amazon Parrot:

  1. Blue-fronted Amazon Parrots
  2. Pink-lored Amazon Parrots
  3. Yellow-naped Amazon Parrots
  4. Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots
  5. Lilac-crowned Amazon Parrots
  6. Panama Amazons
  7. Southern Mealy Amazon Parrots
  8. Inexperienced Cheeked Amazon Parrots
  9. White Fronted (Spectacled) Amazon Parrots
  10. Orange-winged Amazon Parrots

Amongst these birds, the smallest Amazon parrot is the white-fronted species (9.8 in) whereas Southern Mealy is the biggest one (15-16 in).

amazon parrot eating

Amazon Parrot’s Origin and Pure Habitat

As its title suggests, Amazon parrots originate from Amazon Basin in South America, however they will also be present in Mexico and West Indies. 

Their pure habitat might range. These birds can reside and thrive in savannas, palm grooves, scrub forests, and tropical rainforests. 

Amazon Parrot Temperament and Conduct

These birds are good and luxuriate in receiving affection and a spotlight from their homeowners. They’re gregarious, playful, and like to entertain their people utilizing hilarious antics. 

Amazon parrot pets are curious and athletic. They sometimes play onerous, so don’t be shocked in the event that they swing the other way up and destroy their wood cage. 

They are often snug with dealing with if tamed at a younger age. However be careful when your Amazon chicken is in misery, sad, or overly excited as a result of it might chunk you!

It’s greatest to cease the playtime and calm them down when you discover the next physique language that might point out overexcitement:

  • pinning eyes
  • fanned tail feathers
  • raised head or neck feathers
  • broad stance

Are all Amazon parrots loud?

These birds could be loud when vocalizing. It’s their method of speaking with their flock, but it surely may additionally point out hazard, anger, pleasure, or the necessity for consideration. 

Are Amazon parrots aggressive?

Amazon birds could be moody once they attain sexual maturity or the bluffing stage. On high of that, they are usually aggressive when not educated or dealt with appropriately. 

However the good factor is it’s going to go, however it might probably typically last as long as 2 years. 

Throughout this era, your Amazon pet chicken might chunk you and grow to be aggressive in direction of you. 

Males usually tend to develop such aggressive behaviors. So, select a feminine Amazon or an older one if you need much less fuss. 

Amazon Parrot Mating and Replica

Amazons are monogamous, like most parrots, and so they constantly breed with the identical accomplice.

Pairs stick collectively even once they be a part of a bigger flock in the course of the non-breeding season. As a substitute of creating their nests, they nest in tree cavities or holes.

However what number of eggs do amazon parrots lay?

The feminine Amazons lay two to 5 eggs, which they then incubate for a month or so. Throughout this era, the males hunt for meals and feed the women. 

They’ll additionally help in feeding their defenseless chicks. After roughly two months, chicks grow to be fledglings. Biologists don’t know when most parrots attain maturity, however blue-fronted parrots are believed to happen between the ages of two and 4.

Amazon Parrot Speaking Skills

“Can Amazon parrots discuss?” This can be one of many first questions that will pop into your thoughts when contemplating this species as a pet chicken choice. And sure, they’ll be taught to speak! 

Amazon parrots could be wonderful talkers, having a mean of 100 to 120 phrases of their vocabulary. They’re chatty, and when appropriately educated, they’ll communicate phrases and phrases and imitate sounds. 

These birds additionally get pleasure from listening to music. They’d sing their coronary heart out even when they’re off-key and wouldn’t care about it! 

It could be hilarious, but it surely’s enjoyable witnessing them pour their soul into singing. The draw back, nevertheless, is Amazon birds could be noisy once they desperately crave consideration. They could scream and produce a honk-like sound to get what they need.  

Amazon Parrots’ Predators and Threats

Within the wild, Amazon parrot chicks and eggs are susceptible to hawk, snake, and monkey raids and assaults. They typically congregate in giant flocks to keep away from predators. 

However their main predators are people. 

People hunt giant parrots for meals, whereas others use their eggs for the pet commerce. Additionally they misplaced a big proportion of their habitat on account of deforestation. 

Amazon Parrot Conservation Standing

Now, let’s speak about what number of amazon parrots are left on the planet. As of 2021, round 58% of Amazon parrots are thought of endangered. 

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots’ inhabitants was estimated to be round 2,361, whereas red-tailed amazons within the wild had been round 9,000 to 10,000. 

