10 Weird Dog Behaviors Explained


Dogs are loyal and intelligent animals which behave in ways we may find unusual or strange. In this article, we will talk about nine strange things dogs do and explain the meaning behind them.

1. Why Dogs Sniff Before They Poop

dog behavior

Dogs have a strong inclination to carefully examine where they should go potty. Pooping and peeing are useful forms of communication for dogs. Dogs use feces to mark their territory, and the place your dog chooses to go pee tells other dogs where and what they’ve been up to. It can also alert other dogs if a danger is approaching.

Before pooping, your dog is reading messages left by other dogs or animals. These messages can inform your pet what other canines are around, their sexual orientation, and who has claimed the region as their own.

Your dog may occasionally defecate directly next to another dog’s mound of excrement since the aroma of other dogs’ feces frequently serves as a signal that it is okay to use the restroom. Your dog wants to locate a secure location to relieve themselves since a dog in the act of pooping is vulnerable.

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