Common Household Items That Are Poisonous for Your French bulldogs – All About Frenchies

It’s common knowledge that some household items that are poisonous to your French bulldogs, but did you what are those items? They may...

Simba in Massachusetts- AVAILABLE!! – French Bulldog Village

Yay…it is adoption time for Simba! He is 2 years old and has the face and mentality of a forever puppy.   He was surrendered...





China to discontinue COVID-testing frozen, chilled foods

COVID testing to end January 8 30 December 2022 2 minute read China's meat trade on Friday cheered the imminent end of testing and disinfecting...

DOG Training

Rescue Dog From South Carolina Holds New Owner’s Hand “The Whole Way Home”

A video of a South Carolina rescue dog going to his new furever home is melting hearts around the world! Abigail Arellano, a Pet...

How To Groom A Bichon Frise At Home With 14 Simple Steps

Pronounced as bee-shaan free-zay, the Bichon Frise dog breed looks as fancy as its name sounds. This dog show superstar breed has a...

Blood Donor Dog Gets Rescued After Being Nearly Euthanized

A shelter dog, who saved a fellow canine’s life, almost got euthanized after getting no adoption inquiries at the Smith County Animal Control...

According To Research, Our Dogs Do Manipulate Us

Admittedly, as a fur parent, the hardest thing to resist in this world is your little pooch’s puppy dog eyes. And if you...

Is It Dangerous for Dogs to Eat Puppy Pads? Common Risks & How to Keep Your Dog Safe – Dog Training Me

As dog owners, we always want to keep our furry friends safe and healthy. However, there are many things that our dogs can...


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