On the opposite finish, Imperial Amazon parrots are critically endangered since solely about 50 grownup birds are within the wild.  Pink-spectacled amazons from Argentina are additionally listed as “weak,” whereas black-billed Amazons are “endangered.” 

Moreover, the IUCN listed Cuban Amazon as close to threatened, however the white-fronted Amazon parrot is of “least concern.” 

how much do amazon parrots cost

The place to Discover Amazon Parrot

Do you need to add Amazon parrots to your present flock? You could find high quality Amazon birds from breeders or rescue organizations. 

They’re additionally out there in some pet retailers, however some are chicken mills’ merchandise. Moreover, they’ll’t present full info relating to the chicken’s well being, historical past, and temperament. 

So, it’d be higher to ask your native avian vets as a result of they’ll direct you to respected breeders or rescues. Earlier than committing, ask the vendor first in regards to the chicken’s:

  • each day routine
  • food plan
  • well being
  • degree of tameness

It would provide help to make sensible buying choices. 

You will have a variety of choices however be sure to decide on an energetic, alert and wholesome chicken. 

How A lot do Amazon Parrots Price?

Amazon parrot prices can vary from $100 to $1,000. The worth might range relying on the chicken’s age, species, and high quality. 

You may additionally discover amazon parrots for adoption from breeders or rescue organizations. However birds which are up for adoption got up by their homeowners, so that they want a loving dwelling that may care for them their complete life. 

Adoption charges could also be lower than the acquisition value, however the upkeep price stays the identical.

amazon parrot diet

Amazon Parrot Care Tricks to Increase Them Efficiently

If you happen to determine to lift an Amazon parrot, right here’s a information on tips on how to increase them correctly. 

Amazon Parrot Weight-reduction plan and Diet

Now, we’re all the way down to one of the essential components of elevating an Amazon parrot – their food plan and vitamin.  

What do amazon parrots eat?

These birds have a hearty urge for food and like to munch on seeds, nuts, berries, fruits, and greens within the wild. However Amazon parrot meals in captivity should embrace pellets, fruits, and greens. 

These birds are inclined to graze all through the day, so you could put together a day’s price of pellets in a chew-proof and tip-proof dish. Your chicken wants contemporary meals daily, particularly within the morning, so discard uneaten pellets after 24 hours. Spoilt meals received’t be good for his or her well being. 

And lastly, give them accessible contemporary and clear water sources. It’s possible you’ll use a water dish or bottle, but when your chicken likes to wash in them, it’d be unsanitary. 

So, if doable, and when you’ve educated your birds to drink in a bottle, it’s higher to make use of the latter. 

Amazon Parrots’ Hygiene

Most inexperienced Amazon parrots get pleasure from taking a shower both by getting a sprig tub, leaping into the water dish, or becoming a member of their proprietor within the bathe. 

It’s essential for his or her feather’s cleanliness and well being, so remember to bathe them not less than twice a month. 

Cage Dimension Necessities

Their minimal cage requirement is 2x3x4 ft, but it surely’s greatest to buy the largest shelter you’ll be able to afford to make sure they’ve sufficient room to fly. 

Some homeowners even create a devoted aviary for them.

Your birds would like it, too, when you’d present chew toys, swings, ladders, and perches.  

PRO TIP: Put a dye-free paper, paper towel, or any comparable materials alongside the chicken cage flooring so your chicken received’t stroll in droppings. But when the cage flooring is a grate, you need to guarantee your chicken can nonetheless relaxation on a flat floor. 

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

Now, let’s speak about how lengthy amazon parrots reside as a result of it’s one of many essential components to contemplate earlier than buying one. So, what’s the lifespan of an Amazon parrot?

Amazon parrots are long-living birds with a mean lifespan of 30 years. Some wholesome Amazon parrot pets may even reside as much as 40 to 70 years.

However it might range relying on the chicken’s species, vitamin, and dwelling circumstances. 

Ailments may additionally reduce quick their lifespan as a result of, like different species, Amazon parrots are additionally vulnerable to totally different avian sicknesses. 

Widespread Well being Problems with Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrots are usually wholesome, however they’re vulnerable to the next:

Weight problems: Amazon parrot’s gluttony makes them vulnerable to weight problems, particularly once they’re on a high-fat food plan. 

Feather Choosing: Birds might flip to feather plucking on account of boredom, lack of stimulation, train or exercise, sexual frustration, or isolation. 

Hypocalcemia: This calcium deficiency typically happens when a parrot’s food plan primarily consists of sunflower seeds, peanuts, and nothing or little else. 

Atherosclerosis: This illness is frequent in Amazon parrots, and it causes dyspnea, lethargy, paresis, collapses, and in worse instances, sudden demise. It may very well be on account of elevated plasma levels of cholesterol, social stress, inactivity, or an unhealthy food plan.

Chlamydiosis: “Parrot fever” is a standard infectious illness introduced by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci. It causes lack of urge for food and weight, lethargy, nasal discharges, shivering, and respiratory difficulties in birds. 

Foot Necrosis: This syndrome causes the parrot to mutilate the pores and skin on their legs and ft, which results in extreme bleeding and tissue harm. 

Fatty Liver Illness: This situation outcomes from weight problems attributable to a high-fat food plan. Its signs embrace an overgrown beak, black spots, and enlarged fatty liver. 

Respiratory Ailments: The commonest explanation for this sickness are vitamin A deficiency, parasites, tumors, fungi, and Chlamydophila micro organism.

Discolored Feathers: It may very well be on account of liver illness or vitamin A deficiency. 

Residence Accidents: These birds might injure themselves once they stumble upon ceiling followers or play with electrical wires or poisonous fumes.

Training amazon parrot pet

Coaching Your Amazon Parrot

Most homeowners use hand-taming to assist their feathery companions get used to their new family life. 

It takes time for birds to regulate to a brand new atmosphere so let your inexperienced Amazon parrot accept a number of days after bringing him dwelling. 

Then, attempt to sit beside it and discuss to it. It’ll assist your chicken grow to be snug together with your presence.

To get the parrot to come back to you, begin providing snacks via the cage’s bars. As soon as the chicken will get snug with this, maintain a perch in entrance of its abdomen and instruct it to “step up.” 

You may maintain a reward in entrance of the perch and gently press it into the chicken’s abdomen to induce it to step up. Maintain the perch steadily always, pausing coaching periods in case your chicken reveals indicators of stress.

In case your Amazon parrot climbs efficiently, repeat the instruction “step up” whereas holding your palm in entrance of the chicken’s abdomen. 

PRO TIP: Make dealing with gratifying by offering rewards and compliments. Your chicken will love that. 

Steadily Requested Questions About The Amazon Parrot

Are Amazon parrots good pets?

Amazon parrots are good household pets. These playful and candy feathery companions get pleasure from interacting with their people. They’re additionally light and affectionate on account of their pleasant nature. 

However Amazon Parrots as pets are energetic, so that they want homeowners that may sustain with them.  

Is it onerous to care for an Amazon parrot?

These birds want constant consideration, a various food plan, sufficient train, and coaching to thrive in captivity. So, when you don’t have a lot time for these birds, they’re not appropriate for you. 

How have you learnt if an Amazon parrot likes you?

In case your chicken is chewing in your hair, ears, beard, and shirt, that’s an indication that he likes you. And when he flaps his tail while you enter the room or his wings whereas staying in a single place, that signifies that he’s pleased you’re round. 

How typically do Amazon Parrots bathe?

Amazon parrots must take a shower not less than each two weeks to maintain themselves clear and tidy. 

But when they’re noticeably soiled, it’d be greatest to wash them not less than as soon as per week to wash their feathers and pores and skin. 

Do Amazon parrots scream?

Sure, they scream at a excessive pitch once they’re pleased and annoyed. Screaming and chattering are pure for these boisterous and playful birds, so anticipate that they are often loud typically. 

Why do Amazon parrots scream?

Parrots scream and vocalize to speak with one another. Screaming goes hand in hand with Amazon chicken’s speaking talents. Additionally they cry once they’re frightened or alarmed. And birds are inclined to squeal when bored, lonely, burdened, or sick.  

Amazon Parrots — Is It The Proper Hen For You?

Amazon Parrot is a social chicken with hilarious antics and an affectionate persona. Nevertheless it takes time and effort to tame this species.

On high of that, it requires long-term dedication and many psychological stimulation and train.

So, when you assume you’ll be able to present for his or her psychological, emotional, and bodily wants and wish an clever chicken with the flexibility to speak, Amazon Parrots are the proper birds for you.

However a lot of the Amazon parrot species are inexperienced, so if you need a extremely mental chicken with vivid and colourful plumage, this subsequent chicken could also be the perfect feathery companion for you!

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